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Sales Jobs in Delhi

Sales Jobs in Delhi - Overview

Here’s a quick summary of the Sales Job opportunities in Delhi as on 6th August 2021.


Total Jobs

Fresher Jobs

Walk-in Jobs

Number of Active Jobs




Salary Range

INR 5000 to 45000 

INR  5000 to 30000

INR 12000 to 25000

Why Should You Look for Sales Jobs in Delhi?

In comparison to some of the other major metro cities in India, Delhi holds its own when it comes to the variety of sales job opportunities and lucrative compensation packages. Since it’s the capital of India, the seat of the Central Government of India and the Delhi Government, candidates from all over the country flock to this Union Territory in search of dynamic employment opportunities in sales.

There is great diversity in the city if you have to look at its portfolio of employers in sales: MNCs and startups, both possessing global and national footprints. Needless to say, candidates throng in the city as there are small, medium and large scale enterprises who continually hire sales professionals. 

Delhi-NCR, in all its glory, offers sales jobs (for most, if not for all) as it is known to possess the highest concentration of active startups. In fact, it is well ahead of other cities such as Bangalore and Chennai. With an active startup ecosystem, presence of software and IT giants, an ever-growing concentration of 3000+ MNCs, Delhi-NCR comfortably becomes an ideal hub for sales job seekers from all over India.

5 Things To Look for in Delhi Sales Job Vacancies 

You should know what you're looking for in a sales job before you start analyzing them. As a thumb rule, always keep the following 5 points in mind when considering a sales job.

1) Your Personality Matters

At the end of the day, you’ll only enjoy your job in sales if you really like what you’re doing. Any dislike towards the role will only result in monotony and misery.

To understand this, take the example of an individual who really enjoys communicating back and forth with customers and knowing them better over an extended period of time. For such individuals, a role in account management would probably be the best fit.

2) The Sales Lead 

The role is all about sales. But how you want to go through with it will dictate your growth. For instance, if you’re totally into handling inbound sales, a role that requires you to head out into the field and be proactive will not be the best fit.

3) Relevancy — Prioritize It

Sooner or later, some jobs will always grow out of fashion or be replaced by something else. Consider the role of a Business Development Executive. Studies suggest that they’re highly sought-after by employers. On the other hand, roles like field sales jobs are steadily losing popularity.

Keep in mind that whichever sales job role you commit to, it has to stay relevant for atleast the next 10 years.

4) The Career Path and Industry

While sales skills are transferable, you need to understand that the sales role that you ultimately take up will determine the industry you work in. Of course, this works the other way round too. 

The important thing to keep in mind here is that before you ultimately decide the sales role or the industry, your preferences and goals must be compatible with the positions and focus areas.

For instance, assume that you are interested in manufacturing sales. In this case, you’re more likely to handle sales deals from start to finish. However, if you’re interested in something like software sales, you may have to start off as a Business Development Executive, and after gaining much experience, move into an account executive position.

5) Profit or Security: Choose the Type of Commission

Some would say that compensation for a sales position relies heavily on commissions. Well, that's not entirely true.

A sales job may not consist of commissions at all. For example, sales representatives in retail stores and chains may get a lump sum salary. Having said that there are other sales jobs that completely rely on commissions, assuming that you’re good at your job. In the case of the former, job security is the highlight as opposed to the latter that screams profits.

No matter which role you ultimately choose, be wary of the median and average compensation, including your spending habits as you may realize that the sales job on the table may eventually not pay enough to meet your financial needs. 

How to Apply for Sales Job Openings in Delhi Online on Rocket?

On Rocket, you can explora a plethora of sales of jobs in Delhi. Some of them include the likes of part-time, full-time, work-from-home sales jobs, and sales employment opportunities purely based on the educational qualification, such as 12th pass, 10th pass, graduate, post-graduate, or on your work history i.e., fresher(entry-level) and experienced. 

We list the best Delhi sales jobs that are latest, active, and verified. You can clearly see that the sales job listings in Delhi here can be sorted by applying a variety of filters: educational qualification, employer/company, work experience, address in Delhi, and salary. 

Once you pick any of the sales jobs in Delhi, click on it and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on “Apply with CV” or “Book Interview” button on the job card
  • Enter your first name, last name, mobile number, and email address in the pop-up form and click on “Apply”
  • Then confirm your job application for the Delhi sales job by entering the OTP
  • Enter mandatory details for your application, verify your email and hit “Confirm”.
  • Then enter secondary details and click on “Confirm”. The recruiter will be alerted with your details. By doing this, you give us the opportunity to find more sales jobs in Delhi for you. However, if you want to conduct your own search sales vacancies in Delhi, you can choose to skip this step.

What’s next? All you have to do is wait for the recruiter to respond. To track the progress of your applications for sales jobs in Delhi, you can click on the “Applications’’ tab on the top.

Basic Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Sales Job in Delhi

In Delhi-NCR, most employers on the lookout for sales executives lay out an eligibility criteria in advance that applicants must thoroughly meet. The paramount criteria is the educational qualification. As per our findings, employers usually require candidate sales aspirants to possess at least a graduate degree. 

The second, but equally important criteria are skills and relevant work experience 

That said, in a country like India where the talent pool is often saturated and brimming with quality, those who want to bag their dream sales job must edge out the competition. To achieve this, it’s always better to possess a higher educational qualification, like a diploma, or a UG/PG degree in business administration, sales, marketing — it will almost certainly give you the upperhand.

As for the skillset required for a sales job in Delhi-NCR, the desired qualities in candidates are generally communication and people skills. When it comes to communication skills, especially in a city such as Delhi-NCR, sales job seekers must be able to read, write, and speak atleast 2 languages: Hindi and English. Having said that, for a place like Delhi-NCR and a job in sales, the more languages you’re proficient in, the better.

Apart from impeccable communication and people skills, let’s explore a few other unique characteristics that sales professionals in Delhi must exhibit to be successful:

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Stomach to handle rejection and setbacks gracefully
  • Unwavering self-confidence
  • Competitive instinct
  • Best-in-class interpersonal skills
  • Optimistic attitude

Although what’s listed above are the requirements set forth and likened by the employers, sales executives in Delhi-NCR have to be highly skilled in getting the drift of the product or service being sold to the customers/clients.

Get Free Alerts for Sales Jobs in Delhi

Rocket is the right place to start your hunt for sales job opportunities in Delhi-NCR. We have an assortment of sales executive jobs, from part-time sales jobs in Delhi to permanent sales executive career opportunities for freshers and experienced.

On our platform, you can be assured of finding jobs in the sales domain. Not only that, but you can also seamlessly search for sales executive openings on the basis of your qualification. Once you sign up on our platform and set your filters based on salary, education, company, etc., free alerts about any new sales employment opportunities in India will be sent directly to your email inbox. 

Here is the process for easily setting-up sales executive job alerts using Rocket . 

  • Open Rocket in your browser
  • Select 'Create job alerts'
  • In the form that opens up, enter relevant details like your name, email id, job category, location etc.
  • Give relevant keywords such as 'Sales Executive', 'Field Sales Executive', ‘Business Development Executive’ and so on in the ‘Add Keywords’ field
  • You can set the mail frequency on the form so that you get timely alerts.
  • Once you complete adding the information, click on 'Subscribe' to receive custom job notifications daily, monthly or weekly to your email inbox.

Popular Firms That Offer Sales job Opportunities in Delhi

Here are some of the popular organisations in Delhi-NCR that offer sales job opportunities to both freshers and experienced candidates.



American Express

Aristo Pharmaceuticals

Dell Technologies

CONMED Corporation

ACT Fibernet


Sanofi - Infocom Network



NYK Line

Asian Paints

Oriental Insurance Company

Effizent Seele


Shaw Academy

M Square Media

Arabol Lubricants



Beaver-Visitec International


Procter & Gamble



Hilti Group


Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr. Lal PathLabs

Maruti Suzuki




Hindustan Times

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Mankind Pharma

National Instruments


Fresenius Kabi

Pole To Win


Ochoa Laboratories


Excitel Broadband


SEED Corporate Social Responsibility





JS International

TTK Healthcare TPA Pvt


XXX Energy Drink

Vinove Software & Services


Everest Industries


A Few More Reasons Why You Should Pick Delhi for Sales Jobs Over Other Metro Cities

The fact that talent in India, or anywhere for that matter, is rapidly evolving is not a secret, nor is it a trumped-up story. Employers know this better than anyone. Which is the reason why they too are stepping up their game to scout, shortlist, secure, and retain talent in sales and other roles.

You’ll come to realize that compensation packages for sales professionals in Ed-tech, Banking, BFSI, IT, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Retail, Legal etc., increases every year. 

But what about Delhi-NCR? We’ll have you know that Delhi is, in fact, one of the Meccas for sales job opportunities in India. It doesn’t hold back on rolling out job opportunities to sales professionals from all industries and sectors. 

You’ll be relieved (and surprised at the same time) to know that Delhi-NCR pays well. That’s what various studies say; the average CTC in Delhi-NCR is approximately INR 13.6 lakh per annum — a shade over the national average CTC of INR 13.2 lakh, but more nonetheless.

And that’s not where the fanfare amongst jobseekers for this region ends. Other studies and surveys suggest that Delhi-NCR is the second-best in terms of the highest salaries that are paid to employees, regardless of the job role. Furthermore, it bags a commendable 4th position amongst eight other metro cities in India for jobs and employment. 

Also, in terms of salaries for professionals, Delhi-NCR is considerably better off than other cities. For instance, in 2016-17, Delhi-NCR offered candidates with 0-5 years of experience approximately INR 5.3 LPA. Candidates with 6-15 years of experience received on average INR 13.6 LPA and those with work experience exceeding 15 years were offered approximately INR 26 LPA.

Many would argue that lucrative employee benefits packages and salaries offered in the Delhi-NCR region alone aren’t the sole deciding factors for employees. However, it’s important nonetheless when you factor in cost of living, medical expenses, inflation, etc. in this day and age.

Sales Jobs in Delhi - FAQs

1) For how long should I be in a fresher or entry-level sales role in Delhi?

Entry-level positions are good for learning and getting a taste of what the industry is like. It is okay to continue with your entry-level job for 2-3 years until you find a better opportunity which will help you grow professionally. 

2) How can I find part-time sales jobs in Delhi-NCR?

You can easily find part-time sales opportunities in Delhi through Rocket Jobs. There is a separate portal on the home page dedicated for Part-time jobs. You can find this by scrolling down the home page. Enter the portal by clicking 'Search Now'. You can filter out part-time sales jobs in Delhi using the inbuilt location filter provided on the left-hand side of the portal. 

3) Do I need to create an account on Rocket Jobs for applying to jobs?

No, you can directly apply to any jobs without creating an account with Rocket Jobs. Although, account creation is not mandatory, creating an account helps in tracking your job application and provides proper structure to your job hunt. You can also opt-in for free job alerts from Rocket Jobs to get customized jobs alerts directly to your inbox, as soon as new roles are listed on the official websites.

4) What are ‘Trusted’ jobs on Rocket Jobs?

Jobs on Rocket Jobs under the ‘Trusted’ category are verified employer profiles which are trustworthy and reliable. Our team directly gets in touch with these providers to get more clues on the requirement and other terms. You can easily filter out ‘Trusted’ jobs for any search result by using the left-hand-side filter option available on the website. The ‘Trusted’ category comes

under the subsection ‘SHOW ONLY’ on the filter.

5) Apart from Delhi, which other cities in India hire sales professionals?

Aspiring business development and sales executives must know that a job in sales at XYZ company might require you to interact with clients within India or outside. However, the extent of interaction on the basis of geography and demography will totally depend on the service or product being sold.

As stated before, sales jobs can be found anywhere, including cities, such as Chandigarh, Chennai, and Kolkata. That said, the following cities — excluding Delhi-NCR — provide maximum number of sales job opportunities:

  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore
  • Pune

6) Are there any top roles in sales that candidates can explore?

There are a variety of roles in sales jobs such as sales manager, business development executive, field sales executive. But why such variety in sales? Well, they’re a mainstay across several industries.

Having said that, candidates need to keep in mind that sales jobs are primarily of two types — inside and outside. For the latter, a sales rep has to work outside of office i.e. going places and meeting clients in person. The former requires the sales rep to work remotely out of offices. Nowadays, a majority of inside sales jobs offer work-from-home(remote) options. 

Either way, there are set targets for both outside and inside sales jobs.

It’s always helpful if candidates possess a prior understanding of job roles and responsibilities. It ensures that you find a sales job in Delhi-NCR that fulfils your requirements and career objectives.

Here are some job roles in sales that are provided by companies and industries in Delhi-NCR:

  • Medical Sales Representative
  • Sales Specialist
  • Channel Territory Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Digital Sales Account Executive
  • Bid Analyst
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Investment Sales Associate
  • Insurance Sales Agent
  • Retail Sales Execution Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Sales Chat Representative
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Software Sales Representative
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Director of Sales
  • Financial Services Sales Agent

7) Do I need an account on Rocket Jobs when applying to sales executive jobs in Delhi?

No. You do not need to create an account on Rocket Jobs to start your job hunt for sales executive jobs in Delhi. However, we suggest you make one as you can give a proper structure to your search process and also track your application from start to finish. 

8) How to find walk-in interviews in Delhi?

You can easily find walk-in interviews in Delhi via Rocket Jobs. The walk-in jobs can be easily accessed via the link provided on the homepage. You can filter out location-specific walk-in interviews by using the filter on the left-hand side. 

9) Which are the best industries for sales jobs?

All sectors and industries require sales professionals. In this regard, you can definitely say that joining brands(or companies) that belong to different industries isn’t at all impossible. Like we said before, the skills and experience you pick up in a sales job are totally transferable. So, you can always re-use them to great effect in a different and unfamiliar organization.

Here are some of the leading industries in Delhi-NCR that regularly hire sales executives.

  • Advertising, marketing and public relations(PR)
  • Travel and tourism
  • Telecommunication
  • Real estate
  • Hospitality
  • Fast-moving Consumer Goods(FMCG)
  • Insurance
  • Fashion and retail
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and gas
  • Information Technology(IT) and software
  • E-commerce

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