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Sales Jobs in Gurgaon

Sales Jobs in Gurgaon

Sales, as a career in Gurgaon, has gained immense popularity in the last 5 years. And with this pick up in pace, sales is being studied and closely followed by college and university students.

But what does a sales professional really do?

In plain simple terms, a sales professional in Gurgaon either works individually or with a team to sell products and services to customers. Their primary objective is to generate revenue and profits for the company. Since sales is an integral part of most businesses in Gurgaon, you can work in a variety of industries. That’s one of the biggest advantages of taking up a sales career in Gurgaon.

As for the responsibilities of a sales executive in Gurgaon, they differ from company to company and the job description. But in a typical scenario, a sales rep will be in charge of setting sales goals and formulating several sales strategies and executing the same to achieve the set goals. 

You could easily be put in charge of overseeing the sales process of the entire organisation or a particular department. In fact, sales reps frequently supervise junior sales subordinates and manage them. 

They’re put in charge of training the juniors, motivating them to meet targets, setting performance metrics and standards, and keeping in touch with the latest sales news and trends from around the globe.

Some sales reps also analyse customer surveys and sales reports to draw insights, plan budgets, determine sales progress, and make sales predictions. The elementary function of a sales professional, however, is to understand customer demand, sell or market the product or service, and step in during escalations or special needs.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Sales Jobs in Gurgaon

Given the number of applications that employers in Gurgaon receive for sales jobs, it’s natural for them to set eligibility criteria to narrow down the shortlist. Candidates applying to sales jobs in Gurgaon via Rocket Jobs must fulfil the criteria in order to  be eligible for further rounds of assessment and interviews. 

What is the eligibility criteria? For a typical sales vacancy in Gurgaon, the candidate must meet the employers’ education, work experience, skillset criteria. 

There’s no denying the fact that to make a name for yourself in a Gurgaon sales domain, you must exhibit certain qualities. The ability to maintain and nurture client relationships, negotiation skills, goal setting, self-motivation, presentations skills, communication skills, product/service knowledge, customer service, critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving ability are just some of the must-have skills in the sales domain.

As for education, employers in Gurgaon may ask for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, including a diploma in business management or similar with specialisation in marketing, sales, and finance. Some may even want the ideal candidates to have a certain number of years in sales or a similar domain. That said, many sales candidates are hired when they exhibit exceptional skills as mentioned before.

Sales Jobs in Gurgaon - FAQs

1) What are ‘Trusted’ sales jobs?

‘Trusted’ jobs are verified jobs. All sales jobs in Gurgaon that have the ‘Trusted’ badge have been vetted by the Rocket Jobs team. And that’s not all, even the employer’s background and authenticity who posts the ‘Trusted’ Gurgaon sales vacancy is checked and approved by our team.

To see all ‘Trusted’ sales jobs in Gurgaon, you can tick the Trusted Jobs checkbox after clicking on the Sales/ BD jobs category on the homepage.

2) What is the average pay for a sales job in Gurgaon?

According to studies and salary reports, the average pay for sales in Gurgaon is approximately INR 6,52,233 per year on the higher end of the salary spectrum. The average annual salary on the lower side hovers just over INR 1 lakh.

3) Are there any career transitions for a sales executive in Gurgaon?

On the basis of the current sales role, seniority, number of years of experience, and skills, a sales executive in Gurgaon can successfully transition into related roles, such as Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, and Sales Manager.

4) What is a viable career path for a sales consultant in Gurgaon?

A sales consultant in Gurgaon can take up any of the following job roles:

  • Relationship Manager
  • Retail Stores Manager
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Area Sales Manager

5) What is the average base salary for a sales consultant in Gurgaon?

As per pay reports and studies, a sales consultant in Gurgaon earns an average base salary of INR 2.7 lakh per annum.

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