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Delivery Boy Jobs in Bengaluru

Delivery Boy Jobs in Bangalore

An analysis of Delivery Boy Jobs in Bengaluru on 18th August 2021.

  • 33 vacancies in total for delivery boys in Bangalore
  • 25 Active Fresher jobs in delivery boy category, paying anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 30,000 per month
  • 5 Walk-in interviews for Delivery Boy Jobs  with salaries upto INR 25,000 per month

Bangalore is the IT hub of India. The population here keeps on rising because of the enormous opportunities the city provides. Most of the migrants here are job seekers, employees and students. Increased population and the ec-commerce boom  have contributed to the growth of delivery boy jobs in Bangalore. Although food giants such as Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats etc are the major job providers in the sector, eCommerce ventures like Amazon and Flipkart are also not behind. Studies show that there are more than 19,000 e-commerce companies in India. Even amid the pandemic, the eCommerce industry in India shows no signs of slowing down. The industry itself is expected to reach about USD 200 Billion by the end of 2026. 

The salary of the delivery boy jobs in Bangalore varies according to the hours of work and other specific factors defined by the employer. Some companies even provide bonuses and allowances for the delivery professionals. Most of the people consider the delivery jobs as a mode of passive income, or as a temporary job to meet ends. Although this is the case, the recent surge in unemployment and growth of the e-commerce sector has become the catalyst for growth in this domain. More people are opting this employment now because of the simple nature of the job  and the uncapped average pay it provides. Explore more about delivery boy jobs in Bangalore, get free alerts and apply online for delivery boy jobs through Rocket. 

Find Latest Delivery Boy Jobs in Bangalore through Rocket

Job duties of delivery boy jobs aren't limited  to simply delivering packages and orders. They are also responsible for the safety of the package. Organizing and managing the delivery items, keeping a track of what to be delivered and where, punctuality, etc are some of the other responsibilities expected from a delivery professional.  Decent driving skills and communication skills are a must for such jobs. If you are comfortable with the job duties mentioned above, you are most likely ready to get employed as a delivery professional. 

Job satisfaction and flexibility are two of the major factors that allure people towards delivery jobs. When you begin working at a new job as a delivery executive, you'll be supervised at first, until you demonstrate your value. This is valid for practically every entry-level job  out there. However, on the off-chance that you happen to transport packages on a bike, you will undoubtedly be riding solo. With no manager tailing  you, there is  much more opportunity to think and act on your own. This will offer you the chance to settle on choices without anyone else meddling and assuming responsibility for your work. Notwithstanding these advantages, organizations that perceive the requirement for delivery boys offer medical coverage, cool uniforms, while  some even go the extra mile and offer  proprietorship of  vehicles and smartphones. 

Rocket is one of the best job sites in India that connects recruiters and job seekers. The platform is uniquely  curated to function as a comprehensive job search platform for both scholars and young professionals looking for employment opportunities in their preferred locations. It also lists a wide range of blue-collar jobs such as delivery boy jobs which can be filtered based on the location. 

As one of the leading job portals in India, Rocket allows its users to apply online and track job status from their app or website. Here is how you can find a delivery boy job in Bangalore using Rocket. 

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Delivery boy’ link under the subheading job category
  • Filter the jobs based on location by setting the location filter to ‘Bangalore’
  • The list will get updated with relevant opportunities as per the filter data you provided. 

How to Apply for Delivery Boy Jobs in Bangalore Online?

Delivery boy jobs can be found on all popular job portals like Rocket. Even though service providers like Dunzo and Zomato provide dedicated web portals for delivery job applications, usually the hiring is outsourced from external providers. To avoid jobs scams, tt is always better to go  with a reputed jobs agency or provider like Rocket, rather than fishing  on public forums and social media. . 

Applying for delivery boy jobs in Bangalore is easyon Rocket. We keep an updated list of all the delivery boy jobs available in the area. Follow these steps to apply online for delivery boy jobs in Bangalore:

  • Follow the above steps to find a list of available delivery boy jobs
  • Each job link opens to a page with all the relevant information and links
  • Proceed to apply online by clicking 'Apply’

Basic eligibility criteria/requirements to apply for a delivery boy job in Bangalore

Delivery executives are entrusted with transporting and delivering packages (food or product) and meeting clients to execute business exchanges. They are otherwise called field executives because of the amount of time they spend completing trips within the confines of acity’s borders. Contrary to popular belief , it is anything but a hard and unstable job. Actually, it pays quite well once you climb to the higher  positions. The gap between ordering and delivering your request is filled by these field operators. They are the foundation of organizations who plan, manage and carry out deliveries  for everything from food to gadgets. The development of the eCommerce business has led to an expanded interest for delivery executives. A delivery boy in Bangalore today, is paid an average monthly salary amounting to   INR 12,000. The delivery boy role  likewise fills in as a stepping stone to other  logistics career options  as delivery executives gain overall information and viewpoints about the organization. This permits them to conceivably take up positions inside organizations as stock director or junior administrator in the future.

Delivery boy jobs are perfect for individuals looking for seamless short-term job possibilities. This profession is most suitable for healthy adults and young adults since the job demands running errands and spending at least 7 to 8 hours on the road. Although women also commit to such jobs, the domain is dominated by men in the age group of 18-28. Here are some of the basic requirements employers demand for in delivery candidates. 

  • Experience in delivery jobs or any similar field - Most of the employers prefer experienced candidates since they handle the job easily and are capable of adapting to new software and apps. 
  • Decent driving skills - Clean driving record and decent driving skills are mandatory for delivery boy jobs. Transportation is the basic function of this job category and hence driving knowledge is mandatory. 
  • Above average communication skills - Proper verbal and written communication skills are mandatory for these roles. Lacking communication skills might harm career growth and earnings.  
  • High school (10th pass) - This might vary depending on the job provider. Some might not even demand educational qualifications.. 
  • Medical and physical fitness The job requires running errands and driving for long hours. A good physique is a prerequisite that  all delivery personnel must fulfil.  
  • Navigation skills - Navigation skills are mandatory for this job domain. 
  • Basic software knowledge (maps, documenting app etc)

Popular firms offering delivery boy jobs in Bangalore

Rocket gives access to multiple delivery boy job opportunities in Bangalore. We list most of all popular job providers in e-commerce, postal, courier and food delivery domains. Here are some of the industry leader we serve:

Food delivery job providers: Zomato, Swiggy, Ola food, Food panda, Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats, Faasos, Deliveroo, Dunzo, Seamless, Dominos, Pizzahut, Eatfitm, Potafo, Tastykhana, Scootsy

Ecommerce and other delivery jobs providers: Amazon, Flipkart, Phoenix, Shadowfax, FedX, Aramex, Instaship, Renticle, Rentomojo, Porter. 

The list doesn’t end here. Most of the e-commerce providers in India have offices in Bangalore. You can find more delivery job opportunities and job providers in Bangalore via Rocket. 

Get Free Alerts for Delivery Boy Jobs in Bangalore

Rocket provide free email or SMS alerts for every user. You can customize the free alerts based on the job function and keywords. Here is how you can set up free job alerts for Delivery Boy Jobs in Bangalore. 

  • Goto Rocket
  • Select 'Create Job Alerts'
  • In the form that opens up, enter relevant details like your name, email id, job category, location etc.
  • Give relevant keywords such as 'Delivery boys', Delivery job etc
  • Set the location to Bangalore
  • Adjust the mail frequency based on your preference
  • Select the mode of notification - SMS or Email
  • Click 'Subscribe'

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