How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter with Samples

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How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter with Samples

In the pre-internet era, job offer letters were physical original copies that were handed over to the selected candidate to review and accept the offer. In this internet age, emails have become a more potent and environment-friendly medium to send offer letters to selected candidates. So, candidates are no more left thinking about how to accept offer letter online in the best possible way. At the same time, they get a chance to reaffirm their employment terms and express gratitude at being given this wonderful opportunity.

The candidates can add value to this job offer and their employment by sending a job offer acceptance email to the sender or the concerned person of the company.

What is a job acceptance email?

A job acceptance email can be defined as an email that you write as a reply to the original job offer email as your formal agreement to the terms and conditions of the job offer.

This email is sent to your future company or manager after you have received their job offer email or letter detailing every aspect of your employment, including the pay, benefits and entitlements.

Some employers add this email to the employee’s file to properly document their employment. In some cases, the HR rep or the recruiter will guide you on exactly how to write and email the acceptance email.

Why write a job acceptance email?

While it is not considered mandatory to write an offer letter acceptance mail or a job acceptance letter, however, if you do so, it would not only highlight your professional attitude but also make a positive first impression on the company.

The offer acceptance mail lets you summarise the positive features of your job offer and also allows you to clearly understand your responsibilities in your new company before joining. This activity clarifies any confusion, answers your questions and clears your doubt if any in the most professional way.

A job acceptance letter is the best way to express gratitude for being offered the job position, and that you are happy, excited and eager to start working in this new position. And hence, we have compiled a list of job offer acceptance letter reply samples and formats. So, read on and select which one works best for you.

Job offer acceptance letter format #1

This is a job letter acceptance sample, wherein you thank the recipient for giving you the employment. You have already discussed the terms of employment, but you may still have some doubts about any particular segment of your salary or benefits. You can use this job acceptance offer letter sample to voice your doubts while thanking the recipient for the offer.

Sub: Acceptance of the offer letter

Dear <Recipient Name>,

I thank you for offering me the position of <Job title>. I am extremely happy and excited at getting this opportunity to work for <Company Name>. I request you to please view this email as my formal acceptance to the job offer.

It has always been my dream to work at <Company Name>, and I feel happy that I’m a step closer to achieving it. I assure you that I will put my best effort into every task and shall strive hard to reach the goals of the company. I assure you that I would soon prove to be one of your sincerest employees whom you can bank upon.

Thank you for proving the details about my pay package. But I have a few doubts about the additional benefits like medical facilities and rewards which are a part of the package.

Therefore, I request you to kindly provide me with more information about these benefits.

I agree with the remainder of the employment terms and conditions of the company. I believe I have completed all the required documentation. If anything remains to be completed from my part, please let me know.

I look forward to meeting you on Monday.




Job offer acceptance letter sample #2

You can use this job acceptance letter sample to show your heartiest gratitude on being offered the job. You can also show your intent and excitement to work for the company. And finally, end by asking whether the documentation process is complete or there are still some formalities that need to be completed.

Sub: Acceptance of job offer

Dear <Recipient Name>,

I want to extend my heartiest gratitude to you for offering me employment as <Job Title> at <Company Name>. I am extremely delighted to accept this job offer and look forward to beginning work from <Date>.

As per our discussion, my annual salary shall be <Amount>, and the insurance and health benefits shall be available to me, along with my family, from <Date> onwards.

I have submitted all the necessary documents with the HR executive, and have signed on all the important documents. If I have still left out on completing any formalities, then I request you to please let me know, and I will complete them at the earliest. As expected, I would finish all the formalities before my joining date.

Thank you again for giving me this excellent opportunity. I look forward to putting my best for the company.





Job acceptance letter format #3

After being selected for the job, if you have had Skype discussions about the job offer, then you can use this job acceptance letter format to thank as well as confirm your employment. Further, you can highlight the terms and conditions discussed and agreed upon during your discussions. This letter is a formal written record of the oral video discussion done on Skype. And their acknowledgement will serve as a confirmation on the employment terms and conditions.

Sub: Accepting offer letter

Dear <Recipient Name>,

According to the discussion that we held on Skype, I write this letter to formally acknowledge and accept your offer of employment for the job position of <Job Title> with <Company Name>.

I am glad to have been offered this opportunity. I will strive to meet the expectations of the company. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to confirm certain vital employment terms before my beginning work on my new job.

According to the agreement, my joining date shall be <Date>, and my shift shall start at <Time>. It will be five working days every week and work off on Saturday and Sunday.

As per the company leave policy, I shall be entitled to 20 paid leaves in one year. Further, additional sick leaves are exclusive of the paid leaves. Also, I am not entitled to any leaves during the first six months of probation.

The working hours would be nine hours every day. My salary would be <Amount and whether it is gross or net>. Plus, I would also receive extra overtime pay. The extra benefits that I am entitled to include health, dental and medical insurance. I shall be eligible for these benefits after completing 90 days of employment with the company.

Hope the points mentioned above are true to our understanding of the job offer. I request you to please confirm that we have agreed upon the same. Please let me know if I have missed out on any point or if there are any discrepancies in what I have mentioned.

I am enthusiastic about joining your prestigious company and meeting everyone on the team.

I look forward to receiving your confirmation email highlighting the terms of employment, as mentioned in this acceptance letter.





Job acceptance letter format #4

This job acceptance letter can be used to accept a project-based employment contract, wherein you know the supervisor or the leadership that offered you the job role. This job acceptance letter is your special way to say thank you to them for selecting you for the job and at the same time, highlighting the fine prints of the contract.

Sub: Acceptance of job offer

Dear <Recipient Name>,

With immense pleasure, I would like to accept the job offer of <Job Title>, under the able guidance of <Supervisor Name> with <Company Name>. I am enthusiastic to be a part of your team on this exciting new project. I firmly believe that my knowledge and extensive experience on this subject will help me actively assist you in the successful completion and delivery of this project.

As per the employment contract, my tenure will begin from <Date> and will remain for a period of <Time Duration>. During this period, I will be entitled to <Number> paid leaves and other benefits, such as <List benefits>. My salary package will be <Salary details>. Further, as discussed, I will also be entitled to incentives and bonus based on performance. During the work period, I would be paid for the overtime if asked to do so.

I wish to thank you personally for this wonderful experience at the interview. It would certainly be a pleasure working under your leadership. I hope to live up to your expectations and the belief you have in my capabilities.

I have signed and emailed the signed offer letter accepting the terms and conditions.

Thanking you once again.





Job acceptance letter format #5

Lastly, this job acceptance letter sample can be used while replying to a job confirmation email sent by the employer. This sample is the best way for expressing gratitude at being given this wonderful opportunity, at the same time, reaffirming the terms and conditions, including that the employment and the payment will be on an hourly basis.

Sub: Acceptance of job offer

Dear <Recipient Name>,

Regarding your email dated <Date> that confirmed my employment as <Job Title> with <Company Name>, I thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. With gratitude and great pride, I accept this job position.

According to the email, I will get paid on an hourly basis, and the amount per hour would be <Amount>. My maximum working hours would be <Hours per week> from Monday to Friday. I will be entitled to two weekly offs on Saturday and Sunday. The job timings will remain flexible with a few hours of overlap for team meetings and other team activities.

Furthermore, my tidal annual compensation package would work out to <Amount> and would include <Compensation Benefits>.

I request you to please let me know of any other company policies that I may not be aware of. Additionally, if you find any discrepancies in the details mentioned above, I request you to please make me aware of the same.

I am eagerly waiting for the joining date to start working with your company. I am sure that my vast knowledge and extensive experience will certainly be an asset to the organisation.

Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of your company.





Tips to accept the job offer email the right way

Now that you have read through the different job offer acceptance letter reply formats and are ready to write an acceptance of offer letter reply, you also need to keep some important tips in mind to craft the perfect job acceptance email.

A few offer letters carry a cutoff date to accept the offer, so you must carefully peruse your job offer and follow all the given instructions. Therefore, you must write a formal job offer letter acceptance email that is concise, clear and professional and helps you start your new job on a positive note. The five simple tips mentioned below will certainly help you craft the perfect offer acceptance email.

Include a proper subject line.

The subject line of a formal letter defines the context of the letter. Therefore, it holds great importance in crafting a job acceptance letter. The subject should be concise and to the point. It should indicate the purpose of the letter. The subject line can be as simple as ‘Accepting your job offer’ or ‘Accepting the job offer by <Company Name>’. This short sentence will inform the recipient about the context of the email. If you wish to write a job acceptance email in response to the offer letter that was emailed to you, you could modify the subject in any of the above templates and ensure it extends a clear communication.

Address your email to the right person.

In most scenarios, you must write to the individual who mailed the job offer letter to you. If you have received the job offer letter by email, then you should simply reply to the email highlighting your acceptance to the offer. But if you received a verbal or written job offer letter, then you must address the email to the appropriate person who extended the offer to you, like the hiring manager or the supervisor.

Thank them for the job offer.

The job acceptance letter is a wonderful opportunity to thank your new employer or the addressee for interviewing you and giving you this great chance to work with the company. In fact, a job offer acceptance letter is the perfect way to express your gratitude, excitement and enthusiasm about your employment. Plus, it starts your innings with your new employer on a positive note, and it reflects your proactive and go-getter attitude towards work.

Agree and mention the employment terms.

Ideally, the job acceptance letter must be brief, direct and concise. However, it helps to list down or mention the terms of your employment that you have discussed and agreed to with your new employer in the text. You could add details, such as compensation, salary, benefits, payoffs and other aspects, which seem important and need a more personal acknowledgement from your new employer before you join work.

If you wish to negotiate on some aspects of the offer letter before signing on the dotted line or before sending that official acceptance letter, then request your to-be employer or the addressee to discuss those particular aspects in detail. If you need any adjustments done to your joining date or other aspects, you can request your new employer to do so followed by the reason why you need such adjustments and how they will help you in joining your new position in a more comfortable and effective way.

Every new employer expects transparent communication. So the more open and direct you are about your status, the better it will be for the relationship between you and your new employer. After all, it is a long-term relationship, and you must ensure that it starts on a positive note.

Sign on the email.

End your email with your signature, as it brings formality and seriousness to your job acceptance letter. Also, thank the addressee or your new employer for this wonderful opportunity before signing off. Finally, end your message with a salutation, like ‘sincerely’ or ‘best regards’ to maintain professionalism in the letter.

An acceptance letter is your way of showing your interest, excitement and gratitude towards this new job. So you must ensure that it positively conveys your thoughts and expressions. After all, this letter is a brand new start with your new employment.