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Data Entry

Data Entry Jobs in India

Data entry is one of the most convenient jobs sought by temporary and part-time job enthusiasts all over the world. It is commonly seen as an on-off job or a contract-based project with time-bounded limitations. Comfort is one of the main reasons behind this job's popularity. It doesn't require much skills or qualifications. In India, most of the Data Entry recruiters lookout for basic computer skills which includes typing speed and basic software knowledge. 

India has a fast-paced work environment where the seekers exceed the no: of vacancies. The increased population and high literacy are the main reasons for the highly competitive job markets here. Highest unemployment rate in India is also another catalyst for the popularity of Data Entry. Since it can be done from anywhere in the world, this can be a serious money making opportunity for job seekers and students. 

Online Data Entry Jobs

Most of the Data Entry job providers depend on job portals or hiring platforms for the recruitment procedures.  They prefer candidates with capability of completing the process than what’s on their resume. Since this field is much common and sought after, there are plenty of known and unknown scams involved. Choosing the right platform and trustworthy job aggregator is the key to find quality Data Entry jobs. Rocket is an online job aggregator for all types of jobs which includes Data Entry opportunities too. You can find filtered job opportunities online from our job pages on 

Find Latest Data Entry Job openings through Rocket

Finding and applying for data entry jobs is quite seamless with Rocket. We keep an updated database of available data entry job openings. Our customized filter options will help to find your suitable job based on your job preferences, qualifications, experience levels, geographical location and much more. Follow this step-by-step process to find the latest data entry vacancies. 

  • Visit
  • On the home page click ‘All job categories’
  • Under the subheading ‘Back office operations’ click ‘Data Entry’
  • On the next page you’ll get to see all the available Data Entry job options
  • On the left hand side, there is a customized filter where you can filter out the jobs based on the date it was posted (Freshness), locations, salary, experience, qualifications and company. 
  • You can filter out Data entry jobs based on your preferences. 

How to apply for Data Entry Jobs online?

  • Open Data Entry jobs page on Rocket by following the above steps
  • Apply any filter of your preference using the customized filter option shown in the left  hand column.
  • Click on the job of your choice from the list
  • Each job link opens to detailed information on the job such as salary, work type, eligibility criteria etc. 
  • Read the job description, additional details, and requirements of the job.
  • There will be direct links on the top of the page for fixing interviews or applying without registration. 
  • We suggest creating an account in Rocket to track your application status and to get alerts and notifications on new job postings.

Things to consider before accepting a Data Entry Job offer 

Data entry is a short time job option which tends to attract a lot of applicants desperate to earn some money. Amid the huge unemployment crisis existing in India, this desperation sometimes attracts a lot of scams and money fraudulent schemes. Here we are listing out some best practices you can follow before opting in to any of the Data Entry jobs listed anywhere on the web. 

  • Start with researching about the company
  • Collect all tangible information regarding  the company
  • Make sure you get a company representative as  point of contact  
  • Don't pay upfront costs or registration fees for the job
  • Don’t fall for unbelievable salaries (Mostly scams lists huge salaries and ask for upfront costs)
  • Ask for freelancer agreements or similar legal framework before starting the work
  • Understand the modes of payment acceptable by the company and the payment intervals

Benefits of online Data Entry Jobs

From numerical and literacy data conversion to voice activated roles, Data Entry jobs come in different types and forms. Anyone with basic IT skills can easily apply for jobs related to this domain. Pursuing a fulltime or part-time career in data entry bring in many advantages such as:

  • Work from home options
  • Flexible work timing and schedule
  • Earn as much you work - flexible payment options
  • Lesser stress compared to other IT jobs
  • Improves your numerical, literacy and computer skills

Basic Eligibility criteria for Data Entry Jobs

Typing Speed

Average typing speed expected from a data entry professional is about 40 WPM and above. This is a standard requirement. People with much better typing speed can deliver better results within the mentioned period. Data entry is not always about typing. In some cases, a data entry operator might also transcribe data from audio recordings, phone conversations, surveys, and hand-written forms. But still, typing speed is still a basic requirement for this job. Data entry involves inputting data from various other sources too i.e. mouse, stylus etc. Proficiency in such input devices will help in increasing your performance and winning more projects.

Basic understanding of relevant software

Microsoft Office, G Suite, LibreOffice etc are some of the commonly used software packages for Data Entry professionals. Proficiency in any of such software is mandatory for anyone opting Data Entry or similar professions. 

Attention to detail

Focus and attention to detail are essential for this job. Most of the clients won't tolerate any errors on the document even if it is grammatical or punctuational.

Excellent communication skills

Verbal and written communication skills can help you deliver high-quality work with negotiable or no errors. Due to aggressive competition in this field, this skill can help you stand out from the competition.

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Data Entry Work - FAQs

1) How many data entry projects one can handle at a time?

You can work for one project or multiple projects simultaneously given that you complete all projects within the mentioned deadline. 

2) What is KPH?

Data entry tests and admission procedures revolve around a basic metric score kph (keystrokes per hour). KPH tests will improve data entry skills and add on to your required qualifications in your resume. 

3) Does Rocket ask for any fee for registration?

No, we don’t ask for any type of fee for registration. Kindly avoid paying money for job providers since mostly such providers will be part of a scam. 

4) What are software requirements for Data Entry jobs?

The software requirements may vary depending on the job role. Most companies ask for MS office or similar cloud software.

5) What are the basic skills needed for Data Entry jobs?

Attention to details, decent KPH test scores, effective communication skills (verbal and written), basic software skills,  editing skills and proofreading skills.

6) What are the factors that determine cost per word?

Word volume, complexity of the content, no:of pages etc determines the charges per word or page. 

7) Do I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement while signing in for a job?

Yes you need to sign NDA and a contract agreement before signing in. 

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