Delivery Boy Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

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Delivery Boy Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

When we order food so, lazily on a weekend in order to skip cooking for the day, there are some who work even on weekends to make sure that the food you ordered reaches you on time. Such professionals are known as Delivery boys.

If we simplify it more, a delivery boy or a man is the one who gets not just your food but anything that you order and wish to get it delivered to your house. Delivery person is a profession, not just used at various food outlets but also other stores where you get all the products you could order for and want it delivered to your favored destination. In simple terms, anything that is delivered to you after you place an order for it is done by the delivery guy.


The responsibilities of a Delivery boy is segmented into 3 parts such as the tasks which they need to carry out before the delivery, during the delivery and lastly after the delivery is done.

Should be vigilant enough to perform more task than they are expected to do which is simply transporting items from one place to another.

Need to be the effective keeper of people's food, products or goods etc which they have ordered.

Need to ensure the safety of the products which the customers have ordered.

Need to have exceptional driving skills along with an ability to navigate.

Plan their route before hand so that they deliver those items on time and at the same time maintain efficiency.

Organize every product according to the destination they prioritize first.

Verify each product and ensure that you have every item stocked up for delivery.

Acquire the signature of the customer as an agreement that the product reached you with zero damage and on time.

Make the customers aware of the safe handling of the product if the item they ordered for is an electronic item or anything which might be harmful to them.

Need to give each and every detail of the discounts on the products so that the customer has knowledge about it.

Lastly, make sure that you document each and every incident or problems that you faced during your delivery.


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Educational Qualifications

This profession does not require much of an education. However, a candidate completing their 12th would be preferable.


The average salary of a Delivery job is around Rs 12000 plus he or she gets covered with their mobile charge and petrol charges. However, there are some e-commerce companies where they pay Rs 15000 + add-ons.

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