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Some would say that the number of private companies and businesses offering private jobs are funneling candidates left, right and center. While that’s true, government jobs have always been a staple in India — in particular government jobs for graduates.

It appeals to the youth for reasons aplenty: excellent career growth, good pay, the social status, promotions, incentives, pay hikes, stability, and security. Moreover, PSUs have played a significant role in drawing candidates, especially in banking, defence, railways, engineering health & medicine, law, law & order, and more. What they offer probably can’t be compared to the job roles private institutions do — a graduate job in the government as per your skills and aptitude which comprises various job roles that once occupied can lead to career growth with experience.

What role does graduation play in getting a govt job?

Although there’s plenty to be had on Waah Jobs — government jobs for 10th pass, 12th pass govt jobs and the like, most of the job roles open up only after graduation for all government job aspirants in India. It is the first step, or a qualification of the highest order if you will, for an applicant who is well beyond possessing a 12th pass certificate. 

By having a graduate-level degree, the possibilities of qualifying for a majority of government jobs increases exponentially. In fact, being a graduate allows you the opportunity to apply for 10th pass government jobs or government jobs for 12th pass. 

The final call (whether to take jobs that have lower educational criteria) is yours to take, but as a graduate you want that something “extra” from your employment. This is where that “extra” (that you already have in terms of educational qualification) automatically qualifies you to work for some reputed government agencies and ministries, such as Indian Railways, Reserve Bank of India, UPSC, SSB, SSC and so on.

Your graduation is the key to getting yourself involved in the bureaucratic functions of India and its states. Which divisions and agencies of bureaucracy you ask? We explain this below. But first, we tell you why you need Waah Jobs for government graduate jobs. 

Why Waah Jobs for upcoming govt jobs after graduation?

The heading is self-explanatory — we have in our database the latest government jobs for graduates. But that’s not all.

You see, the government job you crave and made available by the hiring authorities depends on a set of parameters. These parameters include the location of the graduate jobs, your graduate degree amongst other things. 

This is where we step in, compile the vacancy information about the latest graduate government jobs 2020 — which includes the official notifications, job description, requirements, important links to application form, results, answer keys and more — and put it up for all candidates to take cues from.

And the reason why we do this is because the procedure of applying to government jobs are completely different as compared to private jobs. There is just so much information and fine details for a candidate to digest, keep up with, and use that the entire process of applying and following-up becomes taxing. 

Making mistakes and filing your candidacy with half-baked information can only result in a rejection. This happens to most candidates, even the careful ones.

We take all the hassle out and present the latest information on govt jobs for graduates in a comprehensible manner so that you never stumble. All that’s left for you to do is keep your eyes peeled on Waah Jobs for the latest updates, apply to the government job, and prepare yourself for the govt graduate job selection process. 

List of Government Jobs after Graduation

Now comes the part that you’ve been eagerly waiting for — the 4 government job options for graduates. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

  • Govt Teaching Jobs for Graduates

Do you have the drive in you to shape the future of India? If so, then you must stay alert for teacher vacancy news on Waah Jobs. For many, primary school teacher jobs, govt teaching jobs, being an english teacher, a computer teacher and the like just fit the bill.

Of course, you will have to be an expert in the subject you teach. For instance, to fill the computer teacher vacancy you must at least be a graduate in Computer Science/Computer Applications/ Computer Engineering or IT. But to note that, to teach at school, you must at least have a B.Ed degree.

There are tons of government teaching job options for graduates. What’s more, with a higher qualification in your field like a Masters Degree to go with clearing the National Eligibility Test, you can apply to an assistant professor vacancy or faculty jobs at renowned educational institutions and universities.

Similarly, for yoga teacher jobs 2020 a BA/B.Sc degree in Yoga.

If you want to get a government job in the field of studies then you can definitely do this. In this field you can teach at many levels. It depends on your field of study and your qualification. If you have done B.Ed. then you can teach at school level. And if you have obtained a postgraduate degree and have qualified NET, then you can become a professor in a university or college.

  • PSU jobs for Graduates

A Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) or Public Sector Enterprise is a state-owned enterprise. Simply put, the majority of shares of the enterprise are owned by the Union Government, State / Territorial Governments, or both. 

PSUs are given yardsticks by the government viz Maharatna, Navratna, and Miniratna based on the profit they make. Some of the well-known PSU recruitment establishments are:

  • Air India
  • HAL
  • NTPC
  • HMT
  • NLC
  • IOCL
  • SAIL
  • BEL
  • GAIL Limited
  • ONGC

As a graduate, you can bag job roles of varying seniorities here. Also, do note that the salary and benefits you receive from the hiring PSU depends on the one of the aforementioned 3 status’ it receives.

The more technical your graduation degree is, be it an engineering degree or ITI certification, the more chances of you bagging exceptional roles under PSUs like engineer or director. That said, absence of a technical degree doesn’t limit you from getting non-technical roles like that of a clerk.

  • State PSC Jobs for Graduates

For those of you who don’t know, state public service commission jobs are like UPSC jobs. But unlike them, they’re conducted at state-level.

You must have come across a few (or all) of the following before?

UPPSC recruitment 2020. TNPSC jobs, KPSC recruitment 2020, PPSC recruitment 2020, APPSC jobs, MPSC jobs, HPSC jobs and so on.

Ring any bells? If you’re not aware, these are govt jobs designated by State Governments. The PSCs are Public Service Commissions, and each state has it to look for ideal candidates to fill roles in the State Government and various departments under it.

They have recruitment drives conducted annually with numerous candidates applying and getting selected. But do note one detail about how State Governments recruit graduate candidates for government jobs. Although the PSCs do conduct a search to fill roles for departments, individual departments may also conduct their own recruitment drives to fill roles.

  • Central Government Jobs for Graduates

Ask anyone what he/she would prefer between the option to pick a state or a Central Government job, and you’ll definitely hear the person utter “Central Government job vacancy”. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Central Government jobs are coveted over State Government jobs for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the level of involvement of the State Government(s) which is zero. 

You heard that right, a job role under the Central Government is controlled by the higher-ups at the Central Government/bodies/agencies. In other words, the Central Government agency you’ll work under aren’t bound by State laws.

Second, the incentives or perks that are offered by the Centre apply to all Central Government employees regardless their location of posting. And finally, as compared to the varying probation periods for a graduate government job role in states, the probation period for a Central Government job is usually 1 year.

Central Government recruitment 2020 details are released by government bodies like UPSC, SSB, SSC and so on and the selection process usually consists of — one or more rounds of — written examinations, a physical / medical test, a personal interview and training (if you pass the tests and interview).

But these 4 job options for graduates aren’t all the options for you out there. We have plenty in store for you, including defence jobs, bank jobs, police jobs, navy jobs, army jobs, air force jobs, UPSC jobs, railway jobs and so much more.

If it hasn’t been stressed enough already, your graduation degree is your ticket to finding a good government job that pays well and offers much more in return. Of course, the choice to upskill yourself for a promotion or to clear competitive exams and take up bigger roles is up to you. 

Nevertheless, your investment of time, effort, and funds for your graduation should not go to waste which is why the Government of India offers plenty of job opportunities which you must take when they show up on Waah Jobs. 

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