7 Skill Sets to Land a Dream IT Job

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7 Skill Sets to Land a Dream IT Job

Information Technology is not just a subject or an industry, it is a tool powering some of the largest companies in the world. With the applications growing by the day, IT jobs are the ones most sought for and talent is being tapped from all over the world to compensate for the growing demand. Your dream IT job needs just more than having bookish knowledge or having a college degree. One needs to think out of the box and needs a different approach to tackle real-life projects, come up with solutions and be an asset to the company. Every person has a different set of strengths and weaknesses which need to be played well in order to make up for the crucial IT skills for your resume. Here are some skill sets you must work toward for your dream job. 

Skill Set 1: Communication

IT jobs require a great deal of communication and most people ignore this crucial skill. Communication ranks the highest in employability skills when it comes to IT jobs because there is a chain of command that the information should flow through and clarity of communication becomes very important. Good communication also helps with efficient teamwork which forms the crux of most work relationships at IT jobs where you need to communicate with the team as well as the client constantly.

Skill Set 2: Problem Solving Ability

Logical aptitude is one of the most important skills for resume for an IT job. IT is all about the application and to be good at your job means you think on your feet, have quick reflexes to problems that arise on an ongoing basis. This is a highly tested skill in all interviews and is directly related to your calibre for the role. Most IT jobs have a round of interview to test your logical ability,

Skill Set 3: Solution-Oriented Thinking

IT jobs require you to think from the client’s perspective to find loopholes, solutions as well as problems. Dedication to the users' needs makes for a good candidate. Solution-oriented thinking is tested greatly on a behavioural level to understand how one thinks and from whose perspective when they solve problems. Presenting this in your behaviour and responses is an interview skill.

Skill Set 4: Leadership Skills

Leadership traits are sought by most interviewers given that most IT jobs have quick career progression which requires candidates to be prepared to handle a team. Leadership skills require greater vision, passion for the work and an all-round view. While you may be the best at what you do, most interviewers prefer candidates with leadership qualities that include mentoring, coaching, training, accountability and teamwork.

Skill Set 5: Technical Skills

Interview skills for IT jobs include your technical knowledge. Your dream job requires passion and dedication which you can prove by being adept at your subjects. Whether you’re into web development, front end, back end, database administrator, app developer or data analytics: The only thing that is common is learning how to use multiple tools to support your role. If you’re a front end developer then the most sought skills are XHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript while other roles like data processing require SAP system knowledge. Full Stack developers need a good hold on Hadoop, Scrum master, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, DevOps depending on their roles too. The list of technical skills changes from job to job so ensure that you’re certified and understand the requirements well.

Skill Set 6: Keeping up with Industry Trends

No matter which vertical you work in, there’s a lot of new ways to find solutions. There are always updates, new software and trends coming up which make it crucial for a candidate to stay updated. Most interviewers now have behavioural rounds in interviews to check how interested their candidates are in understanding the industry and it has become one the most tested job skills. One needs to have great passion in the field to be able to survive in the corporate world where being flexible, agile and quick at gaining new IT skills can take you places.

Skill Set 7: Teamwork

IT jobs often require you to eventually be able to train and lead a team. Teamwork is a crucial aspect of the job and how you fit into a team is very important to be hired into one. Those with great communication, management skills and time management are highly appreciated because to be able to deliver within deadlines is a crucial aspect. All companies consider quick turnaround times as an asset which makes time management skills a precious skill set.


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