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Central Government Jobs - 2020

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Why Central Government Jobs

With a workforce exceeding 400 million and rapid economic growth, a number of central government jobs for graduates, post-graduates, 12th pass, and 10th pass open up each year. Central government jobs in 2020 is going to be no different. 

With a population exceeding 1,375,455,588 as of Sunday, March 1, 2020, you can get a sense of the manpower required to run various state governments and respective departments under each to serve the people. As such, the central government recruitment drives are conducted throughout the year. And you can find all the latest vacancies and notifications released by the government here on Waah Jobs. 

To give you an idea of the enormousness of Central government recruitment 2020 on Waah Jobs for both freshers and experienced, we have to take the hiring sectors into consideration. Here you can find central railway jobs, defence jobs, agriculture jobs, bank jobs, police jobs and more.

Before we tell you about the selection process for central government jobs, we give you a few more reasons why Waah Jobs must be your pick for all central government jobs.

Why Waah Jobs?

First of all, you get the latest information about each central government job vacancy right here. And this is crucial as you don’t want to devote your precious time and effort to a job opening that’s obsolete.

And by latest information, we mean the central government job description, the total number of openings, job locations, application fees and procedure, last date for application, selection procedure and so much more.

We also keep the entire application procedure coherent. In other words, the important links that help you apply, view your results, and access the latest notifications released by the hiring authority is made visible on every page, of every job posting. This paves the way for you to easily apply to all central government jobs hassle-free, in a jiffy.

Second, ( if it hasn’t been stressed enough already) candidates from all walks of life, holding various qualifications can leverage Waah Jobs to bag central government jobs. 12th pass central government job? Not an issue; it can be found here. 10th pass central government jobs, and even central government jobs for individuals who are just 8th pass or only possess a diploma certificate. That said, we have left no stone unturned to give the graduates, post-graduates, and PHDs of India the opportunity to come on Waah Jobs, cast their net, and land central government jobs.

And finally, we’ve kept geography in mind to build our Sarkari Naukri portal. Not the subject, but the location. Born and bred in Bengal? Then why not get a sarkari job in Bengal through Waah Jobs? And that too, the best central government jobs in top-tier like Delhi, Bangalore, chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur or in tier 2 and 3 cities.

The Selection Process: Things You Should Know Before Applying To Any Central Government Job in 2020

You can’t deny the fact that the central government hires many every year to fill vacancies all over India. That said, you have to realize that just like you there are others who are vying for the same jobs. 

And why wouldn’t they? A sarkari naukri is synonymous with excellent pay, promotions and incentives based on the performance.  It offers stability and security, with excellent pay scale and grade pay. As such, the competition is fierce. 

Do you make the cut?

Well, that’s why you should know about the eligibility criteria and other important details for every sarkari job opening. These details and more are mentioned under each job posting on Waah Jobs, but we’ll give you a quick rundown of the common details attached to central government jobs. 

Do note that you’ll have to keep an eye on the eligibility criteria set by the hiring authority (which includes education, experience and so on) and the important dates for submitting your application, links for downloading admit card, viewing results, the latest notifications related to each job posting. These and the convenience of having Waah Jobs by your side to help you out have been covered above so we’ll dive straight into the steps of selection process below.

The selection process for Central Government jobs can include one, few, or all of the following. 

Written Test

The purpose of having a written test is to gauge the analytical/communication skills and the knowledge applicants possess . In some cases, these written tests can be held at two stages (Prelims & Mains) wherein you qualify only for the Mains if you get through the Prelims.

Either way this will be a time-bound — computer-aided or pen & paper-based — written test on subjects like General Knowledge, Mathematics, English, Regional Languages and so on.

A few central government jobs might also include an additional medical/fitness test.

Personal Interview

Once you get through the written exams, a personal interview might be conducted in the presence of a panel who — at some level —  will quiz you to test your knowledge, skills, aptitude, and to understand your personality.

In some cases, especially in the case of bulk hiring for central government vacancies, the hiring panel might forgo the written test altogether and conduct a mass walk-in interview.

Verification of Documents

At this stage, all documents submitted by the candidate at the time of applying will be cross-checked and verified. In fact, some documents that you might not have submitted might even be scrutinized to validate your identity, educational qualification, and/or experience.

On Merit

With the exam, interview, and verification out of the way, you’ll have to wait for the merit list released by the hiring body. If you’re on the list — which shows up on the Waah Jobs page for a particular job posting —  there’s nothing much to do but wait/collect your appointment letter.

The Training

Getting through all the aforementioned stages and receiving the appointment letter isn’t where it ends. Once onboard, you might have to go through the training phase to understand the ins and outs of the central government job. Once done with this stage which usually lasts for a quarter or 6 months, you will be a full-fledged permanent central government employee.

Central Government Jobs on Waah Jobs does provide ample opportunities to all candidates. However, as a job seeker, you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Do keep other avenues open for employability. Case in point: private jobs on Waah Jobs. There’s plenty to choose from here just like government jobs: banking, IT, customer support, driving and more.

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