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Find Customer Care Jobs in Mumbai

As on 3 March 2024, Mumbai has a total of 31 Customer Care Job vacancies, with salary packages in the range of INR 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

For some organizations, people working in customer care jobs or utilizing customer support abilities are the compassionate substance of the association. These enterprises depend on laborers who can make a lively discussion with customers, helping foster dependability and a decent reputation. 

Customer service can be classified as both a work and an employment aptitude or the skill. As an occupation, customer service specialists are responsible for keeping an eye on customers’ needs and ensuring they have a good experience. As a scope of skills, customer care includes a couple of qualities like productive correspondence, undivided attention, empathy, critical thinking and helping mindset. Customer care is a basic component in different occupation businesses and areas. You may imagine that customer care as assistance from a business to a purchaser alone yet, it is similarly significant inside an association as well. Rather than focusing on the competition, customer service jobs focus on the customer. 

Main customer care work areas; customer service, customer care, and customer success are quickly developing. Regardless of whether you are new to the customer care area or you have been working in the business for a specific period, you can discover new open doors here. We list all customer care and related positions in Mumbai. Find new customer care job openings, recruiters and employers in Mumbai through Rocket. Your next work venture begins here. 

Latest Customer Care Jobs in Mumbai 

There are many occupation choices accessible for those considering a profession in customer service/care. These positions are realistic in basically every current employment industry. Top occupation suppliers in customer care include credit card companies and agencies, marketing companies, financial organizations, online retailers, call centre’s, e-commerce companies and websites etc. 

If you have the right scope of capacities, and the enthusiasm for helping individuals, finding a new line of work in this area will be simple. Work from home positions is trending at this point. For some customer service jobs, contingent upon the work and the organization, you might have the option to work distantly or from home. Here are some of the well known customer service jobs in Mumbai. 

Call Center Executive 

Call centre jobs can be virtual and also a full-time office job. India is a center for call centre jobs. A large portion of the call centres in India work as help groups for different foreign companies.

Generally the job function of call centre executives will be noting telephone or email requests from clients. In view of the job role, call centre executives likewise place orders, react to and handle customer issues, or make meetings or appointments and so forth. Call centre laborers are required to endure a high volume of calls and to have remarkable communication, time management and critical thinking aptitudes. 


If you are so keen about helping customers and are proficient about hotels, resorts, cafes, transportation, and whatever other information that can empower and overhaul the client experience, you may do well as a concierge. Various resorts and occasion suppliers have concierge on staff that book reservations, suggest activities, and plan schedules for guests. Virtual concierge does an impressive parcel of comparable endeavors, either on telephone or online through social media, app or email. 

Client Relations Associate 

Customer relations staff makes and keeps up good relationships with their affiliation's most critical customers. This job is a functioning position working with dispensed customers to guarantee that they are happy with the organization's administration and things. The customer relation executive’s central obligation is to guarantee customer satisfaction and to work with colleagues, other offices, and special organizations to guarantee that customer needs are fulfilled. 

Client Services Coordinator 

Customer service coordinator is responsible for guaranteeing and ensuring if the projects are finished at the correct time. They may manage handling internal and external solicitations, setting up and coordinating organizations, following up with conveyances and settling customer issues. This employment job requires solid relational abilities and the ability to rearrange a couple of activities simultaneously. 

Customer Service Representative 

A customer service representative (CSR) is a typical occupation title for numerous roles in the customer service job sector. Such workers communicate with customers/clients of the organization to handle appointments or requests, give data about services offered by the organization, and help in settling questions. The CSR jobs are declining nowadays, in many ventures because of the surge in automation. 

Front Desk Associate 

If you have strong relational aptitudes and the ability to manage eye to eye and phone collaborations, a front work area work is an extraordinary decision. In the corporate world, you will likely work a 40-hour week. The positions in this area can be generally found in Hotels, Resorts, or some other hospitality services. The position may require working additional hours, occasions and even on weekends. The front desk associates can likewise be receptionists. 

Patient Care Coordinator

Patient care coordinators are customer service roles in the medical field industry. Such representatives work for health clinics, health care agencies, medical health centres, insurance companies etc. The job role includes scheduling medical appointments, arranging medical services and procedures etc. For most of these positions, a complete knowledge and understanding of medical terms is required. The job might require prior experience and knowledge in the medical care sector. 

Social Media Customer Care Associate 

The social media customer care executives handle the social media replies and direct messages from customers or clients. This role generally coexists with other social media roles like online reputation management, campaign management etc. The main responsibilities are managing an organization’s social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and answering questions, settling issues, and reporting the concerns to a senior manager or an authorized professional when necessary. 

Technical Support 

Technical support jobs are reasonable for work searchers having strong specialized aptitudes like product-specific software, and hardware or application skills. They ought to be fit for taking care of issues, managing individuals and overseeing discussions. The vast majority of the businesses request a college degree, training or certification for this job. Technical support jobs can be a great remote work choice for graduates. 

How to apply for Customer Care Jobs in Mumbai online? 

Job Boards 

Job portals or online portals are the most ideal approach to find ideal jobs in Mumbai. Rocket is one of the most popular work aggregator networks. It associates work searchers and recruiters through an integrated web app. 

The platform is uniquely designed to function as a comprehensive job search platform for both scholars and young professionals searching for job opportunities in their preferred locations. Job hunters can search by job roles, keyword, and location to find jobs that are a match for their eligibility and interests with Rocket using the unique job filter. It lists a wide range of blue-collar as well as white-collar jobs in Mumbai. 

Rocket allows its users to apply online and track job status from their app or website. Here is how you can find a customer care job in Mumbai using Rocket. 

1.Go to 

  1. Click on ‘Customer Care’ link below the subheading job category 
  2. Filter the jobs based on your location by setting the location filter to ‘Mumbai’ 4. The list will get updated with relevant opportunities as per the filter information you provided. 

Apply on Company Websites

You can likewise discover and apply to different customer care occupations through different organization sites. The vast majority of the organizations in Mumbai list all profession openings on their official site. You can find customer care position openings for each organization by visiting their individual site. This can be a tedious task. Rather than heading off to every site you can just access Rocket and apply to numerous positions through the entryway. You can likewise follow the applied positions by means of Rocket. 

Basic eligibility criteria/requirements to apply for a Customer Care Job in Mumbai 

Customer care service jobs are ideal for individuals with excellent communication skills. Most managers ask for graduation as the minimum requirement for customer care jobs. The soft skills required for this job are strong listening skills, a complete understanding of job requirements, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, capability to manage multiple tasks at once i.e multitasking etc. Other relevant soft skills required for the industry depend on the nature of job and responsibilities. Some of the customer service skills and abilities every employer looks out for a customer service job role are : 

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Empathy or compassion 
  • Stress management 
  • Time management 
  • Charisma 
  • Flexibility 
  • Knowledge about the Company and job industry 
  • Enthusiasm 
  • Passion 

The abilities and capabilities for each job role vary depending upon the employer and function of the job. A customer service executive must be able to manage customers in a sociable and empathetic way and should also stick to particular company protocols and guidelines. Essential numerical and computer skills are also relevant for customer service roles. Despite the fact that most recruiters ask for graduation, there are a lot of employers in Mumbai who recruit high school graduates and diploma graduates. All these are executive-level positions. For management roles or job growth, graduation or post-graduation might be required. All the recruiters provide in-house preparation for the candidates after recruitment. 

Popular companies offering Customer Care jobs in Mumbai 

Customer care job roles can be found in every industry and job sectors. Mumbai is the leading city of Information Technology after Bangalore and Hyderabad. The majority of the IT and Tech giant require an effective client care group for smooth working. Most obligations led by customer

service specialists ought to be feasible from a home office using the Internet to connect with specific gadgets or programming. Client service specialists fill in as the primary motivation behind contact for clients. They offer information or response to requests with respect to things or administrations and handle and resolve questions. Also, right now, client service operator jobs are more in remarkable interest. Additionally, after the Pandemic has kicked in, there is a surge in organizations hiring remote customer care executives. Here are some of the companies in Bombay that hire customer service executives. 

Health Care - Birla healthcare ayurveda, Brinda healthcare, Ericson TPA healthcare, prism manpower services, Hindiya hospital and medical research centre, sapphire hospital. 

IT and call centre companies - Infosys, Tata consultancy services, Tech Mahindra, Wipro BPO, Concentrix, eureka outsourcing solutions, Sutherland, kanthar, Google, Gozoop, IBM India ltd, Accenture India pvt ltd, L&T InfoTech, iGATE, Mahindra satyam, SITEL, 3G global services, Athena BPO, first source solutions, IBM daksh, Intelenet global. 

Delivery networks - Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, Foodpanda, Dominos, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal.

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