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About data entry work from home jobs

At-home data entry jobs are pretty straightforward to understand — a data entry online worker is one who takes raw information (data), processes it for clarity, structure, and understandability and uploads/updates the same across various platforms. 

The resulting information from this data entry work from home is then accessed by others such as organisations, businesses, and companies. The catch, however, is that the entire phase of processing and entry of data has to be flawless in terms of accuracy and speed. 

Time and again, you’ll definitely meet someone opting for an online data entry job from home, and might wonder if a job that deals with data entry from home is a viable option for you. The answer to that is Yes; data for companies and businesses is worth more than gold and if you have the knack for giving raw, unprocessed data shape and meaning so that valuable inputs can be derived from it then online data entry work from home is for you.

Now, one key point about data entry jobs work from home (or offline) is that your designation might vary. For individuals with data entry jobs from home part time (or full time), the official designations are as follows:

  • Data Entry Operator
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Data Encoder
  • Data Entry Keyer

Of course, these designations might differ from company-to-company. But it’s not just the official titles that are different; the kind of work and the deadlines are also not similar. 

In fact, if you’re not so sure about how to do data entry work, or if you’re new to the concept of how to work data entry jobs, it’s best that you start with part time data entry jobs online than something that requires you to come to the office, full-time.

And the reason is quite simple — you need to be absolutely sure of what is expected of you and that you have the necessary skills for free online data entry work. 

After a brief stint in work from home online jobs data entry, if your employer feels that you’re absolutely brilliant at data work from home, they might just consider giving you a raise or making you permanent. 

In fact, the prospects can be even better if you’re engaged in government data entry jobs from home. If you exhibit your flair for data processing and data typing jobs from home, your government data entry work from home can be made full-time by your employers.

Now that you have briefly caught on, what are the various part time work from home data entry jobs that you can take up? Let’s take a look below. 

9 Options: Data entry jobs work from home part time

Here are a few examples of data entry jobs free online, and popular amongst job seekers like yourself. Before you get straight to the list below, note that it is not exhaustive; there are plenty of other options under private data entry jobs and work at home government jobs data entry that you can pick.

Options not listed include: insurance claims processing, check processing, CAD conversion, transcription (clerical and business), IT services, data (capture, cleansing, and analysis) and so much more.

  1. Data conversion: This job portfolio will include the conversion of computer data into a PDF version or other formats.
  2. Voice/Video transcription: As a video or a voice transcriptionist, you will have to engage in the manual translation of the aforementioned multimedia formats into text.
  3. Word Processors: Processing requires knowledge of word formatting and typing of reports and documents.
  4. Medical Transcription: A keen eye for detail, speed, and accuracy are required for medical transcription. In this role, you’ll have to convert medical records into a variety of formats. With long-term storage the objective of the records, medical transcription offers minimum to zero room for error.
  5. Legal Transcription: As with the case above, legal transcription also has minimum room for error so the individual must be experienced. The work involves the conversion of documents into different formats.
  6. Code conversions: In this job role the individual website code is converted into more than one format. This usually happens when a website’s programming language is replaced with another. Experience in web development can be a bonus in this line of work.
  7. Medical Billing: Transcription work and online billing (data entry) on a variety of medical services provided by offline medical billing companies.
  8. Payroll Processing: Basically, payroll processing will involve accounting, including audits, payroll services, budgets, forecasting, and bookkeeping. Again, error-free data processing and try is a norm here.
  9. Data scrubbing: As the name suggests, data will be thoroughly investigated by the individual in this job role for inconsistencies and errors. Once found, the error has to be removed, information must be cleansed, and the timeline recorded.

Skills and Tools Required for Online Data Entry Jobs

Organizing, cleaning, entering, retrieving, and converting information is all that there is to data entry. One might breeze through this, but it goes without saying that this job does require certain skills and proficiency with tools and software. Let’s take a look at the skills you’d need to excel in this field.

Basic software skills: Information is stored in databases, must be retrieved in some form, combed through with certain tools and software, edited, and made available without errors. As such, you’ll have to be adept at using basic software and must possess the skills to pick things up.

Flawless communication: A data entry operator acts as the bridge between internal and external entities whenever information is passed around. The individual must report errors to the right people in a clear and understandable manner or implement the directives handed down by the higher-ups regarding the handling of data. As a result, the passing of information, flagging of errors, and following (technical) directives require sound written and spoken skills.

Fast and accurate typing: An average of 30-40 WPM is the typing speed that is required by most employers. The quantity of data an individual handles in this role will be substantial so speed and accuracy will be important. Having said that, you must also have a keen eye for detail.

Productivity: Perhaps one of the biggest stumbling blocks for individuals in this role is the lack of motivation. Without supervision and minimal to no engagement with others, an online data entry operator’s task can quickly become repetitive and mundane. As such, boredom and laxity can creep in which can affect work. It is therefore important that you’re an individual who can motivate yourself on a daily basis and maintain productivity levels consistently.

Now coming to the part about tools, before software becomes a subject it’s important that you know how to use a computer. The software that is commonly used by data entry operators is Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) so you must understand how different filters work and data is sorted. Some of the seasoned data entry operators also make the use of Microsoft Access.

Apart from these, companies also use various tools for bookkeeping and accounting. Tools/software include:

  • OCR
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • ReadIris
  • Power PDF
  • Quickbooks
  • Tally
  • Xero
  • Free OCR

The benefits of data entry work from home jobs

There are several benefits of data entry jobs such as:

  1. You work from home: Skip the commute to work and work from just about anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection, a laptop, and the tools/software you’d need for this job. Once a project is over, you can continue working for the same client or seek new projects. 
  2. Work-life balance: When working from home, you have just the right mix of work and life. You are not bound to any employer as long as you meet the deadlines and complete the project on time. You can carve out time for your family or go on that vacation you’ve always dreamed of — in short, you can balance your personal and professional life with ease.
  3. No cap on income: Read about the skills we mentioned earlier? If you have all of that, can type extremely quickly without making errors then there is no limit to what you can earn.
  4. Earn as you decide on your next move: Contemplating what you should do next? Whether it is the question of a career switch or just a means to earn income to make ends meet, this job role is right for you. There is extremely low stress involved in this job, and you can exit as swiftly as you entered.
  5. Add more to your skills: Eye for detail, computer proficiency, a variety of software, fast typing skills, excellent written and verbal communication...there is just a list of skills and qualities that you will add value in your personal and professional spheres. 

Apply for home based data entry jobs online

With companies and businesses relying heavily on data to take business decisions, and work culture migrating from offices to home-based setups, the prospect of online data entry jobs is lucrative for job seekers.

On Rocket, such opportunities are aplenty. Let’s see how you can find a WFH data entry job for yourself or someone you know here.

Step 1: This page lists all the genuine WFH data entry jobs 

Step 2: Pick a job that interests you the most and click on it

Step 3: View the details of the job and then click ‘Apply’

Step 4: Enter mobile number or enter email id

Step 5: Enter OTP and Submit 

Why Rocket for best data entry online jobs?

There are a good many reasons why you should pick Rocket for the latest WFH data entry vacancies in India. 

  • We list only the genuine job openings. In other words, job listings and recruiters are verified 
  • You can sort all the jobs by applying the following filters:
    • Location
    • Walk-in interview
    • Salary
    • Education qualification 
    • Work experience
    • Employment type (WFH, part-time, full-time, internship)
    • Trusted & non-consultancy jobs
    • Company
  • You get the latest official WFH data entry job notifications
  • Get instant job alerts for WFH data entry jobs and other WFH job opportunities
  • Get complete job details, eligibility criteria, skill requirements, job description, work days shifts, and company information
  • Apply with CV, email, or mobile number
  • Track application status, from shortlisting to joining
  • Withdraw application at the click of a button

Things to consider before accepting a data entry work from home job offer

You often hear how many job seekers and students are cheated by companies who promise a high salary, job security, and other amenities first, and never keep their promises. In many cases, money is swindled by such fraudulent companies or the candidates are let go in the middle of projects regardless of the hard work put in by them.

At Rocket such fraudulent activities do not take place as we verify every recruiter, company and job ad. Only when we confirm the veracity of the job offer do we list it on our portal.

Having said that, candidates must take it upon themselves to stay alert as there are many touts and scammers elsewhere, waiting in the wings to strike. In order to better prepare the job seeking community from this threat, we’ve prepared a checklist of things that you must keep in mind and apply every time a WFH data entry job piques your interest.

Here’s how you can know if the online data entry job is a scam:

  • Every job selection process includes various stages such as verification of documents, submission of a resume, tests for skill, (face to face, video, or telephonic) interviews etc. If a company promises a job without any of these then there is a high possibility of it being a scam.
  • If any individual offering a data entry job asks you for a small amount of money for certification, training, to block your interview, or as consultancy free then it’s a clear indication of fraud.
  • No company will ask you for personal information like your PAN card, Aadhaar number, banking details, passport number etc. Walk away if they do.
  • When asked about the salary, they are extremely vague or offer a sum that is too extravagant for the job role.
  • They cannot provide contact details of their associates, employees, contractors when you ask them for a background check
  • They ask you to recruit others and request money to buy office equipment

Online data entry job not up your alley? There are plenty of other work from home jobs on Rocket that you can apply to. Be sure to also check our Sarkari Naukri job page for exciting career opportunities under the Central Government of India and various State Governments.

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