Customer Care Job Description (JD), Salary And Responsibilities

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Customer Care Job Description (JD), Salary And Responsibilities

Job Description

  • Customer care executives ensure that the company delivers the highest quality of service to their customers or clients by using their skills, expertise, and experience.
  • Customer Care Executives are usually hired by ITES/BPO organizations so that they work for their clients who have outsourced their business, or by companies themselves.
  • Almost every industry is in a need customer care executive to manage queries from their customers.

Job Responsibilities

  • A customer care executive tends to act as a link-man between a company and its customers and resolves any such queries generated by its customers or clients with efficiency.
  • The only aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements.
  • Should be confident in troubleshooting any such emerging queries and maintaining high standards.
  • Develops a strong relationship with their customers and generates trust with an open and interactive communication.
  • Acquire and validate information and providing it to the customers with full efficiency.
  • Document or maintain records of each and every interactions with the customers for future evaluation.
  • Setting up customer accounts and provide relevant information to them.
  • Follow the procedure, guidelines provided and implement it while troubleshooting queries.

Educational Qualification

 A customer care job demands for any university degree/degree and good skills in communication. However, the level of education varies from different levels of a post in the Customer care industry.

Skills Required

  • Should be excellent with their communication skills
  • Should have the ability to interact with foreign clients.
  • Should also have strong presentation skills.
  • Strong analytical skills and be able to manage time effectively.
  • Should be able to multi-task.
  • This job strong demands for good interpersonal and problem-solving skills.
  • Should be able to adapt to interacting with any client and should have good listening skills to validate the data and troubleshoot.


According to a data from Payscale, the salary in a customer care industry ranges in between Rs 145,478 - Rs 484,535 right from the entry level executing to Manager level jobs.

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