Operations Executive Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

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Operations Executive Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

Every Business or an organization necessarily require executives who can drive the company's goals and values to the employees.

Job Description

  • Operations Executive express their operations strategies and objectives to make sure that the company which they are working for reaches its target and operates effectively.
  • Assisting various other higher executives and also the owner of the company or may be the company's Board Of Directors.
  • They might also be given the responsibility for the complete operations of a small business.
  • Professionals doing an Operations Executive job is largely responsible for that particular part of the workplace that instantly manages the entire operations and also looks after the maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  • Has to report to various parts of the organization in which he or she works at like Chief Operations Officer, Facilities Executive etc but he or she normally has direct access to the higher management.



The roles and responsibilities of an Operation Executive have been listed below: 

  1. Individuals working as an Operations Executive need to communicate with the higher management to prepare a strategy for operations to run efficiently. 
  2. You also need to assist in developing long term plans to achieve the goals and objectives which are already set.
  3. They are also burdened with managing the company's commercial operations and various expenses and budget.
  4. An Operation Executive also keeps a check on the performance of the operations of both internal service providers and external service providers.
  5. They also monitor the condition of the facility and keep a check on the environmental performance and give suggestions or approve funds or plans for spending.
  6. One of the most important tasks is to provide them with a work environment which is favorable for high work productivity.
  7. Apart from this, they should also monitor the every performance metrics and they should receive and respond to approvals and notifications on a regular basis.


operations executive jobs


  • Good problem solving and decision-making skills. This skill-set can possibly be the most important part in identifying problems within the organization and having the capability to evaluate the relevant action required.
  • You should have strong communication skills.
  • Good leadership skills as your main focus will be to effectively convince others on business matters.

Educational Requirements

Candidates opting for a role in Operations require at least a bachelors degree in business or in a field which is quite relevant to the job role. Much focus will be given to those candidates holding a degree like Bachelors of Science in Business Management degree or a Bachelor of Business Administration.   


Usually, the salary of an Operations Executive ranges in between ₹165000 to ₹299000. The average salary of an operations executive is ₹250,000. (Source: Glassdoor)

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