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Work from home jobs in Mumbai

As on December 7, 2022, Mumbai has a total of 235 work from home Job vacancies, with salary packages in the range of INR 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

Amid the lockdown and the existing pandemic crisis, no: of people voluntarily or involuntarily opting work from home are on the rise. According to Economic Times, this rise is particularly reflected in India’s metro cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi. With the majority of the workforce working from home, it has become the new norm for every industry. The number of companies posting remote working jobs has also increased. This situation is paving the way for better work from home job opportunities in most of every sector. 

How to get work from jobs in Mumbai Online

As long as you have internet access and a device to browse, finding a job online is an easy deal. Job portals like Rocket and professional job networks like LinkedIn and Angelist are some of the popular job marketplaces to start your search with. Mumbai is the commercial and financial capital of India. The job market in India slowed down in the wake of the global pandemic but still essential services and other similar products and services related jobs continue to grow demand. The number of companies posting work from home jobs and remote jobs are also increasing along with the trend. 

Rocket provides a of its kind job portal that connects job seekers, companies and consultants. We help job seekers find jobs in almost every industry and domains. If you are someone looking for work from home opportunities in Mumbai, here is how you can find jobs easily through Rocket. 

  • Goto
  • Login/Register to your Rocket account
  • On the search bar type ‘Work from home jobs’ or any similar keyword
  • Click the search icon
  • On the opened webpage, there will be a list of work from home jobs listed all across India
  • Change the location to ‘Mumbai’ using the dashboard on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Filter jobs based on experience, salary, company name and qualification.
  • Click on the job link to get more information about the job
  • Carefully read the job description, eligibility criteria and other important information 
  • Apply through the link provided

Different types of WFH Jobs available in Mumbai

The list of industries rooted in Mumbai is neverending. Petrochemicals, automobile, IT, metals, electronics, engineering, food processing, healthcare, entertainment, the list goes on. Although most of these sectors provide work-from-home opportunities, here are some of the sectors which provide more work-from-home jobs in Mumbai than others. 


Jobs: Medical transcriptionist, Phone triage nurse, Billing and Coding, Reporting, Recruiting, Nurse management, Training etc


Customer service, Support assistant, Delivery management, Analytics and reporting, Design, Software development and support etc. 


Voice and mail support, Telecalling, Recruitment etc.


Software development, App development, UI/UX design, Technical content creation etc.


Online tutoring, Skill training, Coding training, Tuition etc.

Other jobs

Data entry, Graphic design, Video editing, Digital marketing. 

Work from home jobs for Moms & Housewives in Mumbai

Work from home jobs are great opportunities for homemakers and housewives to restart their career or to gain extra income for the family. Work from home jobs gives them the flexibility to take care of their priorities along with career. The no: of women housemakers turning to work from home jobs are exponentially increasing. Here are some of the popular work-from-home jobs in Mumbai for housemakers. 

  • Groups and forum moderation
  • Content writing
  • Pinterest management
  • Facebook and Instagram management
  • Proofreading
  • Photo editing
  • Language training
  • Online tutoring
  • Online customer service
  • Online reputation management
  • Translator jobs
  • Tech support
  • Software development and design

Why Rocket for Work from home job opportunities in Mumbai?

Rocket provides a robust platform for every applicant to apply, track and withdraw job applications seamlessly. We offer multiple inbuilt filters which will help you find the best job offers out there. With these filters, you can categorize jobs based on location, experience, qualification, salary scale, date of posting and company name. 

We have a dedicated page for listing WFH opportunities in Mumbai. We verify and update all our postings every day to filter out expired and scam listings. All you have to do is create an account to apply for jobs. It is easy to track your job application status through your account page. You can also sign up for alerts to get customized job alerts and openings delivered directly to your inbox.

How to choose a genuine part-time home-based job in Mumbai

Online job scams still exist and there are a lot of people (more than you can imagine) falling for these scams year after year. Most of these scams behave in a common pattern and if you look out for such red flags, you can easily differentiate between legit and scam job listings. Scammers prey on the jobless taking advantage of their stress, financial situation and fear. Here are some tips you can review before accepting any WFH job offer to avoid scams and frauds. 

No proper job validation: Most scammers won’t even care about your qualifications and experiences. Think twice before sending your personal information or any data to such people or agencies. 

No or unclear job description: Scammers usually lists out simple job descriptions to attract more applicants. Some of their requirements will be ridiculously simple like, needs to be 18+, No qualifications etc. If you are not sure about a job you got selected in, research about the company and provider thoroughly before moving forward.

Unprofessional emails: Beware of unprofessional email and emails without any contact information. If you get a job acceptance mail or an interview call letter from a non-company id, copy the email id and paste it on google along with the word scam and search if anybody else has reported the scam. Companies never risk sharing their private information such as hiring details through personal or different domain mail ids. 

Asking for any sort of payment: Majority of the job scams involves money transactions. Most of the scammers will ask you to -- pay registration fees to get your profile considered for the job, buy equipment or software from them, transfer payments through somebody else’s name etc. One of the recent scams we heard was asking the applicant to pay for his flight ticket from Jaipur to Delhi to attend the interview. They also promised him that he will receive a refund for the same. When he said he wanted to book tickets from his end and not through them, their whole lies came tumbling down. 

Thorough research is your best defence against any sort of job scams. Some scammers are very clever and will trick you without your knowledge. If you feel like things aren't right, trust your gut and be strong. Never share any personal information, money, confidential data or anything with the recruiters. Enquire about the company whereabouts, location, and point of contact. Ask questions and give ears to all their answers. Take a second opinion from a friend or parent or from someone who has prior experience in a similar field.  

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