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Work From Home Jobs in Bengaluru

Work from home jobs in Bangalore

As on 16 August 2022, Bengaluru has a total of 48 Work From Home Job vacancies, with salary packages in the range of INR 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

We are living in a new world of convenience where almost anything can be done online - food, shopping, jobs and everything you can imagine. Working from home has become the new norm for everyone. Today most of the jobs require efficient equipment and internet connectivity. Bangalore is the silicon valley of India. With more than 15 tech parks and approximately 67,000 registered companies, Bangalore provides immense job opportunities for full time and part-time job seekers.

How to get Online Jobs in Bangalore?

Our world has moved online even before the pandemic. Getting an online job in Bangalore is quite easy once you decide which category or profile you want to work in. Karnataka’s capital city is home to many thriving industries like IT, electronics, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Pharma, Food Technology, Food Processing, Banking, Finance, Mining, Construction, Steel and Cement production etc. Although most of these industries provide online as well as part-time jobs, IT is the leading sector providing maximum online opportunities in Bangalore. 

You can easily find online jobs in Bangalore using job portals and professional networks. Professional networks like LinkedIn and Angelist are the best places to start with. Rocket is an online recruitment marketplace that connects job seekers, employers and consultants. Our dedicated job portals help connecting job seekers with verified job providers and companies. If you are a job seeker, here’s how you can easily find online job opportunities in Bangalore through Rocket. 

  • Visit
  • Login/Register to get a custom profile in Rocket which will help you track your job applications and its status
  • On the search bar type ‘Work from home jobs’ or any similar keyword
  • Click the search icon
  • On the opened webpage, there will be a list of work from home jobs listed all across India
  • To filter out Bangalore jobs, change the location to ‘Bangalore’ using the dashboard on the left-hand side of the page.
  • You can also filter jobs based on experience, salary, company name and qualification.
  • Click on the job link to get more information about the job
  • Carefully read the job description, eligibility criteria and other important information 
  • Apply through the link provided

Popular Work From Home Jobs in Bangalore

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtuals assistants are contractual or permanent workers who support multiple clients in multiple industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services. 

Language Translators

Most of the translators work from home. If you have fluency in more than two languages, you can consider this job option. 

Online Marketing

All digital marketing related jobs can be done online. All the verticals of digital marketing including SEO, Email marketing etc are of high demand because of the surge in online applications and social networking platforms. 

Writing Jobs

Majority of the websites outsource content production to freelancers and contractors. If you are pretty good with writing you can give this profession a try. Technical content writing is one of the most demanding streams you can consider if you're from a technological educational background. 

Data Entry

Data entry can be done by almost everyone with basic computer skills. It can be done online or offline from home. 

Telecalling jobs

Telecalling or similar support service jobs can be done from anywhere with a mobile device, internet and a computer. Ecommerce companies are the majority job providers in this domain since they need to hire customer service executives to take care of their multiple sales stages such as delivery, returns, transactions etc. 

Software/App development

Companies outsource their software development projects to senior consultants and freelancers to save development cost and time. If you are someone with good coding skills, who can develop Android Apps, iOS apps, web apps or websites, you can get a lot of freelancing web development jobs and make a decent income right from your home.

Online Tutoring

Whether you want to earn some extra income or to consider as a full-time option, online tutoring is doable. This job is best for retired teachers, teachers who have taken a career break or sabbatical, experienced professionals etc. 

Work from home jobs for homemakers in Bangalore

Majority of the women in India consider homemaking a priority than their careers. Work from home jobs are a great opportunity for housewives and homemakers to get back to their career or to start somewhere new. Work from home jobs can be a win-win for employers and employees. For employers, it saves infrastructure and maintenance costs while for employees such as homemakers it gives the flexibility to prioritize their family and personal interests along with their job. Here are some of the reasons why most of the homemakers prefer work from home opportunities to permanent jobs. 

  • Flexible working hours for your extra interests 
  • Saves time and money for achieving your long term goals
  • Opens door to various opportunities
  • Adds up experience in your resume
  • Reduced work pressure
  • More family time
  • Saves transportation costs

Why Rocket for WFH jobs?

Rocket is an online recruitment marketplace connecting job seekers, employers and career consultants. We partner with industry leaders and striving startups to provide you with relevant information on the latest job trends and updates. Our databases are updated every day to ensure our service quality. 

Our dedicated team works round the clock to ensure top-notch service to all our clients. Our platform is cent per cent user friendly. The job filters and AI-powered search option available in our job portal makes job-hunting simpler and hassle-free. We don’t charge any fee for registering nor taking appointments. You can also opt-in for free job alerts from Rocket to never miss out on any opportunities. 

How to differentiate between legitimate and scam WFH jobs?

Although there are plenty of legitimate job providers around, scams are also on the rise due to the high demand for work from home jobs. Most scams are easy to identify since they all ask for money in some or other forms. Before choosing any job option or signing any contract, make sure you research about the company or job provider thoroughly. Ask for work references to the job provider and if they hesitate to provide you with any related information, it's probably a scam. Always try to avoid making payment to the job provider in any forms. Some scam schemes even ask for buying equipment from them. Before spending any money on any jobs, make sure you know what you are getting into. If you are not 100% sure about the opportunity, leave it and try something else.  

Rocket lists ‘verified’ and active jobs with 100% response rate. Leverage such possibilities and learn more about the opportunity before stepping in. While job hunting, always keep an eye for people who are taking advantage of other people’s stress, anxiety, fear and need for employment. 

Since the current pandemic crisis has paved a way for new work from home job culture, most of the companies are opting new tactics for increasing productivity and retaining employees. Some of them are even providing WFH allowances for employees who are ensuring business continuity during remote working hours. This trend is going to stay and more opportunities will arise on the go. For more updates on work from home jobs and related opportunities, subscribe to our newsletters. 

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