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Customer Care

Customer Care Jobs in India

It's extremely convenient nowadays — pick up the phone and troubleshoot and the other person on the line does the rest. The 'other' we're talking about is a customer care executive.

Customer execs play a vital role across industries. They're the bridge between the customers and businesses. They're the first ones to learn about any glitches. And they're the first ones who dial in to rescue customers. 

As long as there is customer demand, there is a business prospect. And where there are businesses, there are products. This customer-product-business bridge is what gave rise to customer care jobs, slap bang in the middle. And no country handles customer care as India does.

Customer care in India has always been a hit. But with the advent of startup culture, the emergence of homegrown businesses and the arrival of global brands in the country, customer care really hit the next level.

Such is the customer-centric nature of businesses today that wherever you go, you'll stumble upon ads and fliers about customer care job openings and individuals who have either worked, are working, or planning to work in the customer care role. 

But what spikes the number of customer care job vacancies and why job seekers consider customer care executive jobs at all? To know the answers we need to find out why businesses need customer service in the first place and what benefits do customer support jobs have in store for the job seekers.

Why is Customer Care Important for a Business?

It's a no-brainer — to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied. And happy customers drive growth, sustainability and reinforce finances. But you knew that already. We'll tell you WHY businesses need to prioritize customer support in this day and age.

  1. Customer service is parallel to revenue: Studies say that companies prioritizing customer service report an increase in revenue.
  2. Good customer service equals happy customers: This builds the company's reputation and attracts investors and talented employees.
  3. Customer retention spikes if customer service is excellent.
  4. Customer service has a direct impact on CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value). CLTV is the amount of money the customer directs towards a company throughout their engagement. A dedicated customer care team focuses on engagement. It is understood that highly engaged customers buy more frequently and spend more on their transactions.
  5. Highly engaged customers result in better ratings. This has an effect on customer care employees' ratings which helps them amass bonuses and incentives. In short, the employee happiness meter spikes resulting in more productivity and employee retention.
  6. The care that is given to customers also has a direct impact on company culture. Employees are more engaged with each other and collaborate seamlessly to solve problems.
  7. Adobe-par customer satisfaction and service improves brand awareness through word of mouth advertising.
  8. Additional spend on marketing also lessens. The loyal customers act as brand advocates saving advertising and marketing funds that the business would've otherwise used to generate leads.
  9. Resources can be reserved or redirected for other important tasks. A satisfied customer will report bugs and inconsistencies in your product. This task of bug reporting is thereby partly handled by the customers which free resources.
  10. Customer service helps companies generate more revenue, understand their market value, and efficiently scale up or down.

Benefits of working in Customer Care

Apart from the bonuses, salary, promotions, flexible work shifts and so on, there are a lot of benefits that you can reap for your career and personal growth from customer care openings. Let's take a look at 5 such benefits you stand to get when you apply for customer care jobs.

  1. Thorough understanding of a product will make you a subject expert which will open many doors for you in the future, inside of customer care jobs or outside. For instance, you could be put in charge of the training of new employees, or you could be a part of the product team working in tandem with the designers to make video walkthroughs of the products.
  2. Working in customer care will improve your emotional intelligence. Since you'll be dealing with a host of customers and their queries, each different in their own way, you'll find ways to handle them as the situation demands. This, in turn, will help you tap into your senses as and when the situation demands to get the job done without crossing the customer. This skill can be applied to any phase in life, for both professional and personal spheres.
  3. In customer care jobs, you'll be learning new skills that can be transferred between departments. You'll have knowledge in sales, marketing, and product management which could qualify you for a position in any of the departments if you have the results to show.
  4. Your ability to collaborate with different departments in an organization to solve a problem will expand your in-office network. Knowing your peers will not only help you solve problems quickly but also open up doors for career growth.
  5. Out-of-the-box thinking and quick problem-solving capabilities are highly regarded in any organization. These are lifelong skills, for both personal and professional development. 

Find Latest Customer Care Job vacancies through Rocket

Well, all customer care executive jobs on Rocket are genuine and latest. But, to help you get the job you really want, we've introduced a bunch of filters that will populate the relevant jobs that suit you the most. These filters — listed below — can be accessed on the left-hand panel..

  • Freshness — when was the job posted?
  • Job Type (Show only) — trusted jobs, non-consultancy jobs, fresher jobs, experienced jobs.
  • Location
  • Salary 
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Company

How to apply for Customer Care Job openings online?

Applying to customer care vacancies in India on Rocket takes just a few minutes. Here's how you can submit your application for any customer care opening listed here.

  • Register or Login to your Aasssaanjobs profile
  • Search with relevant keywords. e.g. Customer care jobs, customer support jobs, etc. 
  • Select any of the filters on the left-hand panel to filter out the jobs that are not relevant
  • Select the job from the filtered list
  • Read the job requirements and make sure you are eligible for the role
  • Click 'Apply'

Basic eligibility criteria & requirements to apply for a Customer Care Job

While the requirements listed below are what companies ask for, please be sure to go through the job description by clicking on the job.

  • Atleast a degree (general education), HSC certificate or equivalent.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure.
  • Computer proficiency (some companies might also require experience in using certain software or online tools)
  • Work experience will always be preferred. Having said that, customer care jobs routinely hire freshers; especially 12th pass candidates, and graduates

Popular firms offering customer care jobs

Here are some of the firms hiring customer care executives on Rocket.

  • Amazon Transportation Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Glowworms Ventures Pvt Ltd
  • Unity Services
  • Aarohi Aviation
  • Dynamic Synergy [P] Ltd
  • Experiva Services Pvt Ltd
  • DM Services
  • PK Technology
  • Inspire Global Solutions
  • Devine Infotech Pvt Ltd
  • Call Miners [P] Ltd
  • Rupeek Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

Get free customer care job alerts

Register with Rocket to get free customer care job alerts. Rocket provides free job-specific job alerts to all the subscribers. To set up customer care job alerts, follow the steps below. 

  • Visit
  • Click on 'Create Job Alerts'
  • Fill up the form
  • Give relevant keywords such as 'customer care', 'customer service', 'customer service executive' and so on in the 'Add Keywords' field
  • Click 'Subscribe'

Customer Care Job - FAQs

1) What does a typical customer care job description look like?

We suggest you look at this job description for a customer representative for more information.

2) How do I know that a customer care opening listed here is genuine?

We always verify the background of the recruiter and the veracity of the job and the details mentioned under it before putting it up for the job seekers.  

3) I've never heard of the recruiter — do they even exist?

Like we mentioned above, every customer care vacancy here is genuine. As for the company, you can scroll to the bottom of the page for any job that you click and find a section dedicated for 'Company Details'.

4) Does Rocket require some sort of commission from the job seekers?

No. We never ask money from our job seekers' community. The service is completely free. We suggest that you always walk away whenever anyone/any company asks you money for any job.

5) What is the next career step after a customer care representative role?

As mentioned earlier, your sales, marketing, and product management skills will be enhanced in this job role. So, if you have flawless results to show for your dedication and output, your company can transfer you to any of the departments such as marketing, sales, product. However, in this job role, the next step would be that of a team lead.

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