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Telesales Jobs in Pune - FAQs

1) What is the significance of the ‘Trusted’ badge for Pune telesales jobs?

‘Trusted’ signifies authenticity. Pune telesales jobs that have the ‘Trusted’ badge are verified by the Rocket Jobs team. Moreover, the background of the employer or recruiter who is behind a ‘Trusted’ Pune telesales job is vetted and verified.

As you’re probably aware, many candidates in India are duped by fraudsters on the pretext of employment every year. To avoid scenarios where jobs seekers are duped, Rocket Jobs introduced this background screening feature for employers and jobs.

We pull out all the stops to stamp out fraudulent activities on our platform. As a job seeker, please do not pursue jobs that ask you for money or some kind of registration fee as they’re probably scams. In case any employer on Rocket Jobs demands money, please contact us immediately. 

To see all ‘Trusted’ telesales jobs in Pune, you can tick the Trusted Jobs checkbox after clicking on the Telesales/ Telemarketing jobs category on the homepage.

2) Apart from lead generation, are there any other primary responsibilities of telesales representatives in Pune?

Yes, there are. The following 3 duties, along with lead generation, must be handled by Pune telesales agents.

  • Customer Service

Telesales agents do handle a significant number of customer support calls. They call clients to check their information and update the contact records. They likewise market certain products and services to customers that may be may be of interest to them based on their necessities and inclinations. 

On the off chance that clients have questions about the service or the product, telesales representatives manage the requests. They may likewise contact clients after a potential sale to understand if they’re happy with their buy. Customer support help to further nurture client relationships and improve customer retention figures.

  • Order Processing 

Regional sales managers may use their telesales team to deal with reorders made by return customers for items that aren’t of high value. By doing this, the time a field sales group spends on cyclic business is lessened, thereby giving them more opportunities to focus on growing new business ventures instead. 

Telesales agents can offer clients extra products or services when they dial in to place orders. Most agents use scripts that help them respond to specific prompts for important services and products. This is all a matter of cross-selling for telesales agents which naturally improves sales figures, which can, in turn, help the telesales agents to be more productive at their jobs.

  • Direct Sales

Telesales representatives contact existing clients and new leads in an effort to sell services or products. They utilize a company-owned database to recognize existing customers who have purchased an item before or identify new prospects whose profiles show that they are most likely to opt in for a purchase. 

The reps may utilize a script to ask their potential leads and repeat customers certain questions that can introduce the highlights and advantages of the service or the product. They may additionally utilize a completely different script that helps them frame responses to complaints that customers may raise. 

As compared to the costs associated with a sales team, utilizing a telesales team to sell directly to clients can improve sales and diminish the expense generated in selling.

3) Which are some of the common questions asked during Pune telesales interview rounds?

Your abilities to sell on the phone and on-the-job experience will be tested in a Pune telesales interview. Not only that, employers that hire telesales agents ask interview questions to assess persuasion skills, persistence, and knowledge of technology. 

Given below are some of the common questions you can expect during a telesales interview in Pune.

  • What do you know of CRM software? Have you used one before?
  • Are you absolutely comfortable making cold calls to potential customers?
  • What is your level of expertise or knowledge of social media platforms and other sales telecommunication tools?
  • There’s no saying how a customer would react—what would you do if the customer is unruly? How would you handle him or her over the phone?
  • What do you think about rejections and how do you handle them?
  • How comfortable are you working with quotas and how would you meet them?
  • What are the differences between telesales and telemarketing?
  • Can you tell me something about remote selling and what interests you about it?
  • Why are you interested in building your career in telesales?
  • Tell me about a situation or a particular time where you convinced a prospect to buy a product or a service.

4) What is the typical career path for a telesales representative in Pune?

Telesales representatives in Pune can pick either of the two distinct career paths. Some telesales representatives are eventually promoted to the role of a Team Lead and then the Sales Manager role who directs the outbound sales process. 

On the other hand, some telesales representatives step out of their comfort zones and step into the role of a Field Salesperson who has to meet leads and customers face to face. 

5) I’m going to appear for a Pune telesales job interview very soon. What should I be mindful of — any last-minute tips? 

While meeting recruiters for telesales jobs specifically, establish a decent first connection. When selling via telephone, people just have limited time to establish a positive connection with the customer and achieve the ideal end to the communication. Subsequently, recruiters are continually searching for proof that the telesales aspirants they are meeting are fast thinkers, likeable, and can produce results rapidly. 

Applicants ought to ensure that their character shines through during the Pune telesales interview. Understandably, any business on the lookout for result-oriented telesales agents will not offer positions to any individual for whom establishing a connection with likely customers will be a problem. Try not to be hesitant to ask questions. You could be casual up to some degree but keep in mind that you should only engage in an informal discussion if the recruiters encourage it. 

Try to be positive and energetic, and attempt to talk enthusiastically. On the off chance that you have a history with sales in the past, don't be hesitant to bring it up. In fact, if you have won any honours like the “sales rep of the month” award in the past then be sure to bring it up. Doing this will enrich your work history and help you stand head and should above the rest of the competition.