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Sales Jobs in Mumbai

Sales Jobs in Mumbai - Overview

An analysis of Sales Jobs in Mumbai on 6th August 2021.

  • 207 vacancies in total for sales in Mumbai
  • 77 Active Fresher jobs in sales category, paying anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 58,000 per month
  • 11 Walk-in interviews for sales Jobs  with salaries upto INR 25,000 per month

Why Should You Pick Mumbai for Sales Jobs(or other job roles)?

Mumbai is famously known as the financial capital of India. Not only that, the city is home to the biggest names and brands, both Indian and global, across several industry verticals. Naturally, through the presence of reputable companies and the emergence of more brands opening offices and operating in the city, the number of jobs created within the city are aplenty. 

The lure of career growth and job opportunities that Mumbai offers is too hard to resist for job seekers. And that is why they flock to the city looking for opportunities in finance, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and last but not the least, sales. 

Many aren’t familiar with the city or what it has to offer; understandably, people usually think of Mumbai as the birth city of Bollywood and showbiz. While the film and entertainment industry is a mainstay of Mumbai, particularly renowned for creating plenty of job opportunities, there are definitely other industries that pip the former when it comes to job creation. Speaking of the job creation index, you’d be surprised to know that the city’s figures were decent or average at best until a few years ago.

However, times have changed and Mumbai has slowly but surely improved. On the basis of some reports, it was found that the hiring activity in Mumbai has improved every year since 2016-2017. As much as 80% of the companies in Mumbai have been increasing their hiring activity every year.

Now that you know a little bit about the job creation potential of Mumbai, let’s turn our attention towards the compensation offered within the city. You’ll be glad to know that Mumbai is one of the highest-paying cities in India. In fact, one study found that Mumbai stands second in terms of compensation offered to job seekers/employees. 

Another study found that Mumbai the average CTC offered by Mumbai is approximately INR 14.2 lakh which is almost a lakh more than the national average of INR 13.2 lakh. And that’s not all. Mumbai offers an average CTC of INR 10.5 lakh to mid-level employees with work experience of 6 to 15 years. Senior-level employees, with work experience spanning 15 years or more stand to make more. One report suggests that the average CTC of senior-level employees in Mumbai is almost INR 27 lakh per year.

From the facts and figures above, we can genuinely believe that Mumbai is a job seekers’ paradise. Having said that, perhaps the only way to backup this belief is by understanding the economy in Mumbai and how it helps out the country by contributing to its growth. 

Mumbai’s contribution towards India’s GDP is almost 6%. What’s more, the financial and commercial capital of India has a GDP estimated to be in excess of USD 310 Billion. Mumbai also heavily contributes towards the Income Tax collections in India which is spent by the ruling government on the development of the country. It’s also estimated that the majority of total customs duty of India comes from Mumbai. Reports suggest that more than half of the country’s customs duty(approximately 60%) is dished out by Mumbai. 

Mumbai is a wealthy city. Truth be told, it’s the wealthiest city in India. It has the most number of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) with assets over USD 1 million than any other city in India. In fact, Mumbai is home to over 25 billionaires. Another report published in 2018 says that the total wealth in Mumbai is over USD 950 Billion. With plenty of wealth rooted in the city, Mumbai is rightly adjudged as one of the top 15 wealthiest cities in the world.

Although India is primarily known as a country dependent on agriculture, its contribution to GDP has been steadily declining over the years. With its decline, other lucrative industries like manufacturing are growing rapidly. Mumbai, in particular, is home to several manufacturing establishments. In fact, it is responsible for 10% of India’s factory employment.

Like manufacturing, there are industries in Mumbai that have a strong foothold. For instance, the consumer packaged goods industry in Mumbai drives the city's economy. Many brands operate in Mumbai on a massive scale, employing hundreds and thousands of individuals in a variety of job roles, including sales. Some of the biggest names in the consumer packaged goods industry that call Mumbai “home” are Colgate, Procter and Gamble, HUL, and Nivea.

Of course, it’s not just consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, finance, media and entertainment industries that create sales and marketing jobs. There are others, such as IT, textile, jewellery, telecommunications, port and shipping that hire sales professionals on the same scale as the aforementioned industries.

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Looking for Sales Job Vacancies in Mumbai 

Now that you know about Mumbai and how it is as a place for a sales career, let’s move on to the crucial part about sales as a career option. There are certain things that you must definitely keep in mind if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

What competition?

Like yourself, there will be other candidates on the hunt for lucrative sales jobs. In most cases, they will be as qualified as you. However, some come with work experience or a degree(or diploma) from prestigious colleges and universities. 

But don’t be disheartened. There are some things you can do to outcompete fellow job seekers. Yes, you will have to put in an extra shift to get the sales job that you desire. However, competition breeds quality. And the sooner you realize that, the better. There definitely isn’t a dearth of sales jobs. Surely, you can find one on Waah Jobs. But that “one” sales job that aligns with your career growth, objectives and offers everything you could ever want from an employer will require you to work “extra” hard.

With that said and done, let’s jump straight to the 4 important things you must fulfil to land your dream sales job.

  • Extend your range

Fact of the matter is: unless you work on your networking capabilities and utilize it to its full potential, you will never know the extent of sales jobs in Mumbai. What we mean to say is that your profile, which includes your education, work profile, training etc., must be broadcast in your professional network. 

When you do this, recruiters and fellow peers will be able to know that you are actively looking for a sales job in Mumbai. The objective behind such a move is quite simple; the more potential recruiters and professionals you reach out to or know, the better and faster is the likelihood of you unearthing exceptional sales job opportunities in Mumbai. 

Keep in mind that apart from utilizing your networking potential and contacts, you must get on an efficient and genuine job portal like Waah Jobs so that your search for sales jobs in Mumbai isn’t only limited to your network.

  • The more you research, the better

There will be plenty of sales job openings in Mumbai. Some will not strike a chord with you for whatever reason you may have while there may be really good ones out there that meet your needs and wants. No matter how lucrative a sales job opening might look good on paper, it’s your responsibility to dig up every minute detail about the employer(company) offering the job.

Before the interview, it’s essential that you read up about the company history and other important details, such as the company culture, number of office locations, employee strength, benefits and allowances, any funding or investments it may have received etc. 

Finding out information about the company details and benefits for the employees will reveal what it might be like working for your potential employer in a sales role.

Needless to say, exploring company details will save time and effort as you will realize which employers(companies) you should apply to. 

  • Give every sales job application a new spin

It’s really important that whenever you send in your application you present a well-written and structured resume to the HR for a sales opening in Mumbai because it automatically increases the likelihood of getting a callback.

Naturally, sales job applicants usually do not invest a lot of time perfecting their resumes. And what we mean by that is sending one good resume for every job opening. There needs to be some variation as not all sales jobs are alike. Depending on the role and the company, job requirements might be different. The duties will be mentioned in the job description at the time of applying, so you must make the most of the information available and craft different versions of your original resume that fall in line with the job requirements.

  • Work on your interview skills

So, you go in for a sales job opening at a company without any preparation. Chances are that the interview will not go well if you never prepared for it. It’s safe to say that the interview is the most important phase of selection and recruitment — it is in this phase where the interviewer or the panel will either accept or reject you. 

Needless to say, the more prepared you are, the less likely is your interview destined for doom. You must be ready for it much ahead of the interview day so that the entire interview experience is hassle-free and right up your alley. 

That said, you must ensure that certain interview-related matters, such as the following are prioritized.

  • Never be late for an interview as it can leave a bad impression. Gather details about the venue and the schedule for the interview schedule beforehand and show up at the designated place at least an hour before 
  • Never overdress for an interview. Having said that, know that since you are in a sales job, dressing up and grooming yourself must be done appropriately
  • Perhaps the most important of all these tips is that you should have an idea about the kind of sales questions that will be asked by the interviewer(s).

How to search and apply for Sales job openings in Mumbai on Waah Jobs?

On Waah Jobs, just about any — eligible— candidate can sign up for sales jobs in Mumbai. We list the eligibility requirements for sales openings so that you know the criteria before applying.

There have been instances where sales jobs have opened the doorway for promotions to other higher job roles in other departments. Also, getting a sales job puts your administrative and management abilities on display. In India, candidates who dream to be a sales guru have a plethora of educational qualifications: 10th, 12th, graduation and postgraduation.

On Waah Jobs, you can find sales jobs that are perfect for both entry-level & experienced candidates. On this page, you can find sales executive job openings advertised by the best companies in Mumbai. 

Since all the sales jobs listed here are verified by our expert team of recruiters and AI-enabled algorithms, you can go ahead and apply the filters on the left-hand-side to shortlist all the sales executive vacancies in Mumbai that meet your requirements. 

Once you’ve done that, follow the steps given below to apply:

  • Click on “Book Interview” or “Apply with CV” button on the job card
  • Enter your first and last name, primary contact(mobile) number, and email address in the pop-up form and hit “Apply”
  • Then confirm your job application for the Mumbai sales executive job by entering the OTP
  • Enter mandatory details for your application, verify your email and hit “Confirm”.
  • Then enter secondary details and click on “Confirm”. The recruiter will be alerted with your details. By doing this, you give us the opportunity to find more sales jobs in Mumbai for you. However, if you want to conduct your own search for sales jobs in Mumbai, you can choose to skip this step.

What then? All you have to do is wait for the recruiter to respond. To track the progress of your applications for sales jobs in Mumbai, you can click on the “Applications’’ tab up top.

What Are the Benefits of Taking up a Sales Job in Mumbai?

  • Job security at its best

Driving revenue and finding suitable customers for the product or service are the primary goals of sales executives. So, in a way, you could say that sales professionals for a company are indispensable. They are precious assets for an employer. And that is the reason why the company will always handsomely pay sales assets to retain them.

Another point to keep in mind about a sales role is that the entire sales department is revenue-generated. Simply put, unlike other departments in an organization, the sales department rarely undergoes any budget cutbacks. Since you will be an asset (as long as you achieve or exceed your targets), you won’t ever have to worry about being replaced or outsourced.

  • Unlimited income potential

Most individuals who work in other job roles (apart from sales) are familiar with the compensation structure. There is a defined salary structure which always includes a lump sum amount paid to the employee. There is nothing more to earn than what’s mentioned in the contract, nor anything less. You will have no other avenues for additional income — except mid-year/yearly appraisals and the odd bonuses — in your role that can help you earn more money for your expenses, such as responding to a family emergency, owning an automobile, buying a house, or paying for a vacation.

Such circumstances are rarely a major obstacle in a sales role. Of course, as mentioned earlier, you need to slog in this role to improve income. But as long as you do that, you are assured of availing bonuses, incentives, appreciation, allowances, and rewards to go with your annual CTC. 

The function-to-income potential of a sales role is quite simple — sell more to earn more. The supplementary cash that stems out of achieving your targets is a privilege rarely given to individuals in other executive positions. 

  • More to achieve

Truth about sales jobs in Mumbai — your accomplishments are well defined and clear. This isn’t the case with other jobs out there; the day-to-day responsibilities and duties become monotonous after a certain period of time passes. 

In a Mumbai sales job, your achievements can be accurately measured. What’s more, your goals are well-defined as well. There is fulfillment in a sales job too as it’s extremely rewarding. And through this explicitness of duties, measurement of achievements, and lucrative rewards for hitting targets, individuals in sales job roles are naturally more productive. In turn, your productivity, drive, and result-oriented attitude will bring in great value for your employer.

  • Flexible work environment

The clock doesn’t apply to a sales professional. What we mean to say is that although you will, of course, be adhering to a certain shift, the designated number of at-the-job hours will not apply to you. Your focus will be more on making sales, meeting new people, and travelling to new places.

Many employees across various departments and roles always wish that “flexibility” came with the job role. Sadly, that’s only wishful thinking — they rarely get a flexible work environment. The story is not the same for sales professionals. You and other members in the sales department will be entitled to have a certain degree of work flexibility. For instance, your employer or manager might offer you the freedom to select a work schedule that suits your needs. What’s more, the job comes with very little supervision — you can plan your day, execute tasks, and prioritize targets independently without anyone breathing down your neck.

  • Growth and on-the-job learning 

Bore in a sales job is something unheard of. It’s a job role that keeps individuals on their toes, with something new to learn on a daily basis. Between interacting with clients and traveling to new locations, sales professionals pick up skills that are transferable.

What this means is that the skills learned or sharpened in one sales role at a company can be utilized to good effect at another. The beauty of picking up such skills is that new job opportunities will open up in the future which will be of great benefit for your personal and professional development. Picking up such skills and professional growth will help you switch employers or easily traverse into a new role regardless of the industry or sector. 

  • Plenty of opportunities to be had

There’s another truth to sales jobs that most aren’t aware of. You see, every business, organization or employer needs able sales representatives as they’re the driving force behind revenue. In other words, you can think of this truth or fact as opportunities to build your sales career in virtually any sector, industry or field of interest.

The universal acceptance and requirement of sales professionals gives you much breathing room as well. For instance, imagine that you’re a salesperson for a company selling a particular product or service that you aren’t totally invested in. There is no reason for you to stick around and keep doing what you dislike, as sales professionals, as mentioned earlier, are required across all industries. 

You can quit and take up another sales position somewhere else selling a product or service that actually means dear to you.

Basic Eligibility Criteria(Requirements)to Apply for a Sales Job in Mumbai

In Mumbai, most companies that are looking for sales executives pre-determine eligibility criteria that candidates must absolutely fulfil. The foremost requirement is the educational qualification, in which case candidates must possess at least a graduate degree. The other, equally important criteria include relevant work experience and skills. 

However, given the large candidate pool, applicants must edge out the competition in order to bag the sales job. To do that higher educational qualification, such as a diploma, or a degree in marketing, business administration or sales will always give you the upperhand.

As for the skill set requirement, the oft-needed qualities that the candidates must possess are people and communication skills. Speaking of communication skills, in a place like Mumbai, sales professionals must be proficient in atleast 3 languages: English, Marathi, and Hindi. Of course, in a Mumbai sales job, the more languages you know, the better.

Let’s take a look at some of the other unique characteristics that successful sales professionals in Mumbai exhibit:

  • Stomach to handle rejection and setbacks gracefully
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Best-in-class interpersonal skills
  • Competitive instinct
  • Unwavering self-confidence
  • Optimistic attitude

Although what’s listed above are the requirements set forth and likened by the employers, sales executives in Mumbai have to be extremely adept at thoroughly understanding the service or product being sold.

Get Free Alerts for Sales Jobs in Mumbai

Waah Jobs is the right place to start your hunt for sales job opportunities in Mumbai. We have an assortment of sales executive jobs, from part-time sales jobs in Mumbai to permanent sales executive career opportunities for freshers and experienced.

On our platform, you can be assured of finding jobs in the sales domain. Not only that, but you can also seamlessly search for sales executive openings on the basis of your qualification. Once you sign up on our platform and set your filters based on salary, education, company, etc., free alerts about any new sales employment opportunities in India will be sent directly to your email inbox. 

Here is the process for easily setting-up sales executive job alerts using Waah Jobs . 

  • Open Waah Jobs in your browser
  • Select 'Create job alerts'
  • In the form that opens up, enter relevant details like your name, email id, job category, location etc.
  • Give relevant keywords such as 'Sales Executive', 'Field Sales Executive', ‘Business Development Executive’ and so on in the ‘Add Keywords’ field
  • You can set the mail frequency on the form so that you get timely alerts.
  • Once you complete adding the information, click on 'Subscribe' to receive custom job notifications daily, monthly or weekly to your email inbox.

Sales jobs in Mumbai - FAQs

1) Apart from Mumbai, which other cities in India hire sales professionals?

Aspiring business development and sales executives must know that a job in sales at xyz company might require you to interact with clients within India or outside. However, the extent of interaction on the basis of geography and demography will totally depend on the service or product being sold.

As stated before, sales jobs can be found anywhere, including cities, such as Chandigarh, Chennai, and Kolkata. That said, the following cities — excluding Mumbai — provide maximum number of sales job opportunities:

  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore
  • Noida
  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Gurgaon

2) Which are the best industries for sales jobs?

All sectors and industries require sales professionals. In this regard, you can definitely say that joining brands(or companies) that belong to different industries isn’t at all impossible. Like we said before, the skills and experience you pick up in a sales job are totally transferable. So, you can always re-use them to great effect in a different and unfamiliar organization.

Here are some of the leading industries in Mumbai that regularly hire sales executives.

  • Fashion and retail
  • Travel and tourism
  • Information Technology(IT) and software
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and gas
  • Telecommunication
  • Fast-moving Consumer Goods(FMCG)
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • E-commerce
  • Insurance
  • Advertising, marketing and public relations(PR)

3) Are there any top roles in sales that candidates can explore?

There are a variety of roles in sales jobs such as sales manager, business development executive, field sales executive. But why such variety in sales? Well, they’re a mainstay across several industries.

Having said that, candidates need to keep in mind that sales jobs are primarily of two types — inside and outside. For the latter, a sales rep has to work outside the office i.e. going places and meeting clients in person. The former requires the sales rep to work remotely out of offices. Nowadays, a majority of inside sales jobs offer work-from-home(remote) options. 

Either way, there are set targets for both outside and inside sales jobs.

It’s always helpful if candidates possess a prior understanding of job roles and responsibilities. It ensures that you find a sales job in Mumbai that fulfils your requirements and career objectives.

Here are some job roles in sales that are provided by companies and industries in Mumbai:

  • Investment Sales Associate
  • Account Executive
  • Software Sales Representative
  • Bid Analyst
  • Channel Territory Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Insurance Sales Agent
  • Sales Chat Representative
  • Medical Sales Representative
  • Director of Sales
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Digital Sales Account Executive
  • Financial Services Sales Agent
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Business Development Executive
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Retail Sales Execution Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales Specialist

4) Do I need an account on Waah Jobs when applying to sales executive jobs in Mumbai?

No. You do not need to create an account on Waah Jobs to start your job hunt for sales executive jobs in Mumbai. However, we suggest you make one as you can give a proper structure to your search process and also track your application from start to finish. 

5) Popular firms offering sales jobs in Mumbai

Let’s take a look at some of the leading organisations in Mumbai that hire both entry-level and experienced candidates for sales roles.

  • Whitehat Jr
  • Nestlé
  • Zomato
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing
  • Capgemini
  • ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
  • ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Oracle
  • Lodha Group
  • Asian Paints
  • Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd
  • Super Safety Services
  • Zerodha
  • People Group
  • Google
  • Kaleen
  • Croma
  • Directi
  • Microsoft
  • The Leela Palaces Hotels and Resorts
  • AstraZeneca
  • Dell Technologies
  • Apple
  • VMware
  • ZIM Integrated Shipping Services
  • Titan Industries(India)
  • Godrej Group
  • Oberoi Hotels and Resorts
  • Della Adventure
  • Team Computers
  • LinkedIn
  • Henkel
  • D-Mart
  • Trident Hotels
  • Puma
  • Hyatt
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Cisco Systems
  • MagicBricks
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Co
  • Pfizer
  • Informatica
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Four Seasons
  • Red Hat
  • Alkem Laboratories
  • Proptiger
  • Technosoft Corporation
  • HiCare
  • Bayer
  • Experian
  • Schneider Electric
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Hindustan Petroleum
  • Novartis
  • Orient Electric
  • Marriott International
  • Siemens

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