Content Writer Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

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Content Writer Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

Job Description

  • Content writers are basically those individuals who are indulged in professional content writers producing interactive content for online use.
  • Typically internet-savvy individuals who write articles, blogs, reviews which also includes various other forms of web materials.
  • Their profession is basically to monitor all the search engines and what keywords are being searched by the people when they visit websites.
  • Ensure that the content they have written relevant to their organization is good enough for the consumers to generate their interests.
  • They should very much be willing to answer any questions posted by their readers.
  • Their content also includes ebooks, podcasts etc.
  • Content writers also use HTML, CSS, JAVA to get the content ready for the websites.
  • They also ensure that they set the tone for any site which they are writing for. This is possible only when they do quite a lot of research work over the internet and later on, decide which content to include and which ones to exclude.

Educational Qualification

  • A bachelor's degree or may be a higher one to get started with a company. Recruiters mainly look for candidates who have graduated with English or Literature as their core subjects.
  • Degree in Journalism, Mass Media and Communications would also suffice. Depending upon the content, companies might also look for candidates having a relevant degree for which the clients want the matter to be written.
  • Most of the times, content writers might need to enroll for an E-writing certificate program where courses offered mainly include technical languages include JAVA, HTML, CSS, and web-related languages.
  • It also includes web designing, technical writing etc. Most of the time the employers validate the applicant by making them give a written test.



Skills Required

  • Should have excellent writing skills with unblemished grammar expertise.
  • Should also be well versed with creative web content, blogs, articles, and press release according to the requirements.
  • Must have some experience in SEO writing and internet research. They also demand some experience with online marketing and lead generation.
  • Should have the basic understanding of Keyword relevancy and keyword density and should also be familiar with Keyword placement and other SEO best practices.

Besides, a content writer is a passionate knowledge gainer who writes about various topics and many types of businesses. The ability to transform the complex data into a much more understandable or user-friendly format is an essential ingredient of a content writer.


The average pay for a Content Writer is Rs 243,264 per year. Employees working in this area basically don't have more than 10 years of experience. The skills that tend to increase the pay package for this job are Writing Procedures/Documentation, tools like Microsoft Excel, and Creative Writing.

The salary of a content writer, starting from an entry level to the higher level ranges between Rs 120,140 - Rs 482,579 according to sources from Payscale.


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