Sales - Career, Salary, And Job Openings

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Sales - Career, Salary, And Job Openings

In simple words, a sale is an exchange of a product or money as the price of a better service.

The totality of sales is very much considered to be a people-centric business but there is much for a sales job to give than just presenting to customers and exhibiting a pronounced verbal diarrhea. So the question stays, what exactly is a Sales Job. Sales job is an essential key attribute in the convergence of customer demand and merchant supply.   


Job Description: 

People doing Sales Jobs are one of the most influential individuals in terms of bringing business to the organization. Sales executives are the key point SPOC between a company and its clients where services include answering to all the queries, offering advice on products and sales and introducing new products. They also organize sales visits and demonstrating their products, promoting them. They are also responsible for reviewing sales performances, achieve monthly and annual targets and also negotiating contracts with the clients.



The chances of getting a promotion to Senior Sales role are excellent which totally depends upon the review on your monthly/annual targets which you have achieved. Progression can be made to a senior sales role or other areas like marketing or management.


Qualification required:

 There are ways of getting a Sales job for both, the university graduates and for those students who are about to leave school.

For graduates, any degree is acceptable although relevant qualifications are of preference for some positions like technical sales and medical. There are various entry-level or trainee roles available in sales industry which can be beneficial for those who are just about to leave school. They are most likely to land up as a sales trainee/adviser before being promoted to executive.


Key Skills: 

Most employers often look for candidates who have an abundance of knowledge in the fields which are relevant to the Sales job. A recruiter asks for excellent communication skills, where this being the most important of the lot as executives have many scheduled visits where they have to interact with the clients or customers. They also need to have good presentation skills, interpersonal skills, they should be confident in what they are trying to depict, should be good with tools like Excel and be very good with numbers. Having a little bit of commercial awareness would be very beneficial.



 According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a sales executive is just around ₹3,43,500 whereas after working for a couple of years and getting promoted to Senior Sales Executive, the salary rises to somewhere between ₹4,00,000-₹4,50,000.


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