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Work From Home Jobs in Chennai

Work from home jobs in Chennai

As on September 29, 2022, Chennai has a total of 2 work from home Job vacancies, with salary packages in the range of INR 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

Chennai, the fourth largest metropolis in India is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the top ever-growing and evolving cities in India. In Chennai, finding a work from home opportunity can be seamless if you know how to do the job search properly. Read on to learn more about the application process, eligibility criteria and other relevant information on home-based jobs in Chennai. 

How to find work from home jobs in Chennai Online

If you are someone who is looking for work from home job opportunities in Chennai, you've come to the right place. We list real and legit remote job opportunities in Chennai. Before you go ahead with your job hunt, read this complete guide for finding and applying to work from home jobs in Chennai. 

In many cases, remote jobs are -- part-time, hour-based, or pay a particular fee for a finished project. Some companies hire remote workers as employees to take care of job roles which only require virtual or online assistance. Some of the most popular work from job opportunities are -- customer service and support, clerical support, bookkeeping, software developing, and related creative and technical services. 

Rocket is a recruitment marketplace that fosters job aspirants as well as employers. It is one of the best places to find remote job opportunities in Chennai. We help job seekers find general as well as specific domain-oriented jobs. Follow the below steps to find and apply for work from jobs in Chennai. 

  • Visit
  • Register to get a custom profile in Rocket
  • Login to your account
  • Your account will help you track your job applications and its status
  • On the search bar type ‘Work from home jobs’ and click the search icon
  • On the opened webpage, there will be a list of work from home jobs listed all across India
  • To filter out Chennai jobs, change the location to ‘Chennai’ using the dashboard on the left-hand side of the page.
  • You can also filter jobs based on experience, salary, company name and qualification.
  • Click on the job link to get more information about the job
  • Carefully read the job description, eligibility criteria and other important information 
  • Click ‘Apply’

What are the different types of work from home jobs available in Chennai?

A remote job is mostly accessible to people with a computer, mobile device and internet access. Unfortunately, work-from-home scams are also growing more prevalent as remote jobs become more common. Sometimes it is almost difficult to separate or identify true ones from illegal ones. Here we are listing some of the most popular work from home options available in Chennai. 

Virtual Call Centers

As more and more companies are turning to virtual workforce, the number of remote call centre opportunities are also increasing considerably. Effective communication skills, bilingual proficiency, experience in the related field are some of the basic skills required for this job. 

Freelance Writing and Editing

Content writing and editing skills are highly demanded in today's world. Consumer magazine, online blogs, software sector, and most of all online industries hire a content writer. You need to be experienced in this field to get a job as an editor. 


Transcript professionals with previous experience in the corporate, financial, legal and medical transcription sector can easily score a remote job in any domain. Most home-based transcription jobs direct toward those with a bit of experience. 

Online Data Entry

Data entry is one of the most popular work-from-home job options available in Chennai. It usually comprises various job roles related to inputting various forms of data into the computer in the required form.  The data can be text, image, audio files etc. 


Insurance industry hires a lot of remote workers and telecommuters such as IT professionals, underwriters, insurance agents, marketing agents, case managers etc.


Medical coding, virtual assistance, virtual nursing, transcription are some of the areas to choose. Surprisingly, medical sector remote jobs are showing an exponentially increasing trend in the past decade. Mose medical sector remote jobs require previous experience and certification in the related field. 

Online Tutoring

Nowadays, anyone with relevant qualification and teaching experience can earn extra income through online tutoring. There are multiple teaching platforms and reliable service coordinators available online for interested candidates. Education sector never dies and hence is one of the reliable sectors providing long lasting remote job roles. 

Online marketing & Social media management

With the rise of the internet and social media, online marketing and social media management became a necessity for small and large-sized businesses. Online reputation management, PPC, SEO, post creation and scheduling, social media account management etc are some of the popular job roles available.

Work from home jobs for Moms & Housewives in Chennai

For homemakers, work from home jobs is the best way to manage your career along with the household chores. Such jobs also avoid paying extra money for child care services and nannies. Moms can make use of their hobbies, qualification and experience to create a home-based career that will perfectly fit with the busy rhythm of a family with children. Here are some of the best home-based jobs for moms and homemakers in Chennai. 

  • Online tutoring
  • Home based child care
  • Surveying and similar services
  • Artist
  • Editing and content creation
  • Software development
  • Online marketing

Why Rocket for best Work from home jobs opportunities in Chennai

Rocket is a robust platform that connects recruiters and job aspirants. Every applicant can find, apply and track their job applications via Rocket. It has multiple inbuilt filters which will help job seekers find the best job offers out there. With these filters, one can categorize jobs based on location, experience, qualification, salary scale, date of posting and company name. 

Rocket holds a dedicated page for home-based job opportunities in Chennai. We verify and update all our postings periodically to filter out expired and scam listings. Although you need not have to create an account with Rocket to apply for jobs, it is better to have an account so that you can track your application status. Interested candidates can also sign up for email job alerts to get customized and hand-picked job offers delivered directly to inbox.

How to choose a genuine part-time home based job in Chennai?

Differentiating online job scams from legit ones has become difficult these days. Studies show that there are almost as many scams as there are genuine work-from-home possibilities. But don't get discouraged because of this. Jobs scams exploit desperate job seekers by providing them with fake job promises and offers. They even loot money and personal information such as bank details and gain financial benefits. 

Some scams even offer attractive offers and will ask you to pay them for the service before you get the job. If somebody is asking you to pay them for the job promise and interview call letter, never trust them. They are most likely a scam. Always consider these following tips while choosing an online job. 

  •  Research about the company’s whereabouts
  • Check with the company regarding the opening/job role and mode of selection directly
  • Avoid paying any money for the job
  • Spammy and unofficial emails are considered redflags
  • Always try connecting with the company's Linkedin or similar social networks to get more updates on the selection procedure. 
  • Never share your personal information such as bank account details, PAN etc without getting sure about the offer. 

Rocket provides a separate section for verified jobs. Our team members verify job opportunities by checking their authority. Try to leverage similar services to stay out of job scams and frauds. \

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