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Delivery Boy Job in Delhi - FAQs

1) Can women apply for delivery boy jobs?

Women can apply for some delivery jobs but commonly men are prefered by the employers. The employer will specify the gender requirement in the job description. Make sure you check the job description and requirement thoroughly before applying for a job. 

2) Do I need to provide my vehicle?

Some delivery companies demand employees to have their vehicles. There are exceptional cases permitted where a vehicle with proper verification can be used. For eg, family member’s vehicle, spouse’s vehicle etc. 

3) How flexible is the delivery boy job?

In most cases, delivery executives can choose the shift they like. Working extra hours and shifts will be rewarded with incentives and extra charges. The scenario may vary according to the job provider. 

4) Should I pay for the fuel?

Some companies such as Amazon provide petrol for the delivery executives. This is also a matter which has to be discussed before accepting the job. Some companies do provide reimbursements for fuel charges. 

5) Is this a full-time job?

Delivery boy job is a flexible job option. You can either choose to work full time or part-time depending on your availability. Although some delivery boy jobs such as courier services hire full-time employees for delivery services. 

6) What are the basic skills required for delivery boy jobs?

Effective driving skills, attention to detail, communication skills, concentration and customer service are some of the basic skills required for this job. Kind and friendly attitudes of delivery personnel are always appreciated and tipped more. 

7) Do delivery boys get bonuses and incentives?

Basic pay, bonus and incentives for each delivery job varies according to the job provider. Most of the eCommerce websites these days provide bonus and incentives to delivery partners. You can refer to the instructions in the job provider’s official website and also Rocket’ job portal for more information related to this. 


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