A Guide To Data Entry Jobs

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A Guide To Data Entry Jobs

Data drives today's economy. It is doubling its size every two years and has reached approximately 44 zettabytes within 2020. Data entry is a process of manually inputting non-electronic forms of data into a computer system. A proficient data entry professional would type at least 50 - 80 words per minute with minimal grammatical and punctuation errors. With abundant opportunities available online, it is an easy job to get but hard to sustain if you are not flexible enough. 

Data entry is an on-off job or a contract-based project that should be completed within a mentioned timeline. This makes it convenient for people seeking temporary and part-time jobs. Although automation is cutting down manual data entry procedures and hence job opportunities, still there are numerous industries and sectors which depend on manual data entry alone. The job itself is self-explanatory and requires minimal skill sets. The comfort of this job has made the competitions tough and difficult to get. This guide is meant for Data Entry job seekers to assist them in finding the right job options effectively. 

Basic skills required for data entry jobs

Typing Speed

Average typing speed expected from a data entry professional is about 40 WPM and above. This is a standard requirement. People with much better typing speed can deliver better results within the mentioned period. Data entry is not always about typing. In some cases, a data entry operator might also transcribe data from audio recordings, phone conversations, surveys, and hand-written forms. But still, typing speed is still a basic requirement for this job. Data entry involves inputting data from various other sources too i.e. mouse, stylus etc. Proficiency in such input devices will help in increasing your performance and winning more projects.

Basic understanding of relevant software

Microsoft Office, G Suite, LibreOffice etc are some of the commonly used software packages for Data Entry professionals. Proficiency in any of such software is mandatory for anyone opting Data Entry or similar professions. 

Attention to detail

Focus and attention to detail are essential for this job. Most of the clients won't tolerate any errors on the document even if it is grammatical or punctuational.

Excellent communication skills

Verbal and written communication skills can help you deliver high-quality work with negotiable or no errors. Due to aggressive competition in this field, this skill can help you stand out from the competition. 

The Ideal Candidates For Data Entry

People who are looking for work from home opportunities because of personal reasons like childbirth, medical emergencies etc

People who are interested in earning additional income along with primary earnings

Anyone interested in self-employment opportunities

People who are looking for a temporary source of income

Travellers or nomadic people considering fund to source their travel ventures

Students who are interested in earning pocket money during the term breaks

Retired citizens

This list is non-exhaustive. The flexibility of this job's nature makes it ideal and fitting for almost everyone who has basic typewriting and computer skills.  

Importance of a typing test or a KPH test

Data entry KPH or Keystrokes per hour test is an evaluation of your typing skills. Higher KPH score will help you get more projects and popularity in this field. For Data-Entry or similar data input projects, an average score of 12,000 KPH is made mandatory by a lot of organizations. Always check the minimum KPH required for the project before applying for it. Understand the KPH requirement from the client and try to exceed the score. Even if you're attempting projects which require higher KPH, make sure you get enough timeline to finish the projects without errors. Here are some of the websites where you can check your KPH score for free. 

Data Entry KPH Test

Typing & Data Entry Test

Data Entry Typing Test

Free 10 Key Data Entry Tests

Keystrokes per minute Test

How to find data entry jobs online?

There are a lot of verified Data Entry job providers online. Most of them depend on reliable job portals for the recruitment processes. Legitimate job providers would never ask for upfront cost or monthly fees. You can find filtered job opportunities from our job pages on Aassanjobs.com. 

For applying through Aassaan jobs, you need to create an account with the job portal. You can either log in via Facebook, Google, existing email id or mobile number. Search jobs by typing job-related keywords on the search bar. When you type 'Data entry' on the search bar, a lot of suggested searches will appear. 

You can either choose one of them or directly click 'enter' to proceed with 'data entry' related job listings. Other filter options available are, location, listed period, salary, education and company. The jobs marked 'trusted' are verified employers by the Waahjobs team. You can directly register and apply for data entry jobs online through the portal.  

Data entry jobs require patience, skills and ability. Develop your typing as well as software skills to gain proficiency. Good clients and experience gives you potential to earn more money and value in the job market. 

Happy job hunting!


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