Hardware Networking - Career, Salary, Job Openings

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Hardware Networking - Career, Salary, Job Openings

A Hardware Networking job is a process of creating maintaining a network through which two or more devices can commute between each other seamlessly. The devices can be routers, network bridges, modems, switches, cables, protocol converters, proxy servers and other networking devices like these. Aligning these devices to co-ordinate with each other is called hardware networking. The end receiver or creates data is known as the host.

What Does A Hardware Networking Engineer Do?
A hardware networking professional takes care and maintains the hardware of the computers and other devices at the workplace. Here, networking means connecting a group of two or more devices or computer systems.

This is done for sharing data and other information between the devices. As a hardware networking professional or commonly know as hardware networking engineer you will also be supervising and designing the hardware installation process. In an organization, your daily tasks will be Operating System (OS) installation and LAN troubleshooting.

Educational Qualification For Hardware Engineering

  • Aspirants can opt for a diploma in hardware networking, the criteria to take admission for this course is the candidate must have passed his/her 12th.

  • All a candidate needs to know is basics of computer.To apply for a hardware networking entry-level job, a bachelor’s degree in related field is a must.

  • A master’s degree is necessary to land a senior-level job. Candidates having a degree in MCA or BE or B. Tech (Computer Engineering) can apply for hardware networking jobs.

Skills Required For Hardware Networking Job

The ability to understand technical concepts and explaining it in a simple and clear way is the must needed trait of a hardware network engineer.

Managing the work is necessary as the professional doing hardware networking job are often piled up with many tasks. Precision and prioritizing the workload according to the situation is what you need to do here.

Hardware and Software Installation
Assembling and maintaining computer hardware and software is a part of the day-to-day activity here. Installing and configuring the computer peripherals and drivers is also what you’d be doing as a hardware network engineer.

Troubleshooting hardware and software problems of employees working in the office is also what they do.

Average Salary Range
A Network Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 294,275 per year. Experience strongly influences income for this job. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Network Security Management, Switches & Firewall Installation and Administration, and TCP/IP.
(Source: PayScale India)

Job Opportunities
There are a number of job opportunities available in hardware networking field in India. Industries such as BPO, IT, Telecom, E-Commerce and more are offering numerous jobs for hardware networking engineers. Below, I am going to discuss some of the best and most popular jobs in this field. Have a look -

Network Administrator
The job of a network administrator is to maintain the computer network and monitoring active data and other computer networks. Any failure in security and installation of OS and software is also monitored by the network administrator. In fact, administrator seeks and destroy all problems related to networking.

Network Engineer
This job is slightly different from administrators, all the tasks remain the same but the network engineers are more focused on evaluating vendor product system testing and other tasks like these.

Network Programmers
Writing programming scripts which use in network analysis like diagnostic and monitoring utilities is done by network programmers. They create software products according to their respective company’s need.

Network Information Systems Manager
Monitoring and managing the work of network administrator, technician, engineer and programmer along with planning, coordinating and direct research is what a network manager does. Moreover, designing the computer-aided activities of the company is also done by managers.

Cloud Network Administrators
This job designation is comparatively new but popular among job seekers. Nowadays, companies are shifting towards cloud for storing and maintaining their data. A Cloud Network Administrator configures and maintains these cloud platform effectively. They are responsible for creating cloud instances, maintenance and monitoring, load balancing among the cloud instances.


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