Exchange Admin Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

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Exchange Admin Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

An  Exchange Administrator is responsible for responding to the customer’s queries for services. MS Exchange administrators are responsible for regularizing the tasks across the multiple accounts within a group while providing a knowledge transfer,  also mentoring the juniors in the team. They also create various documentations which in turn will help others to refer in future for their own purposes. They create the script which will automate the task relevant to which it was created. They are also given the responsibility of discussing other issues or challenges if faced by anyone, with the team. They also seek other troubleshooting steps or methods from the other team members which can prove to be vital in resolving any customer's or client's query.

The position of an MS Exchange Administrator is very dynamic and they need to look out for solutions to any problems they are assigned with.


  • An MS Exchange administrator must provide day to day on-call administration support.
  • Support various Operating systems and also in installing applications on those operating systems depending upon its compatibility.
  • Manage the development in the servers and implement new services and functionality.
  • Maintain the production, by running a software and hardware diagnostic regularly in a stipulated time period.
  • Keep a check on the software versions which are installed in the operating systems.
  • Responsible for providing support to any queries which arise.
  • Monitor each and every part of the operating system like checking the disk space at regular intervals, checking the software versions.
  • Run the diagnostics on the services which are essential for a server to run.
  • Manage file sharing permissions to monitor mailbox quotas/space and also to check where the email has stuck and made sure that the email reaches its destination.
  • Making sure that the incidents get resolved with the SLAs and ensure that the system goes through a scheduled patching process.



  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill.
  • Should have good problem-solving skills.
  • Good time management and troubleshooting skills.
  • Good response rate for customer related queries provides a solution to it thereby demanding good Customer Service skills.

Educational Qualifications

An applicant holding a degree certificate in a technical field is eligible to work as an Exchange Admin. But a candidate holding an IT degree will be preferable. In most companies, clients often look for experienced professionals. So a minimum of 3+ years of experience on the whereabouts of a Windows server would be relevant.


The average salary for a Microsoft Exchange Administrator is Rs 539,838 per year. (Source: Payscale). But right from the entry level to the higher level, the salary ranges in between Rs 233,623 - Rs 1,097,993