Tips For Writing Job Application Letter With Samples

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Tips For Writing Job Application Letter With Samples

Job application letter is a mandatory requirement for applying to any kind of job. Even for job roles that do not specifically require application letters, including a job application letter along with your resume can help you highlight your experience and achievements and get the recruiter’s attention. Job application letter or cover letter helps recruiters understand the suitability of the applicant for the respective job role. Always try to add an application letter along with your resume, unless the recruiter asks you not to. 

Writing guidelines for job application letters

Crafting a job application letter is quite different from writing casual and formal emails.  Recruiters and interviewers might have certain expectations when it comes to the application letter's appearance and presentation. Here are some of the best practices regarding the appearance and presentation of the job application letter.

Length: A letter of job application should not be more than one page long. Always try to brief your cover letter by including precise information regarding your qualifications and experience. 

Format: Align your text to the left which is the standard alignment for most of the professional documents. The text should be single-spaced and should have a space between each paragraph. Margin of 1" preferred. 

Font: Use a standard and readable font such as Times New Roman, Arial, Lato or Calibri. Find the best fonts from ‘Google Fonts’. The font size should not exceed 12 points and should not go below 10 pts. 

What to Include in Each Section of the Job Application Letter

Although there is no ideal format for a cover letter, here's a vague lowdown on the major sections and content required in a job application letter. 

Heading: Begin your application with contact information of the applicant and employer. If you are sending an email instead of the letter, include the contact information after your email signature.  Address the reader with a salutation and a polite greeting. 

Body: The whole letter can be commonly categorized into three sections. 

Section 1 - Mention the job you are applying for and where you found the job listing. 

Section 2 - Explain how to fit the role and how your qualification matches the applied profile. This is the most relevant part of your application. Add achievements as bullet points, if any. 

Section 3 - This is the last part where you thank the employer and add follow-up information. 

Closing the letter - Sign off your letter politely. Always include your full name and contact information along with the signature. 

Tips for Writing an Effective Letter

Always submit an application letter along with your resume unless your job posting specifies not to

Job application letter and cover letter are the same, always look out for any specific details given in the job posting related to sending the same. 

Some companies ask you to attach the letter along with the mail or type it directly to the application form. Follow the instructions carefully. 

Follow the business letter format for the letter. Add yours and your employer's contact information on top along with the date. Give a salutation at the beginning and signature at the end. 

The key is to sell yourself to the recruiter

Express how you will benefit the company and try to add your demonstrated skills and accomplishments.

Including numerical values such as growth percentage, years served etc will act as a concrete proof to the mentioned skills and accomplishments. 

Keep it short and precise. The cover letter should not be more than 1 page long.

Try to add industry-relevant keywords to your cover letter. Check the job description to find quality keywords related to the job. 

Proofread your cover letter as much as possible. Don't make careless mistakes such as spelling errors, grammatical blunders and similar faults. 

Job Application Letter Samples



July 1, 2020


Mr Vishal Sharma

Hiring Manager

ABC Pvt Ltd

HSR Layout 5th Sector, Bangalore

[email protected]


Dear Mr Vishal,

Kindly accept my enclosed application for the role of tele-calling executive at your company, as advertised on your website's career page. I was excited to know that my skill sets and experience match your desired eligibility for the role.  

As a Telemarketing Associate at DXC LLP, I spent three years sharpening my sales skills, phone etiquette, and problem-solving skills. Towards the end of my career there, I've achieved recognition for excellent customer service rating (93%) and lowest customer turnover ratio. Throughout my career, I was able to manage 98% of customer issues and thereby holds a good career management record. It would be a great honour to be a part of the ABC family since your company is one of the best thought leaders in the industry. I truly believe that my client service skills and experience would help your company boost customer satisfaction and retention rate. 

I'm looking forward to addressing the position with you in more detail and am reachable by phone or email at any time most convenient for you. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you. 



Thomas Peter


Software Developer

June 22, 2020


Mr M Gupta

Hiring Manager

MNP Technologies Pvt Ltd


Hello Sir, 

With this cover letter and the attached resume, I would like to convey my sincere interest in the Software Developer job role you have available. I came to know about the job opportunity through your company's official career page. I am delighted by the opportunity to apply my experience at MNP Technologies Pvt Ltd, a top service provider and an industry leader. 

I have worked on this domain for about 6 years and my expertise lies in full stack development and linux server administration. I also work on Magento and Wordpress website development projects remotely.  I have hands-on experience with HTML/CSS, Javascript, basic scripting languages and Python. 

I’m adding my Github profile here for your reference. For any further clarification regarding my capability, I’ll be  more than happy to provide you with a sample web application or anything similar that showcases my efficiency. Thank you for considering me for this role. Kindly let me know if anything else is required from my end. 



Shane Anton


Graphic designer

June 22, 2020


Ms Marie Anne

Hiring Manager

DY Designs 



Dear Ma’am, 

I’m writing to convey my sincere interest for the position of ‘Graphic Designer’ at your esteemed firm, as advertised on LinkedIn and Glassdoor. 

I've been a full time graphic designing freelancer for about 4 years and for the past year I've been working as the creative designer at DLB Technologies, Bangalore full-time. Throughout my career there, I have been handling the web designs, banners, social media collateral and email marketing creatives. I also have proficiency in UI/UX designing and management. 

I'm looking forward to exploring good opportunities for me as a designer to learn and grow. I do believe that my previous experiences and committed projects align with your job role and requirements.Kindly consider my profile for this opportunity and let me know if you think I'm a good fit. I'm adding my behance profile for your reference.



Joe Dane



June 22, 2020


Mr Manav Singh

Hiring Manager

Pebbles Food Court

BTM layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore

[email protected]


Dear Mr Singh, 

With this cover letter and the attached resume, I would like to convey my sincere interest in the Senior Chef position you have available. I came to know about the job opportunity through your company's Linkedin page.  

As a profoundly accomplished and results-oriented chef with over 9 years of experience coordinating food and beverage services for exceptionally rated restaurants, I have a wide scope of experience that will allow me to contribute toward the success of your food court. I have more than 5 years of solid experience in managing a team of 7 in conceptualizing, creating and implementing interesting menus. My work has been recognized and featured by multiple YouTubers. 

I'm listing some of my professional achievements that demonstrate my qualification for this position. 

Exceptional culinary experience within prestigious eateries, driving excellent dining experiences while consistently outdoing guest and administration expectations and adhering to any inevitable dietary restrictions.

Named ‘Chef of the year 2019’ by Bite Magazine

Prepared high-quality cuisine aligned to restaurant standards and consistency requirements.

Managed kitchen for multiple events, award nights and fashion shows. 

Conducted training sessions and webinars on food preparation and presentation. 

Certification in utilizing fresh, natural, and in-season foods to optimize meal flavour and quality.

Outstanding communication, organization and team-building capabilities

Bi-lingual experiences (English and Spanish)

Procuring a reputation as a collaborative team member and leader, able to form and sustain unique professional relationships with kitchen staff and management head

I believe my proven success and experience in managing a team of chefs,  along with my extensive expertise in producing and managing innovative and subtle menu fare, will provide immensely to the success of Pebbles Food Court. Thank you so much for considering me for this role. Looking forward to hearing from you. 



Joshua Loren 



June 20, 2020


Mr Neerav Sharma

Hiring Manager

Grand Elegance

MG Road, Bangalore

[email protected]


Dear Mr Sharma, 


I am writing to apply for the position of Housekeeping Manager at your esteemed firm. I got to know about the job role through a member of your team, Mr Alok Sharma, who happens to be my ex-colleague. As an experienced Housekeeping staff with more than 6 years of experience in the field, I do believe that I'm a suitable candidate for this position. 

Currently, I'm working as the Housekeeping Supervisor at the Sea Resort and Spa, Mangalore, where I have familiarized myself with all the cleaning and sanitation equipment and tools. I also manage a team of 7 housekeeping trainees, where I demonstrated strong team-building skills, leadership, and a strong work ethic.  I have mastered the art of managing staff and completing the work deliberately,  and possess effective written and verbal communication skills which makes my work transition quite easier. I have also worked at Shangri La, Bangalore as Housekeeping staff where I learned the basic duties of housekeeping like dusting, vacuuming and cleaning.  

I am delighted to elevate my professional aspects by working for a five-star hotel like Grand Elegance, where I believe my hard work, loyalty and experience will be put into good use. I would appreciate a personal meeting or video conference to discuss your position further. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time. 


Laura Santos



July 20, 2020


Ms Lucy Anto

Hiring Manager

Shangri La, Bangalore

MG Road, Bangalore

[email protected]


Dear Ms Lucy, 

This is regarding your post on Linkedin about a vacancy in your company for the role of Front office assistant. Kindly consider my application for the same. As a passionate, experienced and highly organized hospitality management graduate, I do believe that I can significantly contribute to your company's goal and objectives as a front office assistant. 

As a front-office assisting professional, I have more than 7 years of experience in providing office support, greeting and creating appointments for the customers, attending phone queries, resolving basic customer complaints and redirecting critical ones to the respective authority, collaborating with other staff and implementing effective client servicing processes. Some of my major career achievements include, 

Handling high volume phone lines - Upto 250 calls each day

High customer satisfaction rate (93%) at my current company

Proficiency in MS office software -- MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Efficient verbal and non-verbal communication

Professional fluency in three languages - English, Hindi and French

Experience with customer service software such as New Book, Hotelogix and RMS Hotel management system

Conducted an online training session on ' Successful Hotel Management Careers' for hospitality undergraduate candidates of St. Xaviers Institute Pune

I also possess 2 years of experience as the ground crew for Air India. My skills and experience in the hospitality industry will help me succeed in the respective role in your company. I am confident that I will not disappoint you if you give me a chance to offer more insight into my professional qualification and work experience. Thank you for considering me for this role. Looking forward to hearing from you. 



Sarah John





Mr Ramesh Babu

Recruiting Manager

Triplar Services LLP




I'm delighted to apply for the Accounting Associate position which was advertised on your company website. I thoroughly believe that my skill sets, academic qualification and experience in a similar niche makes me a better candidate for this job role. 

I am a passionate and self-driven accounting professional with more than 8 years of experience in corporate banking. I am an authorized holder of Masters of Business Administration with specialization in Banking and Finance. With more than five years of experience in working in diverse accounting positions with 3 organisations. I've gained extensive insights within the finance and accounting niche and my key competencies include, overseeing and managing budgets and financial records, risk assessment and management and business management strategies. 

As a Financial Analyst at Rutherford Associates, I manage a team of 3 and functions as the core team responsible for a variety of commercial procedures. During the course of my accounting career, I have gained a thorough understanding of financial implements and related software. I'm a Certified Public Accountant and accomplished financial professional with superior verbal and written communication skills, decision-making ability and punctuality. I have expertise in effectively explaining complex financial information in a comprehensible way understandable to people from a non-commerce background. My proven track record consists of demanding performance goal achievements and innovative work structure. I'm seeking a challenging position where I can grow and utilize my skills to achieve better positions professionally. 

I was drawn towards this opportunity because of its listed responsibilities and areas of operation. I would be really grateful if I get a chance to discuss this position in person or via video call. Thank you so much for considering me for this role. Hoping to hear from you soon. 



James Doe


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