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Work from home jobs

As on 19 May 2022, There are 457 work from home Job vacancies, with salary packages in the range of INR 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

Your search for high-paying, genuine online jobs from home ends here. For you, we have a host of work from home jobs part-time and full-time. These jobs from home are suitable for freshers and experienced. What’s more, you can filter all the genuine work from home jobs based on location, educational qualification, salary and more.

Benefits of choosing online part-time work from home jobs?

Ask anyone who has had a dig at online work from home positions and they will tell you that getting in and getting out is actually very easy. But what they will probably not say is that once you engage in any freelance jobs from home, you’ll want to stick to it in the long run for the simple reason that they offer a variety of benefits which regular office-based jobs don’t.

If you’re new to online home jobs or someone who has partially explored the idea of online jobs or work from home then it is something you will have to seriously consider this time around. You’ll need some motivation perhaps which is why the following benefits of full-time and online part-time jobs from home are just what the doctor ordered.

  • No rigid office space: WFH jobs need not have a rigid office structure. You can just about work from any space in your house the bedroom, living room, or the kitchen
  • Step out if you want to: Speaking of the home-based office, you might not even need it at all as some of the best work from home jobs allows you the freedom to make any place your office, including your pad. 
  • Save up on additional costs: When telecommuting, you’re saving money on travel, office attire, and food which you can prepare at home.
  • Your personal schedule fits right in: Do you feel that you don’t get the time to brush up on your guitar and singing skills? When you sign up for work from home jobs in India — or anywhere for that matter — you’re essentially retrofitting your work schedule with nuggets of ‘me time’. What’s more, the relaxed nature of such jobs allows you to pick a schedule that suits you the best; you can work through the night if you feel that you’re more productive after midnight — you have the freedom as long as you get work done.
  • Independent and sensitive: Since you’re working remotely, you’ll develop a habit to get things done on your own. And knowing that everybody has their own schedules, you’ll be more respectful of theirs which will ultimately show in the work you do.
  • Escaping the meeting pods: Meetings can be such a nuisance — time runs infinitely slow in a hot, stuffy room filled with people, who (not all) are extremely fidgety. But when you work remotely, you can get involved via video conferencing or on-call instantly while you sip away at your java.
  • But the meetings can be fun: Does communication take a backseat in work from home cases? Contrary to popular belief, you and other team members will utilize multiple communication channels. That said, the ‘drab’ nature of meetings will change — you and the rest will be much more interactive, and engagement will take a new meaning as agendas other than work, such as birthdays and achievements, will be celebrated.
  • You’ll take matters in your own hands: Working out of office setup means plenty of distractions. It’s easy to get carried away but once you stick to your plan of not getting distracted, your confidence and willpower will receive a massive boost. You’ll be inculcating discipline which will improve both your personal and professional lives.
  • No more office politics: It’s the one poison that affects productivity in any kind of work you do. Sure you can’t choose your co-workers, but since you will not be involved in the chatter and engagements that fuel politics, you will not be a part of it.

How to apply for work from home jobs online?

There are two ways you can find online jobs in India.

1. Work From Home Jobs in India through Rocket

The first way, and pretty simplified and comprehensive at that, is through this page. We list the best wfh jobs, fresh, recent and unfulfilled, verified jobs. As you can see, these jobs can be filtered based on the company, your qualification, location, experience, salary. 

Once you pick one job post that interests you, click on it and:

  • Hit “Apply” once the dedicated page for this job role opens
  • Enter your first name, last name, mobile number, and email address in the pop-up form and click on “Apply”
  • Then confirm your job application by entering the OTP
  • Enter additional 9mandatory) details for your application, verify email and hit “Confirm”.
  • Then enter secondary details and click on “Confirm”. These details will be sent to the recruiter and will also help us furnish future job opportunities for you. You can choose to skip this step.
  • You can click on the “Applications’’ tab on top to track its progress.

2. Online Jobs from Home in India through other Sources

The other way to do it (which we do not recommend to candidates) visiting company portals and the social media pages and manually tracking any openings. It is a cumbersome process, not to mention various other obstacles (which we have discussed further down) that you might face. 

Popular work from home jobs you can explore

India is a country that has excelled in IT and services over the years. A majority of the workforce is made up of millennials and Gen Zs who are career-oriented, hungry, and loaded with the entrepreneurial spirit. As such, this work-hungry population is a lucrative venture for many companies which results in jobs being created in multiple companies, industries, sectors and across multiple job roles.

While many of the jobs are office-based, there are others that demand remote work. Much of the work escaping offices boils down again to the work culture that is gaining popularity every single day — remote, flexible, and project-based work for freshers and experienced. The career growth, monetary benefits for such jobs will depend on your qualification, interest, work ethic, experience, and the reputation of the employer.

To give you an idea of the remote work culture, the opportunities you can explore, and various other details attached to such openings, we have handpicked some of the popular work-from-home jobs below.

1. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs include roles such as typists, transcribers, coders, electronic data processors, and clerks. Home-based data entry jobs are termed as micro-jobs wherein the data entry operator is paid a fee for a task.

Educational Qualifications Required 

The bar is usually low in terms of skills and educational qualifications. However, since the work warrants transcription any or all of the following might be required:

  • Graduation/High School degree
  • Basic computer operating skills
  • MS Excel/Office Experience
  • Good communication skills (English, Hindi, or as specified by a recruiter


Earnings are evaluated on the hourly or per-minute frequency of keystrokes. Speed and accuracy in entering data will determine earnings.

2. Content Writing Jobs

A content writer is engaged in creating creative content for a website, white paper, blog, social media, product description, press release. Customer engagement is key in this job role without compromising the brand voice/image. That said, a content writer might not only write; executing brand initiatives in conjunction with different departments and analyzing marketing metrics can be some of the other responsibilities.

Some of the criteria that you might have to fulfill in order to be eligible include:

  • Graduation in journalism, English, or related field 
  • Sound know-how of digital marketing, SEO, email marketing, and analytics
  • Creative, unique, and error-free writing skills
  • A knack for meeting tight deadlines
  • At least 3 years of proven experience writing for B2C/B2B audience
  • Proven experience and knowledge of WordPress

An online content writer can earn an average of INR 3.7 lakh per year. This figure though is subject to increase based on the quality you produce, the creativity you bring to the table, the deadlines you meet, and your per-word or per-hour rates.

3. Copywriting Jobs

As a creative copywriter, you’ll have to generate unique advertising concepts, complete with slogans, visuals, and audio scripts whilst adhering to truthfulness and advertising guidelines. There is a lot of creativity that goes into this job role and the process may involve any or all of the following:

  • Capturing the target audience and the client's core message
  • Collaborating with other teams to create visuals and ad copies 
  • Writing, suggesting, and editing ad copies for clients
  • Supervising the add production phase

To be eligible a copywriter needs proven hands-on experience working for ad agencies and organizations. Employers might ask for experience certificates, recommendation letters, or in terms of education — a degree in English language or journalism.

The average salary of a copywriter is around INR 20,000 per month. This again can increase on the basis of the same reasons mentioned in the case of a Web Content Writer. 

4. Telesales Jobs

Telesales executives operate on either a B2B or a B2C strategy, selling services/products to businesses and customers directly, such as IT systems, or advertising space.

At their core, however, they’re all about targets and achieving them. And these targets may be in spheres of financial or home improvements services or products. 

They have a great many responsibilities to shoulder. Some of the duties which they have to execute include:

  • Tracking sales trends
  • Account management
  • General administration
  • Problem resolution and customer support 

The average salary of a telesales executive in India is almost INR 1.78 LPA. With incentives which can often range anywhere between INR 3000-55000, this figure can climb as high as INR 2.7 LPA.

5. Sales/Business Development Jobs

The function of an individual in sales is to build relationships with clients. Once a connection with a client has been made, they have to build on it and nurture it in due course of time. 

You’ll need exceptional people skills and one of the ways that showcase your talent in this field will be your ability to never lose a customer. If you’re really good at what you do in this role, your clients will also feel the burn when they lose some as motivate and driven like you; someone who is customer-centric, doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and goes out of his/her way to get what the customer wants for the right price.

Your career trajectory will only be on the up as long as you do not lose any clients, keep them happy, and bring in new ones. And compensation? Well, the more you sell, the more you earn. 

A base salary amongst other things will be provided to you. But a major chunk of your income will come in the form of incentives that you will earn when you make a sale happen.

6. Graphic Design Jobs

Web / graphic design is responsible for creating much of the imagery we witness today. The designs on websites, logos, pamphlets, brochures come to life when graphic designers combine technology, illustrations, fonts, typography, negative spaces and photographs.

What’s Needed for a Graphic Design Career? Educational qualification: a degree, diploma, or a certificate in graphic designing. Required Skills: drawing, imagination, creativity, graphic design software experience, an eye for detail, good listening and communication skills. Career opportunities

Print media, mobile applications, advertising, publicity, promotions, marketing, electronic publications, websites, videos, software publishing, game design etc. Designations/growth: Creative director, art production manager, art director, brand identity developer, logo designer, broadcast designer, content developer, visual journalist, multimedia developer, web designer, layout artist, package designer, interface designer. Graphic Designer Salary

Compensation handed out to a graphic designer depends on how much experience you carry, along with your designation and educational background. According to studies, a fresher can earn anything between 10-15k per month. The average annual salary for a graphic designer is anything between INR 1-5.2 lpa. This , however, can jump to as high as 7.5 lpa -- or even more in some cases -- according to

7. Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutors are masters of their subjects — whatever they have learned in school, graduation, and postgraduation. They engage in a distance learning format and provide one-on-one tutoring sessions or classroom sessions for a bunch of students. To be an online tutor, you must be at least 12th pass. In many cases, graduate & postgraduate degrees, experience are required. You might also need to prove that you’re proficient in the language needed for instructions. An online tutor who’s starting out can earn up to INR 200 per hour. With much experience, this can exceed INR 500.

Why Rocket for best Work from home jobs?

To tell you why Rocket should be your choice, we’ve listed a few reasons below:

Trusted Jobs: All job listings provided here are genuine. In other words, no possibility of scams or frauds as we run verification checks on the background of the company offering the job.

Job Filters: Our job filters on the left panel enumerate job listings by salary, location, company, educational qualification, and work experience.

Additional details: You get visibility into the number of openings, the relevance of the job (as in when it was posted on our portal), shift details, information about number of working days, additional job requirements such as age requirements, skill requirement and so on.

Similar Job Recommendations: Based on your search criteria, we provide similar job roles. Moreover, our AI-powered algorithms match your profile with other job requirements and alert you about the same so that you do not miss out on any opportunity.

Ability to share: Many of your peers will definitely have a go at wfh jobs. If you happen to know someone on the lookout and you happen to find an opportunity here which you feel they might be interested in, you can share the job post directly via Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Email, or Facebook.

Dedicated Company page: Every potential candidate must run background checks on the company offering a job. It’s just good practise to know more about the company and to ensure that they’re genuine. For this reason, companies offering jobs on our portal have dedicated company pages which you can open from the job post and quickly read up about it.

Easy and free application process: As mentioned a few paragraphs above, the application process is quick, easy and completely free. Moreover, once you apply, you can track your application from the get-go right until the end or you can even withdraw it if you find better opportunities here. 

Things to consider before accepting a work from home job offer

Deny it all you want but remote work is the future of work for positions that do not require you to be physically present. We’re transitioning slowly and are making progress but like all other things, remote work also has its own set of problems.

To be specific, we’re talking about the candidates who have been hard done by scammers and fraudsters who have lied or not revealed complete information about the position, nature of work, work timings, incentives, bonuses, salaries and so on.

It goes without saying that such distressing and fraudulent activities do not take place on Rocket as we run multiple checks for every recruiter/company and job post. Only when we have established the legal existence of the company and the veracity of the job posting (by which we mean fact-checking of job details) do we list it on our portals.

That said, candidates must also be extra careful and be alert at all times they may be drawn in by other fraudulent job postings and companies which/who might not seem fishy at first glance. To help you identify the fake offers from the real, here’s a checklist of things that you must do every time a job opportunity presents itself.

  • Any unprompted email or communication promising a get-rich-quick job with no prior experience or qualification is most likely a full-fledged scam. Ignore it!.
  • Analyze the regular scam schemes which include MLMs, assembly jobs, claims processing and so on. These usually demand money so stay away from them at all costs.
  • Perform your own background check. If they aren’t legitimate, you can ask for references and walk away immediately if they aren’t able to provide any. On that note, you can even ask them for a list of contractors or employees you can talk to about the company.
  • Find out if you will be paid a salary or via bonuses. If you’re needed to pay for your own equipment, find out if your costs will be reimbursed.
  • Any company asking you to send money, buy equipment for them, provide complete banking personal and banking information is a red flag.
  • Ask for references. Request a list of other employees or contractors to see how this has worked for them.

There will be plenty of scams floating on the internet and elsewhere promising you a wealth of opportunities and riches. It’s your duty to be aware of such scams. For this reason, every job posting that you explore must be carefully evaluated before you move any further.

Work from Home - FAQs

1) What are the minimum qualifications needed for work from home jobs?

Eligibility and qualification criteria for each work from home job may differ based on the job role. Leverage the filters provided by Rocket to filter out the opportunities based on eligibility. 

2) Is signing NDA mandatory for work from home jobs?

Non Disclosure Agreement or NDA is used to protect sensitive and confidential information shared with the employee. The employee should sign or agree to the NDA agreement and policies only if the employer insists. It is not mandatory for all jobs. 

3) Do I need to pay for registering and applying for work from home jobs?

You don’t need to pay any fee or charge for applying for any jobs via Rocket. If any job provider is asking money for processing and the job offer, it is probably a scam. 

4) Is there any offline work from home?

Yes, however, most of the work from jobs available nowadays are online. If you are considering offline work from home jobs, data entry, tutoring, content writing,  skill training etc are some of the popular niches you can try. 

5) Are all remote jobs contract-based?

No, all remote jobs are not contractual jobs. There are multiple companies out there who accept remote permanent employees. Make sure you check about the job nature and type before accepting the offer. 

6) What are some of the high paying work from home jobs?

Virtual assistant, medical transcriptionist, linguistic services like translation, IT-related jobs, online tutoring, tech support etc are some of the decent-paying options to look out for remote job aspirants.  Your pay scale for work from home jobs vary depending on your qualifications and work experience. 

7) What are the benefits of working from home?

Flexible work-life, no transportation expenses, and more family time are some of the major advantages of working remotely. WFH jobs save a lot of money and time for every employee. There will be no office distractions and strict time tables. Because of the current pandemic situation, most of the employers are hiring and retaining employees remotely. The number of remote workers has skyrocketed since the last decade. 

8) What are the disadvantages of working from home?

Technical problems like slow wifi, no second monitor, no service specialist etc are some of the reasons which makes working from home a little frustrating. Spending too much time with work alone at home can also cause mental difficulties. Pets, kids, and other family members can also cause working difficulties, unintentionally.

9) What are the technology requirements for working from home?

Most of the work from home jobs only require a laptop and internet connection. The applications and software required for work from home jobs vary according to the job nature and company policies. 

10) Are the work from home employees permanent?

Work from home jobs or remote jobs can be both permanent and temporary. Although the majority of the remote jobs are contractual, the situations are changing as the covid19 has drastically affected the job market, paving the way for more work from home and remote job opportunities. 

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