Data Entry Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

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Data Entry Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

Job Description

  • As a data entry operator, your job description is quite candid and your day to day activities will involve inputting information into a computerized database.
  • The type of data which you are going to enter will vary from company to company. For eg., if you work in a company which deals with sales, then the information which you are going to deal with will be data related to sales or personal information of all the clients.
  • The data which you would be working on might be a text or numbers.
  • It could also be a paper based information which might need to be inputted into spreadsheets or database.
  • As the owner of all the data, you might well have a task in hand of providing information to the employees whenever they feel the need for it.

Job Responsibilities

  • Inserting information about the customers and accounts data from the source to the spreadsheets or a computerized database. Whatever task which a data entry performs has to be within a time limit.
  • Compiling and verifying the information for its accuracy to prepare the data before entering it into the computer.
  • Review the data before they input it for any errors or if any, is present then he or she should correct any irrelevancy and check the output.
  • Research should be done by them to acquire more information in case of any incomplete document.
  • Should be able to prepare and maintain all the reports and provide them whenever necessary and at the same time perform backup operations.
  • Must always comply with data integrity and the security policies of the company which you are working for.
  • Must maintain records or log books of whatever task which is performed.
  • They must respond if a request is made to access relevant information or files.


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  • Should be very good with MS Office tools and data programs.
  • Should be well versed with the administrative duties.
  • Some experience with the use of basic office equipment like scanner and fax machine.
  • Should have a good typing speed at the same time maintaining accuracy.
  • Should be excellent with spellings and grammar and also be able to pay attention to every detail.
  • Should be able to maintain the confidentiality of every information.
  • Must also have good organizational skills in order to have the required focus on the task assigned.


The average salary for a Data Entry Operator is Rs 123,118 per year. A skill in Microsoft Excel is would help to get high pay for this job. (Source: Payscale)

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