10 things that freshers do wrong during an interview

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10 things that freshers do wrong during an interview

With the ever-increasing competition within the corporate universe, the fact that jobs are getting scantier for freshers cannot be ruled out. While most of us are conscious about “getting the job”, we ignore “how to get the job done” in the first place, which is all about mastering the job interview.

It is natural for a fresher to feel overwhelmed, nervous or hassled before his or her first job interview. That feeling tends to get worse even before facing his or her first interview question, even if it is an easy one. A newbie’s strong first impression not only gives him/her extra points but also helps to undermine the fact that the applicant lacks experience.

While knowing what to do can prove to be advantageous, being aware of what not to do is equally important. As the saying goes, a smart man learns from his own mistake but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Any fresher applicant can enhance his or her interview skills by acknowledging the common interview mistakes. 

If you are a fresher, this list of interview tips, rather tips of what to not do, will help you. Use this a guide to avoid common interview mistakes and ace all the interview questions you can possibly think of. Alternatively, if you are a recruiter, you may use this to educate your fresh applicants. 

Not doing their homework

A clueless candidate is a disqualified candidate. Being unprepared for an interview gives an impression of being uninterested, which is never good.

Doing your homework not only makes it easier to answer the interview questions but also boosts your confidence before the job interview. One must be aware of the company, a little bit of the company’s history and all the specific requirements that the company is looking for in their future employee.

Lack of discipline

A disciplined candidate is an asset for any company or firm. The discipline of any interviewee is mainly marked by his or her punctuality. A punctual candidate will always arrive at the scheduled time or maybe a little early, but never late.

Additionally, showing up at the right time not only adds to the profile of the candidates but also creates a perception of their enhanced professionalism and seriousness.

Being casual

Though a casual and carefree work atmosphere is what the millennials desire these days, it is a mistake to neglect that an overly casual attitude could lower your points instantly in any interview.

The following can be signs of an excessively casual attitude:

Blatant, multiple cross-questioning

Using inappropriate and unprofessional words or phrases

Being too outspoken

Frequently interrupting the interviewers and their questions

Using your phone during the interview

The importance of smartphones in today’s world cannot be undermined, but it is also true that clinging on to your smartphone during the interview session ends up is unacceptable.

Using your cellphone not only diverts your attention but is also proof of your lack of focus and casual attitude. Instead, show them that you are alert and interested in the interview questions.

Inappropriate attire

For freshers, it can be really confusing to zero down on their interview attire. This can, however, be easily sorted by going through the guidelines, the rules and the conduct of the company for any particular post.

While most of the companies assign a particular interview dress code, some others choose to test you. So, remember this:

Avoid over the top dressing or flamboyant makeup with unnecessary accessories

Keep it subtle, minimal and professional

Personal hygiene must also be maintained

Inappropriate body language

To master any interview, it is not only significant to check on how you speak but it is also important to check on how your body speaks. Your body language conveys a lot about you. What and how you speak sums up your answers. Follow this:

There must be a correlation between your words and your actions

Maintain a respectful distance from the interviewer


Wrong posture

Fidgeting with hands or fingers

Lack of eye contact

Constant movement

Expressionless face

Being boring

An interesting candidate stays in the mind of the panel while a monotonous and boring candidate is usually soon forgotten. It can be beneficial to maintain your originality and show off your knowledge and style in a very subtle manner.

You must be able to grasp the attention of the panel throughout the session without being dull, tiresome or repetitive. A gripping candidate creates an impression of being action-packed which is much more appealing.

Disclosing irrelevant and too much information

This is one of the most important interview tips. Too much personal information or any other irrelevant information should not be mentioned in front of the interviewing panel.

Your political inclinations, family problems, relationship issues, religious affiliations and financial issues play a negative role in your selection if mentioned during the interview session. No matter how friendly the interviewer is, an interviewee must keep it as professional as possible.


In the era of the internet, lying about your achievements or exaggerating is an absolute act of foolishness. Sometimes, to impress the panel a fresher candidate ends up extrapolating about his or her skills and achievements. Incorrect boasting will trap you.

Being too rigid or too flexible

It is quite normal for any fresher candidate to adhere to any kind of condition or criteria just for the sake of the job. This shows that the driving force behind is not the candidate’s passion but only the benefits of the job.

Being too flexible shows how desperately you need that job. On the other hand, being too rigid with your conditions shows that it is difficult for you to adjust. While adaptation is important, one must also remember to maintain his or her niche in any work environment.

Apart from the aforementioned interview tips, a positive attitude also helps to keep calm during the entire session. A job interview could be an extremely challenging process if you are a fresher but nothing is impossible if done wisely.


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