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Business Development Jobs in Chennai

Business Development Jobs in Chennai

It’s obvious that in a city like Chennai, there is often a mad rush amongst jobseekers for jobs in management, information technology, and marketing. That said, business development jobs continue to be one of the sought-after professions. There are several reasons why this job role is in high demand.

From a candidate’s point of view, business development jobs in Chennai provide excellent learning opportunities around creating business prospects and earning revenue for the organisation. In such a role, you can be assured of picking up skills in client handling, planning, coordination, management, and business strategies.

If you must know, the majority of business development professionals in Chennai consist of individuals who strive to earn profits for the company. They’re adept at handling pressure and achieving predetermined targets on a regular basis. 

If you have a knack for communicating with clients and handling targets, then a role in business development is the obvious career choice for you in Chennai.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Business Development Jobs in Chennai

Business development executives in Chennai must fulfil employers’ eligibility criteria first before appearing for interviews. Typically, employers that hire for BD jobs in Chennai have the following requirements.

  • Work Experience: Having worked in a sales or BD role in the past will certainly boost your chances of landing a BD job in Chennai. That said, there is no hard and fast rule about possessing work experience for a certain number of years to qualify for business development roles in Chennai. However, Chennai BD jobs that do require work experience look for 1 to 3 years of total experience.

  • Skillset: It goes without saying that your skillset will be the ultimate determining factor for selection. Why? Because you will be competing with other candidates for the business development role in Chennai. And it will certainly help if you have the relevant industry-specific skills to outshine others. 

If you’re thinking of landing a business development role in Chennai, then you should hone or develop some or all of the skills listed below. 

    • Good business knowledge
    • Good communication skills
    • Tact and diplomacy
    • Organisational skills
    • Creativity
    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Negotiation skills
    • Problem-solving skills
  • Education: A bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in business administration. In the case of the latter, a business-specific qualification (specialization) might be needed. As a candidate for Chennai business development roles, you must realize that the educational requirement may change from company to company.

Business Development Jobs in Chennai - FAQs

1) How to find walk-in business development job interviews in Chennai?

You can easily find walk-in interviews for BD jobs in Chennai via Rocket Jobs. The walk-in jobs can be easily accessed via the checkbox provided on the job listings page for BD jobs. On the Rocket Jobs homepage, click on Sales/BD Jobs category and then select the Walk-in Interviews checkbox to filter all the walk-in BD jobs in your location.

2) Who is a business development manager?

Business development executives in Chennai, after gaining experience and consistently performing in their role can be promoted to the role of Business Development Managers.

A business development manager can be thought of as an individual who heads a team of business development executives. His primary responsibility is to generate revenue for the company and identify new business opportunities to boost profitability.

But they also go the extra mile to what would say are equally important tasks of a business development manager viz. Establishing fruitful relationships with potential clients and customers, setting up meetings for sales executives and heads, and last but not least, researching leads. Some business development managers are neck-deep in running and managing operations, whereas others in the role focus more on enhancing the position or reputation of the company in many ways.

Business Development Managers in the recent past have also increasingly taken interest in researching new and emerging markets and partnerships. They do this to set up promotions and marketing efforts to capture leads and land new clients. 

Needless to say, whatever roles and responsibilities that have been discussed above require Business Development Managers to have the hunger, the fire, and the gall to chase and seal new business opportunities. Of course, as the manager leading a team of driven and motivated business development executives, you must possess excellent leadership skills. 

3) What is the salary of a business development manager in Mumbai?

Here's what we have found for Business Development Manager jobs in Chennai according to recent compensation software and data reports.

  • An entry-level Business Development Manager with less than 1-year work experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of INR 3,57,500 per year (including tips, bonuses and overtime pay)
  • An early-career Business Development Manager with 1-4 years of work experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of INR 4,97,353 per year (including tips, bonuses and overtime pay)
  • A mid-career Business Development Manager with 5-9 years of work experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of INR 6,17,465 per year (including tips, bonuses and overtime pay)
  • An experienced Business Development Manager with 10-19 years of work experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of INR 10,08,413 per year (including tips, bonuses and overtime pay)
  • A Business Development Manager in their late career with 20+ years of work experience can expect to earn an average total compensation upwards of INR 10 lakh per year (including tips, bonuses and overtime pay) 

4) How can I find part-time business development executive jobs in Chennai on Rocket Jobs?

You can easily find part-time BD job opportunities in Chennai through Rocket Jobs by using filters. After clicking on the Sales/BD job category, press the filter icon next to the search bar at the top, and select Part Time under Employment Type.

5) Do I need to create an account on Rocket Jobs for applying to jobs?

No, you can directly apply to any jobs without creating an account with Rocket Jobs. Although account creation is not mandatory, creating an account helps in tracking your job application and provides proper structure to your job hunt. 

What’s more, you’ll be alerted of new or unfilled BD job vacancies in Chennai via Email and SMS when you register so that you don’t miss out on opportunities.