Self Introduction For Interview - A Quick Guide

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Self Introduction For Interview - A Quick Guide

“Tell me something about yourself” is one of the common questions asked in all interviews irrespective of the industry. This question is quite simple however, giving a good self-introduction in an interview is no picnic. 

Good self-introduction gives a positive first impression and works as an icebreaker for you and your interviewer. Consider self-introduction as an elevator pitch for yourself. You need to tell your story effectively within a short amount of time. This might sound easy but, keeping your introduction short and persuasive can be a little confusing. 

Take note of these simple steps for introducing yourself, with examples of what to do and say to everyone you meet during the hiring process

When you arrive at the interview

Make sure you are prepared for a brief introduction for the person who greets you at the venue. When you reach the interview site, introduce yourself to the receptionist by stating your name and the reason for your visit. 



"Good Evening, I’m Sarah, 

I have an interview scheduled with Mr. Walter at 5: 30 p.m."


Many recruiters or hiring managers will enquire about your behavior with every employee in the company you've met that day. Don't act rude to anyone at the venue; not even the receptionist. There are multiple cases reported by various hiring managers where they canceled the appointment, even before seeing the candidate, just because of his/her rude behavior towards the receptionist.

When you meet the interviewer

Begin your introduction with a greeting and a firm handshake. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity and convey that it is a pleasure to meet them, smile, and make eye contact. Make sure you avoid common interview mistakes such as not dressing appropriately, not paying attention, gazing at your phone etc. To be on the safe side, make sure you switch off your phone or put it on flight mode while entering. And if you fail to do that and your phone does ring, apologize and quickly turn it off without checking the screen. 

Majority of the recruiters start off the interview process with the question -- “tell me about yourself” or “give a brief introduction about yourself”. 

Keep your introduction concise and short by mentioning adequate and relevant information alone. You can also add some informal elements such as your native place, hobbies, etc to make an interesting start. Don't focus too much on the personal part and try to blend this element with the professional information and educational information smoothly. 

If you are a fresher, explain more about your interests and try to blend it with your career choice. If you are an experienced professional, instead of explaining your interests part, slowly move on to your professional experience and skills. Start with your current professional profile and move on to your previous work experience in a structured way. You don’t have to explain each position in detail unless you’re asked to. Mention your previous projects to highlight your professional strengths. Also keep in mind that boasting about your strengths and achievements is not a good practice. 


Self Introduction Sample Structure:

Greeting > Who you are? > Where do you come from > What have you studied and where ? > Who are you as a professional? > What are your professional achievements and strengths? > Optional information about yourself (Hobbies, What do you like about this place etc)


Sample 1: Fresher

Hi Sir, 

Thank you for this opportunity. I am Sarah, a Bangalorean currently settled in Mumbai along with my parents. I'm an art enthusiast and an aspiring artist. My love for digital art was the reason I chose to pursue higher studies in Design and Communication. 

I've always been an active student in school and college. I have participated in many art workshops and events during my school and college days and have won many awards.

In my leisure time, I relish going out with friends and exploring new museums and galleries. I also enjoy watching movies, reading and traveling.

I am looking forward to knowing more about this opportunity and would love to answer more questions.

Sample 2: Experienced professional

Good Morning Sir/Madam

My name is Sam. Thank you for considering me for this role. I have been a Marketing Analyst for the past seven years and my domain expertise are the e-commerce and insurance sectors, I have good exposure in numerous end-to-end development solutions and hold proficiency in diverse business phases. 

I am comfortable working with the team and also enjoy working on individual projects. In my previous job, I have managed a team of five and overlooked all the research and reporting activities of the marketing department. Currently, I am seeking better opportunities that will aid in my professional growth and development. 

9 Tips for introducing yourself at a job interview

Dress in a professional manner that is suited to the position for which you are interviewed.

Be smart and confident

Market yourself with an elevator pitch

Keep your introduction short and concise

Don’t spill too much personal information

Highlight your accomplishments and achievements but do not brag or boast.  

Focus more on your qualifications and skill sets

Practice your introduction lines so that you can comfortably describe yourself

Always be prepared for the follow-up questions based on your introduction

Always be prepared, be confident and speak your heart out. Talk about yourself with enthusiasm and pride. If you think we missed out on anything related to this topic, feel free to give us a shout in the comment section below. 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” —Confucius

All the best!


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