4 Tips to Prepare for Overseas Video-Skype Interviews

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4 Tips to Prepare for Overseas Video-Skype Interviews

Job interviews have become more accessible and feasible with the emergence of technology. These days it is quite common to see Skype interviews, video interviews, video conferencing and hangouts meets become popular among the recruiting companies and interviewers.

When the whole world has transformed into a global village, expecting an overseas job interview while enjoying the comforts of home is almost normal. As the companies or hiring agencies are mostly overseas, they tend to save a lot of resources, time and money by conducting job interviews via video conferencing.

Despite their perks, Skype interviews and video conferencing require some extra preparation that remains unnoticed by the interviewee until the eleventh hour. The secret to passing your interview with utmost confidence relies on the efforts that you put beforehand.

If you happen to be a candidate who is selected for a video interview, the following Skype interview tips can help you polish your interview skills without any last-minute hassle.

Tip #1 Create a professional Skype account

The first step is to create a valid Skype account if you don't have one already.  Most of the time, before any Skype interview or video interview, we overlook the Skype username and the impression it can create. We tend to ignore how our username sounds, which, later on, can cost us brownie points. Any username should sound highly professional and not like a nickname or reveal any personal details. 

The account created must be active, and you must not forget their credentials.

The software must also run on your PC without any problem and should not cause any hindrance during the skype interview.

Tip #2 Dress up your room and clear the clutter from the background

Do not forget that your room is now an office for the entire interview session and so it must look like one. Check what the interviewing panel can see and ensure that it does not end up creating an unfavourable impression of yours. Choose a space that looks subtle and has enough lighting. The background must be clean and hygienic, and any unnecessary display of personal information must be out of sight.

The important everyday items or tools must not be kept in the room where you are planning to have the interview, as it may cause other people to enter the space every now and then, creating avoidable disturbances and distractions.

Make sure that all the electrical appliances present within your selected space work decently and don't make noise.

It is vital to ensure that there is no external disturbance during the entire session of interview questions and answers, which can only be maintained by checking on the background hindrances.

Tip #3 Select your attire wisely!

An often neglected part in the case of any Skype interview is the attire. The candidates tend to avoid dressing up the way they would for a physical job interview,  not realising the importance of attire here. Do not think that a video interview requires lesser effort in matters of your appearance. Inappropriate dressing reflects a casual attitude. Your attire also speaks about your professionalism and discipline. 

A professional attire prepares your mind to think like a professional and psychologically affects your speaking skills. 

Dress up professionally from top to bottom, and try not to ignore the pants or anything below the torso just because it might not be visible to the panel or the interviewer.

Do your hair gracefully and make sure that it is not fussy.

If you are planning to apply makeup, then try to keep it sober and subtle. The makeup should not be too loud for the situation. Overly done makeup should be avoided.

If you want to wear an accessory or jewellery, e.g. a necklace or locket, make sure that it is a simple one and does not come in between your gestures or disturbs the headphones or mic.

Make sure that your bow tie is perfectly aligned. Your sleeves and collar must be clean.

Keep your nails and fingers clean, and avoid biting your nails even when you panic from inside. Just smile and go with the flow.

Your facial expressions would be under constant watch, so it is highly essential to keep calm and smile at every situation. Do not panic or get irritated easily as it reflects clearly on the facial expressions.

Tip #4 Follow the checklist

In video interviews, you need extra preparation as a lot of the infrastructure is present on your end and not at the interviewee’s side. Create a checklist and make sure to follow it to the T.

Keep your system ready. Make sure to reduce the glitch to the maximum extent.

Practice video interviews with your friends and family at least twice before the actual one.

You must do your usual interview preparations. Read the guidelines, go through the rules, check the description of the job and align to the post as much as you can. Read about the recruiting company and its history too.

Do your homework but also keep the notes ready within your reach in case you need them. It's okay to do a little bit of cheating.

All the necessary documents must be kept within your reach. These include your CV or resume and other essential certificates.

Make sure that your video camera or the webcam works properly and there is enough clarity. If there are doubts, always keep a spare camera ready.

Make sure that your headphones and mic work. A bad headphone or mic can ruin the entire game.

Keep yourself hydrated and also keep a bottle of water within your reach in case the hr interview questions make you nervous.

Make sure you get enough privacy and space from your family or flatmates. Maintain a safe distance from the ever-curious kids.

Keep a notepad and a pen near you as you might need them to answer the questions,

Maintain your body posture and do not slouch or lean.

Look at the camera to ensure proper eye contact and try to avoid staring at the screen.

Coincide your strengths with the requirement of the job.

Stay attentive and focused.

Do not get irritated or panicked in case of technological glitches or problems. Address them immediately without being stressed out.

The most important thing to follow on Skype interviews is to provide an atmosphere in which you portray confidence in managing and tackling problems concerning technology. Keep these things in mind, and we are certain you will nail it!


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