Important Interview Tips For Freshers

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Important Interview Tips For Freshers

When you have just passed out or graduated from college, attending an interview might be a challenge, particularly when you haven't attended many interviews. It is 100% true that it is by far one of the biggest challenges that a student might face as they are applying for an entry level job for which there are thousands of applicants, all have the exact same qualifications.

Nonetheless, there are various ways which you can follow so that you stand out from the crowd and make a positive impact on the interviewer at the same time.

However, the basic of interviewing for a job as a college graduate or interviewing for any other job like a passive job seeker, preparation remains the same for every interview. You need to dress up according to the interview, reach the venue on time, wear a positive attitude and be mentally ready for it.

More and more you prepare, by practicing your interview abilities, and doing some research about the company, also having the ability to express why you are the best out of many applicants, will make you more likely get a job.

Below are some interview tips which I hope would help you enhance your interview skills.

1) Stop pretending that you are interested in everyone.

Well, everyone knows that you are a college grad and that you are looking for a job, in this case, any job. Interviewers agree that you looking for a finance role, but the truth should stay like you would be joyous to work with other companies as well. Do not pretend that you were born with the whole and sole purpose, working for XYZ company. Instead, show genuine interest in the role which the interviewer is offering and communicate effectively and let him or her know what you will offer to that company.

2)  Why do you want to work here?

This is by far the most popular question among the interviewers or the recruiters where they ask applicants while interviewing them during campus placements. This also remains a very fair question and also on the point as there is no harm in answering that question as it is legit for all the freshers and it's a duty for them to know why they want to work in that company or anywhere around the world.

3) Be interactive with the interviewer

You are a young lad and you have just completed your college degree and the guy at your front might be holding 2-3 degrees or may be a Ph.D. also. Don't be so disheartened by that and let it supersede your confidence. Instead of waiting for him to question you, break the ice and be a little more interactive by asking him questions revolving around the company and the job role.

4) Don't let the negativity out. Don't talk negative

Just remember one thing, whatever you act, just don't be negative. Otherwise, it will more likely be the reason with which your chances of getting a job offer might sink. Do not lose you control and talk negatively about your teachers or profs or even your past employers in this case.

5) Explain why this job is the best fit.

At the end of the interview, if you seem to be interested in the job role they offer you, let your interviewer know that this job role is an excellent bet for you and that you will prosper. This will enhance your chance to land a job offer.​

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