How To Dress For A Job Interview?

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How To Dress For A Job Interview?

Before you even speak a single word, your attire speaks for you and have already laid an impression on the interviewer, the moment you enter the room. With this article, I would ensure a proper and considerate awareness within job seekers in the industry and also make them understand the importance of dressing for a job interview.




1) You should start acquiring a dressing etiquette which has to be professionally appropriate also the position for which you are applying to.

2) Wearing a suit would most probably be the most gentle of all. But keep this in mind, there is nothing like "being under-dressed" for an interview regardless of what the dress code policies that company has set. And whenever in doubt, feel free to be a little bit conventional or you can say conservative.

3)  You can think of putting up a dress more casual for the second interview but you must still dress professionally. It is better to be over-dressed than being over-casual as it creates a bad impression. According to me, you can follow a simple protocol by dressing like how your boss does.

4) Clothes need to be neat and clean and pressed. Shoes should be well-polished and should ideally match the color of your belt. Your hair should be neat, clean, and avoid it being in rugs.

5) Even if you pose to be one of those bearded gang members, try and make sure that it should be trimmed in shape and should be neat-looking prior to an interview.



1) Ideally, a woman should always wear a suit with a skirt or pants. They can follow the same rule as the man by being more conservative whenever in doubt.

2) The suit you are wearing should fit you perfectly. You should dress in a manner which makes you not act naturally at an interview. For eg, if your waistband is so tight and cutting you in half or the jacket is abnormally tightened.

3) The interview dress should be very simple and dark in color. Anything which is flashy, or too tight or short should be avoided. The reason being, interviewers often complain about the tight dress or it being too short. So you must avoid it at all cost so as to avoid a negative impression on them.

4) I would suggest you go with a knee length skirt because a the long skirt would also be considered too trendy for an interview.

5)  The nail polish or the makeup that you wear should be flattering but underrated. Colors of the nail polish should match with your skin tone and avoid it being too flashy.

6) You should also consider keeping your jewelry or ornaments low key and other accessories to a minimum level. A suggestion, keep one ring per hand and you are good to go.

7) The footwear should be orthodox and low-heeled. They should usually be in a very good condition. You should very much avoid a footwear which has an open toe or back or any such shoes you would usually wear on a date or at parties. It would fairly seem inappropriate.


This may sound like a lot of restrictions or lot of rules to follow but these are the guidelines that you should generally follow. Dressing professionally ideally shows respect for yourself and for the interviewer and which will make you more likely to be taken seriously and also might end up getting a job offer.


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