How To Write An Eye Catching Resume

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How To Write An Eye Catching Resume

When you build a great resume, that's when you take the first step to get your dream job. The main motive of your resume is to get the recruiter's attention so that they communicate with you to call you for an interview. The content you mention in your resume including with the display of it actually decides whether or not you get the initial contact.

The thing that impresses the employers most is Professionalism which reflects in your resume. It should not be fancy,  but well-written which should be readable and pleasing.

What do employers read resumes for? They basically do it determine the candidate's experience and other qualifications.

Your resume acts as your face which makes an impression on the interviewer or the employer. Usually, the employer prefers a quick read of your resume so all the important information should be included first. I hope these guidelines will let you create a well-tailored resume.


Layout of a CV

1) You should keep your resume brief and every information you mention should be to the point. The main part of your resume should be your education and your qualification. The other categories may include your past honors, scholarships, volunteering or others. You should consider to state information according to its priority and also make sure that the data you mention is relevant.


2) You should concentrate on displaying your name on the resume. If needed, increase the font of the name so that it can be read easily and clearly.


Past Experiences

3) Put more stress on what you did in the past. Describe each responsibility and your experience which is the most important part of your CV that you will mention. You don't need to include other people's names on your resume for whom you worked for or working for.


Inclusion/Exclusion of Hobbies

4) You need not include your hobbies on your professional CV. However, a recruiter may want to check your special talents or abilities. You also need to focus on the recent activities which you have been doing over the past 4-5 years. Exclude your school activities or the ones which you did in diploma school.


Your Contact Details

5) You need to include your email address which you check daily or access it on day to day basis. The email address should not be fancy or offensive. It should be completely professional and nothing should be looking inappropriate.


6) If you have a personal website then you might include it if your website totally focusses on your career objectives. You need to remember one thing that apart from this, no other personal information should be included on the resume such as birthday, license and any other such information.


Work Experience

7) You also need to keep this in mind to list your work experience in the reverse order. For eg., You need to mention the experience first where you are currently working in. You can also include all the part-time, full-time experiences. You can also consider mentioning the experience in which you were not getting paid as it might well be an add-on to your resume.


8) If you are including your experiences, you must also mention the start dates and the end dates with the name of the company or organization you were working in.


One Page Resume

9) This might look like a lot of rules to follow but believe me, this will help you tremendously. Last thing you need to keep in mind that we don't have to make our resume look like a novel. Always keep in mind that you need to gain the employer's attention. Also, try to keep your resume a one-page resume. However, if you think you need another page, summarize your remaining relevant information in such a way that it uses up only half that page.

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