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Teaching Jobs in India

As on September 25, 2022, There are 0 Teaching Job vacancies, with salary packages in the range of INR 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

Submit your application for teaching job and get interview calls from the best school, colleges, and organisations across India. Apply for the tuition teacher, primary teacher, assistant teacher role, English teacher position and more as a fresher or experienced. Every teacher vacancy you see on Rocket is complete with details such as the selection process, interview details, salary, location, work shifts, and company information.

Before you type in ‘teaching jobs near me’’ or ‘teacher vacancy near me’ and hit enter, it’s important to know where do you see yourself teaching. Of course, knowing where you dream to teach is not enough. There must be a teacher job vacancy too so that you can submit your application when there’s an opening. Your educational background and/or work experience (if any) are extremely crucial as well as it will dictate your eligibility for a particular role. 

So, what are the options available for a teacher? Let’s take a look at some below.

As a teacher, you can fill a position in any of the following: 

  • Elementary, secondary or primary schools
  • Playschools
  • Institutes for research and development
  • Universities and colleges
  • Nursery schools
  • Online teaching jobs via tutorials, webinars, learning and development apps/portals
  • Special schools for specially-abled children and adults

Online Teaching Job Vacancies

The world as we know it changes every single day. The education and learning sector has developed over the years; especially with the introduction of computers and automation. In this fast-paced world, it’s all about staying relevant and being ahead of the curve. 

Many educators and trainers have engaged in online teaching jobs from home so that students can get a more personalised setting where they can get all their questions answered and follow a curriculum that is based on their learning trajectory.

If this is a career you fancy, the time is now to get on board. But, where do you start? Let’s take a look at some of the home based online teaching jobs that you can explore.

1) Virtual Training: Corporate Online Teaching Job

Work from home is the new work culture that is rapidly gaining popularity amongst corporations. To ensure that telecommuting employees are skilled enough to execute their duties effectively — and also to be cost-efficient — companies provide virtual training products. 

These products are being developed by educational professionals (either in-house or instructors) or private-sector businesses, academic institutions. The companies tie-up with such entities, who prepare test materials and courses. Furthermore, they also provide certifications, educational courses, prepare employees for tests.

Online teaching jobs in this sphere include instructors, trainers, online tutors, designers, editors for textbooks and tests.

To qualify for such jobs one needs to hold some form of certification in instructional education, training, design. 

2) Online Teachers for Schools

Education in schools has also transformed. Nowadays, schools integrate some form of online education for primary, secondary, or high school students. Online teaching job in such a scenario includes tie-ups with government bodies or private learning and development businesses.

If you are a permanent teacher at any school, time can also be set aside to teach students via virtual classrooms. This way, enrolled students get private tutoring. The job roles available in this scenario include tutors, virtual classroom teachers, instructional designer, test designer, and instructor for foreign languages etc. 

  • Online classroom teachers
  • Online tutor jobs
  • Instructional designers
  • High school instructors for foreign languages and other subjects
  • Test preparation and/or scoring jobs 

To qualify, you may require certifications and advanced degrees. Teachers also connect with students online via apps and websites where they can share custom courses and manuals available.

3) Online Teaching Jobs in Colleges/Universities

Schools and corporations are offering online education, learning and development curriculum, so why should academic institutions and universities lag behind?

Today, colleges are offering courses not only to campus-based students, but also to others from all over the world. Naturally, this spike in demand has, in turn, driven the demand for online tutors who not only conduct live classes but also develop courses and tests. Some of the other opportunities under this segment include writers, instructors, teaching assistants for distance learning, teachers for foreign languages and English, subject matter experts, instructional and test designers etc.

To qualify, most of the candidates must atleast have a Masters degree. A few others, especially for instructions and tests, you might have to possess a Bachelor’s degree.

Find Latest Teacher Vacancies through Rocket

On Rocket, you get opportunities to explore a variety of teaching jobs: online, school, college, university and the like. What’s more, you can filter your search by location, salary, educational requirement, experience level (fresher or graduate), and company. Every job advertisement that interests you can be opened which has crucial information like the selection process, company (organisation) details, shift details (number of working days and work hours) etc. You can apply to any teaching job by submitting your CV and providing information such as contact details, email ID etc. And then what? You will be intimated when shortlisted. In fact, you can monitor your progress for your application right from the beginning till the very end from your dashboard. While we do have opportunities for you, it’s important that you are prepared enough from your end. That said, here are some tips that can help you sail through the interview for a teaching job with ease.

Tip #1: Being genuine is key

During the interview, never try to show that you know it all. You must stay composed at all times and answer the interviewer’s question politely without going off on a tangent.

Tip #2: Know everything about the potential employer

To show that you are serious about the job, try to find out anything related to the college/school/organisation you’re applying to. Moreover, your dedication will reflect in the sense that you’re eager to join them as a teacher. 

Tip #3: Be prepared

The last thing you want is not having an answer to a question that is based on the subject that you will teach. Be thorough with the curriculum (and also the institution) so that you can answer anything that is asked

Tip #4: Do not overdress

Try to look as professional as possible. Groom yourself, iron your clothes and wear something that is not overly formal or casual. 

Tip #5: Talk about salary only if asked

While the details about salary might already be known to you via intuition’s job ad, do not bring it up during the interview at any cost — you might come off as greedy. Only talk about it if the interviewer brings it up, and negotiate if you have prior information about it. 

Tip #6: Run mock demos before the actual demo

It is a teaching job after all and only possessing theoretical knowledge isn’t going to cut it. Your communication skills must be exemplary or good enough to instantly uncomplicate and explain matters that concern your subject. In other words, the interviewer might ask you to give a demo. Before D-day, run your own mock demos with your friends and family — as many as you can so that when the time comes you don’t get nervous. On that note, while explaining anything about the subject, use examples to illustrate your answers and do not be vague at all.

Tip #7: Body language

You must be energetic when you give your demo or answer the interviewer’s question. But don’t overdo it and cut someone off midway. 

How to apply for Teaching Jobs online?

Here’s how you can apply to any teaching job on Rocket.

Step 1: Click on the job ad that interests you the most

Step 2: Learn about the company or organisation (from the Company Details section at the bottom)

Step 3: Read the job description, salary details, location, etc first.

Step 4: Once satisfied, click on “Apply with CV”

Step 5: Fill up the form, upload CV and hit “Apply” 

Educational qualification required for Teaching Jobs

It is of the popular belief that the job of a teacher is easy. In fact, it is a field that demands specialization of the highest degree. Many teachers grind for years to become experts in their field — this comes through continuous learning, training, and teaching experience for years. There are one-off cases where individuals are extremely adept at teaching without prior experience.

But again, it’s a one-off case. People think that teaching is where you have to be an expert in a subject and just explain. Yes, that is true but not entirely. There is much more to teaching than meets the eye. 

A great teacher not only has immense knowledge of the subject being taught, but is also an effective communicator of ideas. A stupendous teacher takes the most complex of theories and logical problems, simplifies, and explains it to the students. A teacher must also be able to grab the student’s attention, motivate them, and fill their hearts and minds with utmost confidence the go-getter attitude.

As for the educational qualification to become a teacher, it depends on the teaching job that you’re applying to. In India, the minimum qualification for a teacher is the B.Ed (Bachelors in Education ) degree. Many state, central and privately run institutions offer this course. As a matter of fact, you can also complete this course through correspondence.

There are cases where candidates also apply for the M.Ed degree after B.Ed. However, it is only needed if promotions and advancing to higher grades is the objective. 

Not everyone needs a B.Ed or an M.Ed degree. Finishing courses such as Teacher Training Certificate (TTC), Basic Training Certificate (BTC) and Diploma in Education (D. Ed) also qualifies candidates for teaching jobs. For the job of a nursery teacher, the candidate must be trained in a teacher’s training course that touches upon the education of nursery children. Such courses are again offered by many institutions and universities.

CBSE also conducts the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) for teachers who can be appointed in state, central government and private schools and institutions that accept CTET scores. Upon clearing the examination, the candidates can teach students in grades between 1-8.

Teaching in colleges and universities as a lecturer is another ballgame. A candidate must have finished M.A., PhD or M.Phil. But that’s not where it ends. To become a legitimate lecturer, the candidate must also clear the UGC NET (National Eligibility Test conducted by the Union Grants Commission). And if that’s not enough, your NET score can only be leveraged to get a lecturer job if and only if there’s a vacancy.

For individuals planning to be an instructor for physical fitness or sports, appropriate diploma, degree, or certificate from a recognised college or university in the discipline must be produced.

Benefits of working as a part-time tutor

Of course, many get into teaching because they can do something worthwhile without losing income. Other who have other career objectives but do not want to take up a full-time job also take up part-time teaching jobs. Some of the advantages of working as a part-time tutor are:

  • Tutoring is a great addition to the CV. After all, it’s a job that requires immense skill. And adding experience from it shows that you possess technical knowledge, the ability to keep your listeners focused, problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, communication skills etc.
  • In the case of online learning, you’ll be connected to many individuals like yourself who teach on the same platform. Basically, your professional network will grow which might open doors to better career options in the future.
  • You are your own boss and you set the income. You can charge rates by subject, hours taught, courses bundled, tests created. Freedom might be limited if you’re teaching on a private learning and development service. 
  • Ever felt the need to go out of your way and teach your subject the way you want to teach without being bound by employment terms and conditions? This is your chance to experiment with different methods of teaching students.
  • You’ll be organised. Yes, with the amount of time you’ll be setting aside to teach students, take classes, answer questions, design and publish course material, you’ll learn the art of time management, priority and hierarchy, sooner or later.

Teaching Jobs - FAQs

1) As an instructor on learning and development apps/portals, can any subject be taught?

Well, that depends on the learning platform you’re on. We suggest that you go through the T&Cs of the learning platform for an instructor to know more about this.

2) What is the difference between Montessori and nursery?

Nursery schools do not go by any approach. Their education is mostly restricted to children between the ages of 3-5 years and implements leaning based on activities. Montessori, on the other hand, follows the beliefs and the philosophy of the Italian Educator and Physician Maria Montessori and is restricted to children aged 2-5 years.

3) How much can an online tutor make per year?

As per reports, an online tutor in India can make as much as INR 2 lakh per year. This, however, depends on the number of students enrolled, the number of classes taught, the quality of the curriculum, course material sold etc.

4) Are private and online the only sectors where teachers are hired?

No. The Central and State governments also hire teachers for government schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes etc.

5) What kind of opportunities is available under government teaching jobs?

There are plenty. It depends on the government notification, vacancies, the subject you teach. We suggest you visit the Rocket Sarkari Naukri page for Teacher jobs to know more about the vast array of opportunities.

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