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Online Marketing - Career, Salary, Job Openings

Online Marketing which now popularly known as Digital Marketing is in trend. Businesses are striving towards making their digital presence more authentic and reliable for their audience. As we all are aware, people have started spending more of their time on social media. Not only social media but they are using more digital platforms for almost all if their needs. Whether it may be ordering food, goods, or clothes, online platforms have all that you want. Promoting your company on digital platforms is the best way of marketing where content will be the king. India is getting slowly and gradually more digitized, this has created more jobs in Digital Marketing field.

You need to be well qualified and must have the right skill-set to be successful in Online Marketing. Let’s have a look at what does it take to start your career in Digital Marketing. Here we go - 

Educational Requirement
To enter in this field, you need to have a minimum of bachelor’s degree from streams like BMM, BMS or any marketing related certificate. However, the requirements will vary according to the job positions. 

Having a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization/Marketing and Web Analytics will help you land a job easily and plus help you to progress your career. To land a job at a senior level like Digital Marketing Manager, you need to earn a Master’s or MBA degree. 

Required Skills
To be an exceptional person in digital marketing you need to have the following skills:- 

Ability To Make and Execute Marketing Strategies 
Planning and executing marketing strategies is what you as a digital marketer need to do day in and day out. Therefore, coming up with promising and unique marketing ideas is what your job would be. Make sure you are an internet savvy before you enter in this field.

Interpersonal and Communication 
If you have a got an idea, it should be shared with your team in order to execute it in the best way. As a digital marketer, you are bound to interact with different people for various work requirements. Also, having the ability to build rapport is crucial for building healthy business relationships and to climb up the career ladder of success quickly.

Analyzing the data in order to make important decisions is what every digital marketing professional does. It helps to identify trends and patterns with whom you can create a better plan and gain a higher return on investment (ROI). 

Ability to work in a team is a must in digital marketing as you have to make and run online campaigns where you’ll definitely need the help of other marketing professionals. 

Yes, that’s right! As a digital marketer, you need to have enough technical knowledge. This reduces dependencies for completing your work on time. Having a good knowledge of programming languages, such as HTML is a must to stand out from the crowd. 

Job Titles and Average Salary
SEO Specialist 
SEO Specialists are responsible for analyzing, reviewing and implementing changes to websites in order to optimize search engines. Well, this is done to drive maximum traffic to their website and improve the rankings on search engines. An average salary SEO Specialist can earn Rs. 183,601 per year. 

Content Writer
Coming up with unique and engaging content which is in-line with your organization is the major task of a content writer. Writing and publishing blogs on various digital platforms and making marketing plans are also their responsibilities. The average salary you can expect in this profession is Rs 243,264 per year. 

Social Media Manager
Handling the social media accounts of an organization is the main job over here. Social media executives can progress their career and become a manager. The average salary here will be Rs 338,029 per year.  

Graphic Designer
Creating visual content with the help of computer software is what a graphic designer does. The designs which they make are also known as communication design. As a graphic designer, you have to create layouts rather images for advertisements, blogs, press releases, brochures, and reports. A graphic designer earns an average of Rs. 274,572 per year.

Digital Marketing Manager
Creating and managing digital marketing campaigns is the prime responsibility here. Overseeing social media strategies and working with other teams such as IT department in order to maintain the website are other tasks of a digital marketer. An average salary of a digital marketing manager will be 412,492 per year.


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