Graphic Designing - Career, Salary And Job Openings

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Graphic Designing - Career, Salary And Job Openings

Are you looking out for a graphic designing course and very passionate about taking up this as your career? Well, you have come to just the right place, here you will get everything you need know about graphic designing. Let’s start with what is graphic designing? Below, you can find a short brief about it.

Graphic Designing Is A Creative Process

From websites, application interfaces to product packaging, the talented hands of a graphic designer can be seen everywhere. Graphic designs are also known as communication design, it is an art and practice of creating and projecting your ideas in visual and textual form. Here, you need to make designs for a company at any scale, right from a simple poster to the graphics of a company’s website.

Educational Requirement

A bachelor’s degree in graphic designing or fine arts is the qualification required to get a job from entry-level to advanced graphic design positions.

A certificate or an associate’s degree in graphic design for graduates can help you to qualify for assistance or technical support positions in this field.

There are many jobs as a graphic designer are available for the aspirant with a bachelor’s degree.

However, the minimum qualification required is G.D.Art or B.F.A. (Applied Art)

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design

NASAD is an organization of schools, conservatories, colleges, and universities with approximately 352 accredited institutional members. It establishes national standards for undergraduate and graduate degrees and other credentials for art and design and art/design-related disciplines, and provides assistance to institutions and individuals engaged in artistic, scholarly, educational, and other art/design-related endeavors.

Career Progression

Graphic Designers are found in several and a number of job titles, depending on the business context and stage of career. Let’s see the career progression opportunities from an entry level worker’s perspective.

At the start of your career, you may work as a Senior Graphic Designer, gradually after gaining some years experience you can climb up the ladder and become a Visualiser. Then you have a chance to move up to Senior Visualiser position. Later, senior most job positions like Creative Director and Art Director are not too far from you. With proper skill and knowledge, this journey will not be so tedious.

Free Design Tools

You can find numerous free online design tools, these tools give those who haven't experienced designers the power to create visual content for blog posts and social media posts. Below, you can find a list of such free design tools, check them out.

Photo Editing Tools





Font Tools

Type Genius          

Da Font


Font Squirrel

3D Graphic Software


Daz Studio

Required Skills

The ability to be Creative and Innovative while creating a design is the quality that every designer must have in them.

To excel your creativity you need to have a good hands-on experience with software like Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, Adobe Illustrator and any other designing tool.

Moreover, Strong Visual Communication, Excellent Sketching Skills and Understanding of Colour and Form is also required skills to be a graphic designer. It may be indistinct but knowing how to use, contrast or mix colors would be an invaluable skill.

Average Salary

The average pay for a Graphic Designer is Rs 2,51,300 per year according to the (India). Most people with this job move on to other positions after 10 years in this field. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Adobe Acrobat, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

To be a successful graphic designer you must be aware of the latest design trends. For this, you need to surround yourself with people more talented than you. Following great designers on social media sites can also help you a lot as these designers keep sharing their ideas and tips to create an exceptional design.

Graphic Design Influencers You Must Follow

David Carson

Ranganath Krishnamani

Meera Sethi

Mike Perry

Paula Scher

I hope you’ve got a better understanding about graphic designing. Following all these steps can make you a successful graphic designer.


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