Network Administrator Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

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Network Administrator Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

Job Description

  • Maintain or stabilize a secure network for data communication which needs to be quite efficient and reliable. 
  • Should be able to configure all the active networks.
  • Should also be able to deploy the equipment.
  • Be regular with maintaining and monitoring it in order to ensure uniform operation of the networks.
  • Must be responsible for organizing, designing the organization's computer system.
  • Should also be good with installing and supporting the network systems.


  • Should support or maintain the customer's or the client's network and other in-house servers and should be able to configure it when needed.
  • Must also develop a plan to install and combine new server hardware and application
  • Need to look for necessary updates or upgrades and must implement it whenever deemed necessary.
  • Support 3rd party computer applications and ensure the connectivity and the security of the network.
  • Monitor the performance of the network i.e, check its availability and utilization of the network and also it's latency.
  • Deliver more efficiency in their work by regularly testing for weaknesses and improve on that.
  • Set up user accounts, permissions, and passwords.
  • Needs to resolve all the problems or queries reported by the end user or the client and provide them with proper resolution.
  • Keep a record of all the requirements and day to day updates required for the system.
  • They also need to specify system requirements and design solutions for the network systems and be very good with research and recommend proper upgrades on the server system.





  • Hands-on experience in networking, routing, and switching.
  • Should have excellent knowledge of the best practices which are defined by their client
  • Should be well versed with monitoring of the server infrastructure.
  • Should have some experience with firewalls and VPN implementation.
  • Should be very good with the customer service and should have great troubleshooting skills in order to resolve the problems.
  • They should be familiar enough with the backup and recovery tool.
  • Should be good enough to organize his/her work and prioritize accordingly and should be multitasking.
  • Certification in Juniper, Cisco or CWNA is an add-on.


Educational Requirements

A candidate having a degree from an accredited university is eligible to apply for a Network System Administrator job. However, an applicant holding a degree in Information Technology or Computer Science would be preferable.

As far as certification is required, candidates certified with Cisco would hold the maximum chance to get the job.



A Network Administrator earns an average salary of Rs 342,023 per year. For the first 5 to 10 years, salary increases at a steady pace. However, some expertise in Network Security Management would be considered for a high pay job in this field. The average salary for the entry level to the higher level ranges in between Rs 155,301 - Rs 789,910. (Source: Payscale)