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Jobs In Kolkata - Overview

Here’s a quick summary of the employment opportunities in Kolkata as on December 6, 2023.


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Most number of vacancies in 

Operation Executive, Delivery Boy, Business Development Executive

Delivery Boy, Ground Operations Agent, Field Sales Executive

Operation Executive, Delivery Boy, Customer Service


Digital Marketing Strategist, Telecaller, Data Entry Operator

Salary Range

INR 5,000 To 40,000 

INR 5,000 To 30,000

INR 10,000 To 35,000

INR 5000 To 30000


Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta, is the instructive, business and social focal point of the Eastern piece of India, and is the third most crowded metropolitan city of India. Kolkata is a pioneer in the field of dramatization, expressions, theater and writing with a few Nobel laureates adding to the Kolkata culture.

Start-up culture of Kolkata has grown incredibly over the past decade. TaxMantra, iKure Techsoft, Sweethandi are good examples of brands established in Kolkata, which have now become robust and popular organizations. Although the availability of jobs in Kolkata can not be compared with Bangalore or Mumbai, it is still a state of good opportunities and one of the best places which nurtures entrepreneurial efforts. 

Find latest job vacancies in Kolkata through Rocket

Kolkata is one of the biggest cities contributing considerably to the Nation's growth economically. Kolkata is known for its numerous fresher jobs which makes it a good place for job aspirants having entry-level qualifications. 

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Whether you are considering a remote job, permanent job or any job opportunities in Kolkata, Rocket is the right place to start. Our platform helps users find domain-oriented jobs as well as general qualification jobs seamlessly. Once you register on the platform and set preferences on job search, you will also get free alerts on updated job opportunities directly on your inbox. Here is the process of finding and applying for Jobs in Kolkata via Rocket. 

  • Visit Rocket
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  • You can also filter the jobs using experience, salary, name of the company, qualification and reliability of the company. 
  • Once you find the right job, click on the job link to know more information on the same.
  • Carefully read and understand the job description, eligibility criteria and other relevant information.
  • Apply online through the link provided or click 'Apply'

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Benefits of searching jobs in Kolkata

Absence of development is one of the significant purposes for the climbing of job disappointment rate in India. Kolkata is one of the rising job centers in India. In spite of the fact that it probably won't be a decent spot for experienced applicants, Kolkata gives average compensation and practically identical advantages to passage level up-and-comers. The distant jobs sector in Kolkata is additionally rising post the pandemic emergency in the different states in India. 

Distant working has become a typical marvel in the present job market. Indeed, even with changeless job openings, different organizations are recruiting distant workers in light of the current pandemic emergency. Despite the fact that the lay-off binge has shaken the job market in India, Kolkata is one of the spots which has similarly lesser compensation cuts and cutbacks when contrasted with different metros in India. 

'Quality jobs' and 'worker retention' are the most well-known issues looked at by India's job market. The rising joblessness numbers inside the working-age populace is additionally another significant concern. In spite of the fact that this is the situation, effective job chasing and arranging will assist you with getting the vocation you generally longed for. Kolkata, Pune,Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai are a portion of the spots to consider moving to, on the off chance that you are thinking about decent variety and serious compensation as the significant parts of job chasing. 

Regardless of whether you are thinking about full time or low maintenance opportunities in Kolkata, it is in every case better to acquire an appropriate comprehension of the most recent industry drifts and developing job markets there before the job-chase. Work sector changes after some time so refreshed exploration is the way to finding the correct vocation alternatives. Pay structures, talk with techniques, most solicited ranges of abilities and so on are some of the significant variables to consider while getting ready for a job chase. In the event that you are thinking about getting a new line of work in Kolkata, ensure you are in the know regarding the business patterns and different components to secure the ideal position concerning your abilities and capability.

Job market in Kolkata

Kolkata is home to numerous job markets, for example, Food, IT, Healthcare, Education, Power and vitality, Fintech, Real bequest, Telecommunication, Retail and substantially more. According to the gauge by the Regional Human Development Report of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the working-age populace of India is anticipated to number more than 100 crore people by the beginning of 2050. Even though joblessness is as yet a hot issue in the Indian job market, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and other metropolitan jobcentre points are a help to the current circumstances. 

The developing number of organizations in the metropolitan regions of India are preparing for various new opportunities and job markets. Although the pandemic has hindered the development of the job market in Kolkata, just as other metropolitan zones, these referenced metros are as yet the better spot when considered to different states and urban communities in India.

Kolkata is the prime business, business and monetary centre point of eastern India and the principal port of correspondence for the North-East Indian states, It is one of the most significant metro urban communities of India. It is viewed as one of the wealthiest Indian urban communities with a net abundance of $ 290 billion and representing 9600 millionaires. Late gauges (starting at 2019) of Kolkata's economy is 170 billion $ (GDP balanced for buying power equality) making it the third most-gainful metropolitan zone in India, after Mumbai, and Delhi. Kolkata is home to India's most established, and India's second-biggest stock trade organization (bourse) – The Calcutta Stock Exchange. Kolkata is home to a significant port, a global air terminal and numerous broadly schools and organizations planned for providing an exceptionally talented workforce. Kolkata is likewise home to India's and South Asia's first metro railroad administration – Kolkata Metro. 

There are a couple of the most seasoned and cutting edge banks and PSUs —, for example, UCO Bank, Allahabad Bank, United Bank of India and Geological Survey of India, Zoological Survey of India, Botanical Survey of India and Tea Board of India—were established and is headquartered in Kolkata. The most seasoned working photographic studio on the planet, Bourne and Shepherd, is additionally situated in the city. The Standard Chartered Bank has a significant branch in Kolkata. Kolkata is likewise the home office of Botanical Survey of India and Zoological Survey of India and a lot more associations and organizations.

Jobs in Kolkata FAQs

1) How can I find part-time jobs in Kolkata?
You can easily find part-time jobs in Kolkata through Rocket. There is a separate portal on the home page dedicated for Part-time jobs. You can find this by scrolling down the home page. Enter the portal by clicking 'Search Now'. You can filter out part-time jobs in Kolkata using the inbuilt location filter provided on the left-hand side of the portal. 

2) Which are some of the highest paying employers in Kolkata?
Tata Consultancy Services Limited, PriceWaterhousecoopers, Capgemini, Cognizant, Ericsson Inc are some of the best paying companies in Kolkata. 

3) Do I need to create an account in Rocket for applying to jobs?
No, you can directly apply to any jobs without creating an account with Rocket. Although, account creation is not mandatory, creating an account helps in tracking your job application and provides proper structure to your job hunt. You can also opt-in for free job alerts from Rocket to get customized jobs alerts directly to your inbox, as soon as new roles are listed on the official websites.  

4) Should I pay any fees for applying to jobs via Rocket?
No, we don't charge any fees for job search or online application. Our services are completely free of cost. If any job provider asks you remuneration for the job offer, check the authority of the job provider. You can also check ‘Trusted’ jobs via Rocket fiter. These job providers are already verified by our job team. 

5) How to find walk-in interviews in Kolkata?
You can easily find walk-in interviews in Kolkata via Rocket. The walk-in jobs can be easily accessed via the link provided on the homepage. You can filter out location specific walk-in interviews by using the filter on the left hand side. 

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