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Work From Home Jobs in Pune

Work from home jobs in Pune

As on September 29, 2022, Pune has a total of 11 work from home Job vacancies, with salary packages in the range of INR 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

Everybody wants to be financially independent — that’s a fact. And to be independent, one has to work. Of course, you can find plenty of jobs and join an office. But what if you’re looking for something temporary? Something that’ll help you earn some income as you decide your next career move. Or something that’ll reel in a steady income as you balance other personal responsibilities. 

That kind of job sounds like a dream. And most would think it’s just a facade. But in reality, such jobs do exist. They’re called work-from-home jobs and just about anyone can join up without going to an office or signing a long-term employment contract. 

In fact, such jobs offer much more value. For instance you can work remotely, from anywhere. You do not need to spend anything out of your pockets. As for the options available under work-from-home jobs, there are plenty and the eligibility criteria is usually minimum. In other words, you do not need a fancy degree from a top college to qualify for such jobs.

The compensation package is also flexible for such jobs. The more (quality) work you do, the more you earn. And if you need to exit for whatever reasons you may have, the process is very simple — you just quit. 

But amongst all the reasons listed above, perhaps the one good reason why a work-from-home job opportunity makes sense is the comfort that it offers. Yes, you can work from home, a coffee shop, by the beach when you’re vacationing...just about anywhere. 

For folks in Pune, there are plenty of online jobs in Pune they can choose from. We’ll get to the options a little later because you need to know what you need to possess to actually sign up for home based jobs in Pune. First of all, you need a bank account and an email id registered in your name. And the only requirement after that is a laptop with a stable internet connection. Please do note that some recruiters might also want you to sign up for payment merchants such as Paypal and the like.

How to get work from home jobs in Pune Online

On Rocket, where else? And the reason why we say that is because the process to apply for any job is simple and quick. We also have plenty of government work from home jobs in Pune, full-time, and part time jobs from home in Pune and more.

Here’s another reason why we feel we have the best work from home Pune jobs — the job listings here are always fresh, verified, and open for applications. And if that’s not enough, the home jobs in Pune that you can see on this page can be sorted and filtered to populate only those jobs that suit you and are relevant. You can list all jobs here by applying filters for salary, location, employer/company, educational qualification, location in Pune, and work experience. 

So, how do you apply to any genuine work from home jobs in Pune here, you ask? First click on any job that interests you and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Hit “Apply” as soon as the particular home based work in Pune opens
  • Next, enter your name (first & last), mobile number, and email ID in the form that pops up. Then click “Apply”.
  • Then authenticate the OTP sent to your registered mobile number for the online work from home in Pune
  • Then you have to input a few mandatory details in your application, verify your email and hit “Confirm”.
  • Click on “Confirm” again after entering the secondary details.

Note: As soon as you complete this step, an alert will be sent to the recruiter that you have submitted your application with all the details. This step also helps us find other online part time jobs in Pune for you. Of course, you can also go ahead and search part time work from home in Pune on your own.

  • That’s all you have to do. The recruiter will get back to you. You can track the progress of the application you submitted for online jobs from home in Pune in the meantime by clicking on the “Applications’’ tab up top. 

The different roles you can take up under work from home jobs

It goes without saying that we only list genuine work from home jobs in Pune without investment. But what about the options? What should you expect if you’re new to work from home opportunities in Pune? Here are 3 options you can consider if you’re starting out for the first time.

  • Data entry 

A job such as this can be put in the category of full-time or part time data entry jobs in Pune. Many consider it to be a simple and an easy job because what you’ll have to do is repetitive and the minimum criteria to qualify is a high school diploma.

The job responsibilities of a data entry specialist is quite straightforward. You’ll extract information or data from a source, online or offline, remove any errors and inconsistencies, give it some structure and upload it either in an online database or an excel sheet. 

Since there will be a lot of typing required in this job role, your typing skills have to be above par, somewhere in the range of 30WPM. This number again will depend on your employer’s criteria. And speed isn’t all that will be tested; your accuracy will also determine your candidacy. Of course, there aren’t skills that you can just put on a CV and expect the recruiter to make the final call — there will be a task of some sort where your typing skills and accuracy will be put to the test.

  • Freelance (content) writing 

Can you read and write in English — creatively? Well then, this category of work from home jobs in Pune will suit you the most. What you’ll have to do in content writing is pick a genre and stick to it. 

Yes, undoubtedly there is a high probability of monotony and boredom if you stick to one genre and target audience. But that’s where the beauty of this job comes in. Whenever you feel that the task is repetitive, you can always switch over to the next genre — there are plenty to pick from. And yes, there are clients who provide projects under each genre. 

Such genuine home based jobs in Pune without investment hsa yet another reason to be a crowd puller — work flexibility. You do not have to type away for 9-10 hours every day. You can set your own pace and decide how many words you want to type every day. And that will dictate your earning — the more you type, the more you earn. But do not forget that volume is not the only metric that will determine your earnings, you have to be creative and maintain your quality of writing — consistently. 

This is the age for (good) content. And as long as you have the flair to produce top-notch written content, this type of online work from home jobs in Pune will offer everything you wished for: work flexibility, good earnings, chance to learn something new every day, the freedom to experiment and more.

  • Tech Support

The chance that you have run into someone who is a tech support agent in the past, or has worked in the same industry, is high. For such part time jobs in Pune work from home means taking calls from customers/clients selling products or helping them troubleshoot.. 

The number of openings for tech support agents for any company is always high because companies always need someone who can help their customers troubleshoot problems and use the products and services. To get into tech support, you may or may not require a Bachelor’s degree — that’s totally up to the recruiter. 

But without a doubt, your abilities to read, write, communicate effectively will be tested. For freshers who are thinking about getting into tech support; yes, they do provide training. But your job will be first understanding the product/service inside out and then helping the customers/clients. Do note that this job might require working at odd hours or international shifts.

Work from home jobs for Moms & Housewives in Pune

Mothers and housewives today make use of any opportunity that can help bring funds into the family. Apart from shouldering their daily (family) responsibilities, they manage their time to engage in WFH jobs.

Below we have 3 work from home jobs for moms in Pune and work from home jobs in Pune for housewives that can be found on Rocket.

  • Virtual Assistants

For this job, the recruiter might ask you for previous work experience in a similar role or others. In a nutshell, you just need to flaunt your management skills, which you already possess. Basically, you have to be an efficient multitasker.

The job role of a VA requires handling of jobs online. You could either be scheduling mails, setting up calendars for others, organizing meetings, following up on emails, answering calls, talking to clients and more. 

  • Online Tutor

As an online tutor you could be teaching a variety of subjects such as English, foreign languages, history, physics to school students, college graduates, and post graduates.

But to be a qualified tutor, you’ll have to furnish a Bachelor’s degree in the related field and the subject you want to teach. You can teach you students by setting up video calls, or sign up on learning and development (e-learning) platforms which either hold live conferences or record your teaching sessions to be viewed later.

This job offers tremendous amounts of work flexibility as you get to decide your tutoring approach and the number of hours that you want to dedicate.

  • Online Group Moderator

Well, this might easily top the top 3 WFH jobs. In this role, your management skills will be tested. It’s quite similar to managing a home and the people in it. As the moderator you’ll be in charge of a social media group or an online forum. The role is that of an administrator — accept or reject people in the group, check all content that is posted in the group, make announcements, and remove any inappropriate content.

All you need to do this job is a laptop, internet connection, and a little knowledge of how online forums and social media groups work. 

Why Rocket for best Work from home jobs opportunities in Pune?

Here are a few top reasons why Rocket should be your preferred job search portal for all remote working opportunities.

Trusted Jobs: All jobs on our portal and the recruiters are vetted by our moderators. In short, you get only genuine jobs here. 

Job Filters: Get only the relevant jobs that suit your needs by applying our variety of filters. 

Additional details: Get information about the total number of openings, shift details, number of working days, age/skill requirements and more.

Similar Job Recommendations: Our AI-driven algorithms, match your profile and search inputs to listed jobs and populate a list of similar or recommended jobs.

Ability to share: Instantly share the jobs with your peers and friends via Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Email, or Facebook.

Dedicated Company page: The recruiter has a dedicated company information section so that you can read about them before applying. 

Easy and free application process: Our application process is quick, easy and free. What’s more, you can track your application’s progress or withdraw it in case you find a better alternative.

How to choose a genuine part-time home based job in Pune?

Here are some expert tips to ensure that you do not fall for any job scams or fraudulent practices when you’re on the lookout for jobs. 

  • Any unprompted email or communication promising a get-rich-quick job with no prior experience or qualification is most likely a full-fledged scam. Ignore it!.
  • Analyze the regular scam schemes which include MLMs, assembly jobs, claims processing and so on. These usually demand money so stay away from them at all costs.
  • Perform your own background check. If they aren’t legitimate, you can ask for references and walk away immediately if they aren’t able to provide any. On that note, you can even ask them for a list of contractors or employees you can talk to about the company.
  • Find out if you will be paid a salary or via bonuses. If you’re needed to pay for your own equipment, find out if your costs will be reimbursed.
  • Any company asking you to send money, buy equipment for them, provide complete banking personal and banking information is a red flag.
  • Ask for references. Request a list of other employees or contractors to see how this has worked for them.

There will be plenty of scams floating on the internet and elsewhere promising you a wealth of opportunities and riches. It’s your duty to be aware of such scams. For this reason, every job posting that you explore must be carefully evaluated before you move any further.

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