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Back Office Executive

Back Office Executive Jobs in India

As on 3 March 2024, There are 17 Back Office Executive Job vacancies, with salary packages in the range of INR 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

For many years now (and moving forward) India has been the go-to destination for the biggest names in IT, finance, manufacturing and so on. The country has, time and again stood shoulder to shoulder with other countries having the fastest-growing economies and GDP growth rates. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise, knowing that India has been one of the frontrunners when it comes to creating jobs in the startup ecosystem and across other major industries and sectors. 

While plenty of job seekers in India, both experienced and entry-level candidates, leave their homes and travel all over the country to metro cities in search of high-end jobs in management, sales, engineering, manufacturing, finance, entertainment and advertising, there are but a few who deviate from the “usual” career paths and develop an interest in back office roles, or as they’re commonly known — operations. 

Many job seekers turn a blind eye towards back office jobs. In all probability, it could easily be the moniker of the role that attracts much disinterest from avid job seekers. However, we’ll have you know that individuals holding back office and operations roles are undoubtedly the internal cogs of the company. 

They typically assume a silent role in the background, but are always drawing appreciation from the higher-ups in management and leadership. It’s safe to say that back office executives keep the company ticking like clockwork. 

It’s true that there are other important employees in the organisations, especially those in finance, accounting, sales, engineering, design, and marketing — their contributions and presence cannot be undermined. But in most cases (or always), it is the back office staff that play the biggest role in dictating how a company functions. Every brand, business, enterprise or organisation, regardless of its size, requires a back office team who are primarily tasked with supporting the front office staff i.e. those who face the clients and customers. 

To completely familiarize yourself with back office jobs, it’s essential that you get to know what a back office is in the first place, the important responsibilities they shoulder and some of the vital roles that fall under the category. 

We’ll tell you everything you want to know about back office jobs and business operations below and touch upon the sheer number of vacancies in this role in India which can be found on Rocket. 

Let’s get started!

What are back office executive jobs?

A back office executive job is one where an employee is embroiled in duties that revolve around administration. Needless to say, the importance of administration for an organisation is indispensable. Without proper administration a business is destined for failure in the short or long run. People who take up back office jobs are categorised under operations. 

It’s important to understand here that across organisations, not all back office executive jobs or jobs in operations are the same. In other words, the roles and responsibilities of back office executive personnel will depend on the nature of the work the organisation indulges in. For example, the responsibilities of a back office executive in an IT firm would be completely different as opposed to back office executives at a law firm.

Again, as mentioned earlier, back office executives might not necessarily take centrestage exhibiting their contributions. They’re more of behind-the-curtain employees, actively supporting client-facing front office employees, helping them execute their duties effectively. 

Although back office executives in India are mostly engaged in administrative duties, they might be required to wear different hats as and when situations present themselves. In other words, excluding administrative duties, back office executives may have to take up roles in accounting, data entry, HR operation and so on.

What happens in the back offices of companies in India?

As stated before, back office executives help client-facing personnel executive their duties. Any business or organisation in India has office operations running in the background. And it is the primary duty of the back office executives to perform any tasks related to it. 

Back office executives may be barred from working directly with the organization’s clients, but they keep their heads down and persevere to keep the company up. 

Are back office executives essential for companies?

If the senior leadership and management of a company is the head and the brains of the organisation, the back office staff is the backbone supporting the entire frame and structure of the organization helping it perform its functions to the best of its abilities and move forward. 

Without them running smoothly, an organisation cannot possibly achieve success and growth. Also, when back office operations are on-point, productivity and cost-cutting also receive massive boosts. 

Data, which today is worth more than gold for today’s businesses and organisations, is a priceless resource. The back office personnel ensure that it is not only maintained and organized but also protected against any illicit activity and external threats. Of course, they also get into the nitty-gritty of managing the allocation of resources within an organization. And if any changes are to be made in organizational operations, the back office staff are the first to arrive on the scene to plan, test and implement modifications.

What are the responsibilities of a back office executive?

The responsibilities of a back office executive depends on the organization they eventually join. All or some of the following back office responsibilities below might fall in your bucket when you join a company. Please go through the back office job description on Rocket carefully before applying.

  • Carry out market research duties 
  • Attend to company bills, invoices, and receipts
  • Updating calendars and/or organizing staff meetings 
  • Assimilate, process, and manage market research data
  • Collaborating with the sales team and assisting them in performing duties
  • Assisting with inventory control and coordinating with supporting management and the front office team
  • Discharge basic administration duties, including sending mails, managing office supplies and stationery, and printing

What are the different back office job executive roles across industries in India? 

Although back office personnel are hired for all industries. The following are 3 key industries in India where they’re hired the most. 

  • Back office jobs in the Finance and Banking Sector

Candidates who see themselves in back office roles within banks and financial institutions might be required to possess at least a Bachelor’s degree. You might even gain advantage over the competition if you have a postgraduate degree.

In baking institutions, back office employees are tasked with collecting and compiling documents and information. You might also have to obtain credit reports and, at times, collect customer deposits and bank receipts. 

Although the bank has the final say in stating your responsibilities, know that a majority of back office employees have to manage client accounts. Some might even have to go a step further and perform duties related to IT services, accounting, clearances and regulatory compliance.

  • Back office jobs in the BPO Industry

India has many BPO firms that take and make calls to clients across the country and the globe. For this industry, the inclusion of a back office team is crucial as their success depends on it. 

As a back office personnel you will have to work on spreadsheets, create reports, and manage or enter data. These responsibilities usually tie back to BPO back office jobs that are non-voice in nature. 

Since BPOs conduct business, either B2B or B2C, the ideal back office candidates are those who have completed their graduation and possess excellent communication skills. 

And that’s not where the duties end. A back office employee at a BPO must also be quick at identifying customer queries and come up with solutions for them in the shortest time possible.

  • Back office executive jobs in private companies

Now we come to the category of employers who hire the most number of back office employees. Since private firms and organisations are made up of several departments, back office executive job responsibilities are specific to the workings and objectives of each department.

Having said that, apart from sales, almost all departments require back office candidates. You could be someone in operations working directly with the marketing team, IT team, HR team and so on. Getting a back office executive job can also be thought of a detour to your dream job and role if you couldn’t land it initially.

In other words, you could easily be an operations executive working with the marketing team which could turn in a full-time marketing role if your contributions and performance are deemed worthy.

Find Latest Back Office Executive Job Vacancies Through Rocket

As you can see on this page, many companies in India are looking out for candidates willing to sign up for back office executive jobs in India.

What candidates usually do when looking for back office executive jobs in India is have a few companies in mind, visit their recruitment or career page, and then apply directly. However, this might not be the ideal way to apply for back office executive openings in India as the jobs might not be made live on their recruitment page. Moreover, there are hundreds and thousands of companies in India that require back office personnel. A candidate cannot possibly scan each company’s recruitment page to fill back office executive vacancies. 

This is where Rocket comes in and makes the process of keeping track of all the latest back office executive openings convenient. 

To help you find a back office executive job in India, one that meets all your expectations, Rocket has built an assortment of filters for this page with India back office executive jobs. When applied these filters will narrow down your search.

Let’s look at all the filters which will funnel your search for the latest back office executive jobs in India and give you the latest openings.

  • Company
  • Gender
  • Work experience
  • Monthly salary
  • Interview Type (Scheduled or Walk-in)
  • Job type (trusted and non-consultancy jobs)
  • Employment type (internship, part-time & full-time)
  • Education

How to Apply for Back Office Executive Job Openings Online?

With Rocket, just about anyone can sign up for back office executive jobs in India. We have mentioned the eligibility requirements for back office jobs a little further down if you’d like to know what is the criteria for such a role. 

As mentioned before, getting a back office job opens the doorway for promotions to other higher job roles in other departments. Moreover, getting a back office job flaunts your administration, management abilities. In India, candidates who want to fashion a career as a back office executive have varying educational qualifications, from 10th and 12th pass candidates to graduates and postgraduates.

On Rocket, you can find back-office jobs that are perfect for both freshers & experienced. On this page, you can find back office executive job openings advertised by the best companies in India. Since all the jobs listed here are verified by our expert team of recruiters and AI-enabled algorithms, you can go ahead and apply the filters on the left-hand-side to shortlist all the back office executive vacancies in India that meet your own requirements. 

Once you’ve done that, follow the steps given below to apply:

  • Click on “Book Interview” or “Apply with CV” button on the job card
  • Enter your first and last name, primary contact(mobile) number, and email address in the pop-up form and hit “Apply”
  • Then confirm your job application for the India back office executive job by entering the OTP
  • Enter mandatory details for your application, verify your email and hit “Confirm”.
  • Then enter secondary details and click on “Confirm”. The recruiter will be alerted with your details. By doing this, you give us the opportunity to find more back office jobs in India for you. However, if you want to conduct your own search for back office jobs in India, you can choose to skip this step.
  • What then? All you have to do is wait for the recruiter to respond. To track the progress of your applications for back office jobs in India, you can click on the “Applications’’ tab on the top.

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