Marketing Executive Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

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Marketing Executive Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

The work of a Marketing Executive is quite pacey and challenging and they can found in various sectors like public or private sectors or even in retail industry. It depends on what the organization is aiming for, whether to promote their products or to create social awareness so that it affects the people.

Job Description

  • Focus on maximizing profits by generating sales strategies that are convenient as per the customer requirements and by putting forward products and services.
  • Promote the products for the client which they are working for by creating marketing campaigns or events.
  • The responsibility of a marketing executive keeps on changing depending on the type of the organization and how big is the sector.
  • The role vastly includes planning, advertising, organizing events.
  • Responsible for gathering sponsorships and managing public relations and a wider horizon of research.



  • Prepare and deliver marketing plans and strategies to grow the business.
  • Liaise and manage their networks with a range of stakeholders like customers,  suppliers and partner organizations.
  • Manage their communications with the target audience thereby maintaining customer relationships.
  • Manage to source the advertisements through radio, tv or any such kinds of medium.
  • Should create and implement marketing campaigns across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.
  • Should also give their hand in managing budgets, creating marketing campaigns for the organization.
  • Must organize and allocate financial and statistical information with your analytical skills.
  • Must generate reports for digital marketing campaigns using analytics tools and also exhibit the data in an easy to comprehend format.



  • An organization demands good teamwork skills marketing is all about teamwork and decision making.
  • Should have good communication skills which is one of the most important aspects.
  • Must have good planning skills along with creativity. A fusion of this is what makes a better marketing executive.
  • Should be well versed with analytical skills so as to monitor what competitors are doing in the market currently.
  • Should be very good with numbers and good IT skill would prove to be a good add on.


Educational Qualifications

Basically, a marketing executive job demands graduates from any degree discipline. However, some organizations may prefer graduates with a degree or a postgraduate degree in relevant subjects such as marketing, business or statistics. There are some jobs which are particularly in industrial marketing, they require a scientific or a technical background.


A Marketing Executive earns an average pay of Rs 247,546 per year. One thing which strongly influences the income for this job is the experience. There are many high paying skills linked with this job such as Business Development, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Management, Branding, and Email Marketing. Most people with this job move on or get promoted to other positions after 10 years in this field.

Typically, from an entry level to the management level, the average pay ranges in between Rs 142,398 - Rs 526,020. (Source: Payscale)