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Telesales Jobs in Bengaluru

Telesales Jobs in Bengaluru

An analysis of Telesales Jobs in Bengaluru on September 25, 2022.

  • 65 vacancies in total for Telesales in Bangalore
  • 11 Active Fresher jobs in Telesales category, paying anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 21,000 per month.

Telesales Jobs in Bengaluru - FAQs

1) What does it really mean to have a telesales job in Bengaluru?

In only a couple of words, a career in Telesales basically means turning into a genuine voice for the brands that you’re associated with. Subsequently, such an individual is personally engaged in selling services or products that are offered by an organization. They also ensure that the right clients are contacted, every time.

To become an extraordinary telesales representative requires extraordinary interpersonal abilities and niche skills like compassion and tolerance. The individuals who pick telesales jobs are usually seated in call centres working with a bunch of other telesales agents who are seated at their desks with a phone and a computer next to them. 

Depending on the projects that are allocated or the work policy of the organisation, there is a high possibility that you may work remotely from your own house or shared offices. In order to maintain high levels of success or to increase sales, telesales companies maintain databases that contain the names and numbers of potential and past customers. 

Telesales agents then use the personal contact information of such customers and reach out via mail or call in order to sell a service or product. It’s not easy as it sounds, as convincing customers to buy into or subscribe can be difficult. And that is why telesales agents in Bengaluru require specific skills such as an enormous level of confidence in his or her selling capabilities. 

Keep in mind that a telesales career doesn't offer just monetary benefits, but also increases the likelihood to get promoted or grow.

2) What are some of the challenges and benefits of a telesales job in Bengaluru?

Here are some of the challenges and benefits of fashioning out a career in Bengaluru telesales. 


  • The hassle of dealing with difficult and unruly customers.
  • You may have to work night shifts and long working hours.
  • Job security: Possibility of telesales employees being replaced by automated(computerised) support services.
  • Promotions may take a considerable amount of time and often years of work experience.


  • High demand for telesales agents and plenty of vacancies.
  • The eligibility criteria is quite minimal—you do not need specific qualifications or educational background.
  • Learn important life skills such as problem-solving and communication.
  • Work flexibility: you can work in shifts and maintain a work-life balance.

3) What is something I should be mindful of when looking for telesales jobs in Bengaluru?

When searching for a telesales job in Bengaluru, it is generally a smart thought to discover an organization that offers a service or a product that you are enthusiastic about. You will realize that it’s a lot simpler to sell a service or product that you yourself believe in.

Attempting to sell an item that you don't trust to help customers can be extremely challenging and frustrating, which once more, implies less cash for you over the long haul since you will understand that it’s much harder to get customers to buy or subscribe.

4) Can Rocket Jobs help me to find telesales jobs in metro cities other than Bengaluru?

Yes, Rocket Jobs can help you find telesales openings in a number of cities and towns, including Bengaluru.

Here’s what you need to understand about a telesales role — it’s in high demand, and always will be. Telesales professionals are needed in most industries and sectors. Perhaps there aren’t many business entities in the world that don’t hire telesales professionals.

So, there is a high possibility of finding a telesales job, if not in your city or town, then somewhere close to it. We say this with conviction because Rocket Jobs is the go-to platform for employers from Tier-II, Tier-III, and even Tier-IV cities (and towns) in India. 

In fact, Rocket Jobs provides job opportunities for freshers and experienced candidates in telesales, business development, IT, logistics, telemarketing, customer service and more categories in over 190+ cities across India.

5) Can you explain what telesales representatives do in the lead generation domain which is a part of their job detail?

Lead generation is a significant activity that impacts the accomplishment of both the telesales team and the field sales team. 

Telesales agents contact potential customers (leads) who have reacted to a certain promotional activity or a marketing campaign. The reps ask the potential customers certain questions about their interest in a service or a product. And from their answers, the telesales reps determine how likely are they’re likely to buy or subscribe.

Once they have qualified the leads who are likely to buy, they pass the approved leads to sales professionals or to different individuals from the telesales group to follow up. This builds the number of valuable potential customers and empowers salesmen to zero in on selling.

6) Are there any skills that I can learn or improve to excel in a Bengaluru telesales career?

Yes, there are. A Telesales job in Bengaluru can provide unlimited opportunities to directly interact with the customers. Apart from achieving targets, the following are some skills—and must-have attributes— that you will have to develop or hone to excel in your career.

  • Detailed service or product knowledge
  • Stress management
  • Ability to persuade clients with the right services or solutions
  • Organized, responsible, self-motivated
  • Ability to positively respond to customer feedback
  • Patience and soft-speaking trait
  • Sales and selling skills
  • Active listening
  • Ability to upsell and cross-sell
  • Familiarity with telesales terminologies
  • Oral comprehension
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Ability to deliver highly striking opening statements to avoid call drops
  • Ability to modify and learn sales scripts on the basis of the conversation
  • Pitching models
  • Knowledge of effective sales calling
  • Communication skills e.g., English, Hindi, or target audience’ language
  • Speech clarity
  • Ability to give prompt situational responses to customers
  • Time Management
  • Familiarity with software like CRM, Excel to record and analyse data
  • Strong customer relationship skills
  • Ability to assess customer needs
  • Data handling
  • Negotiation skills