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Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator Jobs

A data entry operator is an associate of staff hired to input or update data into a computer system. Data is usually entered into a computer from paper documents or any other source file using a keyboard. The simplicity of the job profile is one of the popular reasons which attract applicants for this job. Data entry is one of the most advantageous positions looked for by short-term or part-time job seekers everywhere in the world. It is mostly considered as on-off work or an agreement-based undertaking with  time constraints. It doesn't require a lot of skills or qualifications. In India, the greater part of the Data Entry jobs are meant for individuals having basic computer skills and typing skills. India has a relentless work environment where the job searchers surpass the number of openings. Data entry and similar low-maintenance jobs are a relief for the current unemployment crisis in India. 

From data input to report creation, the data entry operator job duties can vary according to the job provider. Some of the common responsibilities of data entry operator roles are:

  • Input data of customers, accounts or users or anything similar from source documents to company databases. 
  • Verify the accuracy of the information input
  • Prepare source document for the computer entry
  • Verify integrity and security guidelines
  • Edit and proof check data
  • Review data for errors and incompatibilities
  • Scan and print documents as required
  • Research and find relevant information on the required topic
  • Assist with data program techniques
  • Create reports, and perform backup operations

Find Latest Data Entry Operator Jobs through Rocket

A true pioneer in recruiting, Rocket was founded in 2014 to bring talent and employers together. It is a well-known job marketplace for white-collar as well as blue-collar jobs. Rocket caters to job seekers from all experience levels and work types. It provides a vast database of temporary, fulltime, parttime, freelance and even contract jobs. The job search tool and alerts are free to use. Once the job seeker creates an account with Rocket, he/she can easily track the job application status through their account portal. The user will also be able to save job roles and search queries as well as opt-in for email alerts when new jobs are added in the fields you’re interested in. 

Finding and applying for data entry jobs is quite easy with Rocket. The team keeps an updated database of available data entry operator job openings. The list keeps updating daily. The customized filter options available in Rocket are much advanced than the ones seen in many job portals. The portal will surely help to find your suitable job based on your job preferences, qualifications, experience levels, geographical location and much more. Follow this step-by-step process to find the latest data entry vacancies. 

  • Visit Rocket
  • On the homepage search bar type 'Data Entry Operator'
  • Add location and experience if required
  • Click on the search icon to start the search
  • The opened webpage will show all the available job postings with selected location or experience
  • The list can be filtered additionally by using the filter available on the left-hand side of the webpage

How to apply for Data Entry Operator Jobs online?

A Data entry operator job can be a short or long-term job option based on the capability of the candidate. The short-term job option attracts a lot of applicants because of the convenience and financial assistance they offer. However, the majority who opt for data entry jobs later on move on with other job preferences because of the stability issues. Data entry job is a highly accepted short time job option which tends to attract a lot of applicants desperate to earn some money. Amid the huge unemployment crisis existing in India, this desperation sometimes attracts a lot of scams and money fraudulent schemes. Every job applicant should follow some best practices before applying to any of the Data Entry Operator jobs listed anywhere on the web.

Proper research and inquiry about the company, getting in touch with the company representative, collecting all the valid information on the job role and duties etc are some of the basic things, to begin with. Fake job posts and frauds are common these days due to the surge in unemployment. We suggest not to pay any upfront costs or registration fees for the job. Don’t fall for unbelievable salaries (Mostly scams list huge salaries and ask for upfront costs) and always ask for proper documentation and work proof. Understanding the payment system and interval also helps in filtering out the scams from the valid postings. Rocket lists reliable jobs under the tag ‘verified’. You can rely on such posts since they are verified and cross checked by our internal team. You can apply for available Data Entry Operator jobs online via Rocket. Here are the steps for the same.

  • Apply any filter of your preference using the customized filter option shown in the left  hand column.
  • Click on the job of your choice from the list
  • Each job link opens to detailed information on the job such as salary, work type, eligibility criteria etc. 
  • Read the job description, additional details, and requirements of the job.
  • There will be direct links on the top of the page for scheduling interviews for applying without registration. 
  • We suggest creating an account in Rocket to track your application status and to get alerts and notifications on new job postings.

Basic eligibility criteria to apply for Data Entry Operator Jobs

Proven experience, typing speed and efficient language handling skills are the most desired skills for a data entry operator. Numerical skills and analytical skills are considered added advantages. The exact eligibility criteria and requirement for data entry operator jobs vary according to the job role and employer. However, here we are listing the most important skills demanded for data entry operator jobs. 

Above Average Typing Speed

Normal typing speed expected from a data entry candidate is around 40 WPM or more. This is a typical prerequisite. Individuals with much better higher speed obviously have an advantage over the competition.. Data entry isn't generally about typing alone. Now and again, a data entry operator may likewise interpret data from sound chronicles, telephone discussions, studies, and transcribed structures. Yet, typing speed is a fundamental necessity for this job but so is accuracy. Data entry includes inputting data from different sources other than the keyboard such as mouse, pointer, etc. Proficiency in handling such input methods will help in expanding your job roles and winning more work (for freelancers).

Basic Software Knowledge

Basic computer handling experience and software knowledge is mandatory for all data entry related jobs. Microsoft Office, G Suite, LibreOffice etc are some of the commonly used software packages for Data Entry professionals including Data Entry operators. Mastery in any of such software will help candidates get good opportunities in this job sector. Knowledge of novice data entry software is also an advantage for such roles. The commonly seen data entry software are AutoEntry,, Prontoforms, Repsly, Gocanvas, Grouper etc. Some organizations may have in-house software for data entry. In such cases, the employer will provide adequate training to the employees. 

Attention to detail

Attention to detail refers to your capability to effectively allocate your cognitive resources to accomplish thoroughness and accuracy when executing a task. Focus and attention to detail are essential for any data centric jobs.  Mostemployers won't tolerate any errors; even grammatical or punctuational since attention to detail is something every employer looks for in candidates signing up  for data entry operator jobs. 

Written and verbal communication skills

Verbal and written communication aptitudes can help you provide high-quality work with negotiable or no mistakes. Aggressive competition in this field is not comparable with any other short term job options. Excellent communication skills can help you stand out from the competition easily. Most data entry jobs in India seek proficiency in two languages — English and Hindi. . Some employers even ask for English proficiency certificates such as Cambridge assessment, IELTS, TOEFL, British Council Online Test, EFSET etc. 

Get free alerts for Data Entry Operator Jobs

Rocket provides job alerts and notifications to all the users for free. With Rocket free alerts, it is easier to keep track of new data entry operator jobs listed on the website. There is also an option to adjust the frequencyof alerts . You can opt in for Data Entry Operator job alerts by following the given instructions. 

  • Visit 
  • Click on ‘Free job alerts’ link on the footer or visit 
  • Fill up the information on the form
  • Add job roles of your choice (Data entry operator and any other roles you want the alerts for)
  • Select location
  • Provide phone number and email address
  • Select the mode of alerts (SMS or email)
  • Fix the subscription period (monthly, weekly or daily)
  • Add all the other required information such as industry, relevant keywords, expected salary and work experience.
  • Click ‘Subscribe’ 

Data Entry Operator Jobs - FAQs

1) Can I manage more than one data entry project at a time?

You can work for one project or multiple projects simultaneously given that you complete all projects within the mentioned deadline. Some employers (usually for full-time jobs) don't allow the employees to work on multiple projects. Make sure you ask about this before accepting the offer. 

2) Can freshers apply for data entry operator jobs?

Yes, freshers can apply for data entry operator jobs. On Rocket, you can identify the jobs applicable to freshers by checking the ‘Freshers can apply’ tag on the requirements column. You can also categorize the jobs based on experience by using the experience filter provided on the job portal. 

3) What is the Key Per Hour test?

Most of the Data entry job tests and admission procedures revolve around a basic metric score kph (keystrokes per hour). KPH tests will enhance your skills and add value to your qualifications on your resume. Plenty of free Key per hour tests can be found online. But be absolutely sure  to choose a popular and trustworthy KPH provider before committing. 

4) Does Rocket ask for any registration fee?

No, we don’t ask for any type of fee for registration. Our services are completely free of cost, including the job alerts. Kindly avoid paying money to job providers since they’ll most probably be fraudulent. . 

5) What are software skills required for Data Entry Operator jobs?

The software skill requirements may vary depending on the job role and the provider. Most companies ask for ‘MS Office’ or any similar cloud software like Google Docs. Even if you are a fresher, basic knowledge in MS Office is mandatory for all the available postings. 

6) What are the basic skills needed for Data Entry Operator jobs?

Effective communication skills (verbal and written), basic software skills, editing and proofreading skills, attention to details, decent KPH test scores, etc are some of the hard skills required. 

7) What are the factors that determine cost per word?

Complexity of the content, volume, number  of pages etc are the factors which determine cost per word. The metric might vary according to the job provider. 

8) What is NDA?

NDA or a Non Disclosure Agreement is a contract shared by the employer to the employee for not disclosing confidential data that they have shared as part of the employment. 

9) Do I have to sign any agreement while signing in for a job?

Yes you need to sign an NDA and a contract agreement for all jobs, including Data Entry Operator jobs. We recommend not to attempt any jobs without proper paperwork and contracts. 

10) What are the benefits of Data Entry Operator Jobs?

From basic data conversion to voice-activated roles, Data Entry jobs come in different types and forms. Anyone with essential IT skills can easily apply for jobs in this sector. A fulltime or part-time career in data entry brings in many benefits such as flexibility in time and pay, work from home opportunity, lesser stress than regular jobs, improved literacy and numerical skills, and multitasking skills etc. 

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